Topics in Polymer Physics

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Imperial College Press, 2006 - Science - 414 pages
This important book emphasizes the basic derivation of many key equations used in polymer physics. Phrases such as "it can be easily shown that" and "it readily follows that", seen in many textbooks, are seldom used here. The models, assumptions and key equations underlying concepts are presented in the text; details used in the derivations are given in the accompanying CD-Rom. The CD-Rom also contains problems (with solutions in many cases) which test the reader's grasp of the material, as well as a glossary of symbols. Contents: Introduction: Historical Background to Polymer Physics and Description of Polymer Physics Areas; Chain Statistics: The Chain Character of Polymers Modeled on Probability Considerations, Lattice Theory of Blending Polymers; Thermodynamics: Classical and Statistical Thermodynamic Models Applied to Polymers; Optics: Scattering, Diffraction, Birefringence Applied to Polymers; Electricity: Electrical Background to Conducting Polymers, Polarizability; Spectroscopy: Infrared, Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy; Rubber: Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Models of Rubber Elasticity; Crystallization: Nucleation/Growth and Crystalline/Amorphous Models, Polymer Crystal Morphology. CD-Rom Contents: Orientation: Techniques for Measuring Polymer Orientation, Hermans Orientation Function; Viscoelasticity: Maxwell and Voigt Models of Polymer Viscoelasticity. Readership: Upper level undergraduates and graduate students in chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering; scientists and engineers interested in polymers.

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