The Letters of Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu: Containing her letters from an early age to the age of twenty-three. 2 v

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Page 69 - Stern Proserpine relented, And gave him back the fair. Thus song could prevail O'er death and o'er hell, A conquest how hard and how glorious ! Though fate had fast bound her, With Styx nine times round her, Yet music and love were victorious.
Page 43 - ... haberdashers of small wares, and chambermaids. It is the oddest mixture you can imagine ; here sails a reverend parson, there skips an airy apprentice, here jumps a farmer : and then every one has an eye to their trade ; the milliner...
Page 154 - ... the dirt he loved, in fear of a resurrection, lest his heirs should have spent the money he left behind, having laid up no treasure where moth and rust do not corrupt, nor thieves break through and steal.
Page 38 - He should have a great deal of sense and prudence to direct and instruct me, much wit to divert me, beauty to please me, good humour to indulge me in the right, and reprove me gently when I am in the wrong ; money enough to afford me more than I can want, and as much as I can wish...
Page 6 - It was reserved for the influence of the steady principles of Christianity, to correct the exuberant spirit of her genius, and to give the last touches of improvement to her character.
Page 164 - Is hung on high, to poison half mankind. All fame is foreign but of true desert, Plays round the head, but comes not to the heart : One self-approving hour whole years outweighs Of stupid starers and of loud huzzas : And more true joy Marcellus exil'd feels Than Caesar with a senate at his heels.
Page 284 - ... summer dies as winter comes. The dial marks the change of hour, every night brings death-like sleep, and morning seems a resurrection; yet while all changes and decays, we expect no alteration ; unapt to live, unready to...
Page 45 - Why, you dance like one of us young felloxvs ;" another, more injudicious than the rest, says, by way of compliment, " Who would think you had six fine children taller than yourself ? I protest if I did not know you, I should take you to be young ; " then says the most antiquated virgin in the company, " Mr Robinson wears mighty well ; my mother says he looks as well as ever she remembers him ; he used to come often to the house when I was a girl.
Page 54 - I endeavor to drink deep of philosophy, and be wise when I cannot be merry, easy when I cannot be glad, content with what cannot be mended, and patient where there is no redress.
Page 272 - Conscience is justice's best minister ; it threatens, promises, rewards, and punishes and keeps all under its control ; the busy must attend to its remonstrances, the most powerful submit to its reproof, and the angry endure its upbraidings. While conscience is our friend, aft is peace ; but if once offended, farewell the tranquil mind.

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