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Unlike a can't-put-it-down novel, or a dive-in-and-devour non-fiction, I could only read this book a bit at a time, pausing and reflecting between sections. Each rule, situation or example presented an opportunity to reconsider events from my own life, in which I have been uncivil, or someone has been uncivil to me, or to someone else in my presence.
Those reflections were sometimes painful, but usually instructive. Each was an opportuntity to examine events, possible motivations, and outcomes. An opportuntity to acknowledge, accept and let go.
More importantly, the book reminded me that we each face choices, every day - at home, in traffic, at work, while shopping, etc. Choices not only of how to behave, but how to react when others behave uncivily. A small adjustment in my behavior can reduce my stress and improve my outlook. I've found that to be of lasting value since reading the book.
I just purchased Forni's follow-on book, "The Civility Solution: What to Do When People Are Rude", and am looking forward to it.

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I think this is a fantastic book, one that should be required reading in school, and at every job that is taking, just like OSHA and Blood borne pathogens. This books deals with many situations that people are involved in every day, that are solved with wonderful civility. It is really just a reminder that we are all humans, and we need to remember that every other person has feelings, just like our self, and we should respond to them the way we would like to be responded to. 

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I enjoyed reading this book. It provided a thoughtful analysis of things I sort of already knew but had not thought about at such a deep level. I am planning to purchase a copy to read in small parts to my kids (and husband). It is an excellent guide to social behavior for all ages and is presented in a way which demonstrates the benefits of civility to everyone involved. I think the information it contains would be hugely beneficial for students of all ages.  

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