Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, Volumes 11-12

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The Society., 1867 - Geography
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Page 201 - In 1853 he received the honorary degree of DCL from the University of Oxford, and in 1858, Lord Derby being again Prime Minister, he was appointed to the office of Postmaster-General.
Page 104 - Lake Victoria : A Narrative of Explorations in Search of the Source of the Nile. Compiled from the Memoirs of Captains Speke and Grant.
Page 71 - The Geography of British History ; a Geographical Description of the British Islands at Successive Periods, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, By the same. With 6 Maps. Fcp. 8vo. 8s. Gd. The British Empire ; a Sketch of the Geography, Growth, Natural and Political Features of the United Kingdom, its Colonies and Dependencies.
Page 158 - The Open Polar Sea : a Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole. By Dr. Isaac I. Hayes. An entirely new and cheaper edition. With Illustrations. Small post 8vo.
Page 125 - Bolivia to its mouth at the sea, on the south by the ravine and River Camarones, on the east by the Republic of Bolivia, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, shall continue in the possession of Chile subject to Chilean laws and authority during a period of ten years, to be reckoned from the date of the ratification of the present treaty of peace.
Page 82 - River on the left, approach each other and seem to cut down into the very foundation of the mountain. The waters were rushing from beneath the glaciers, which, at their upper extremity were rent and broken into fissures and caverns of unknown depth. The present summit of the mountain is evidently what was long since the northern rim of an immense crater, which could not have been less than 3 miles in diameter.
Page 297 - mace " — of a bright vermilion. In this condition it is probably by far the most beautiful fruit in the whole vegetable kingdom. It is now picked by means of a small basket fastened to the end of a long bamboo. The outer part being removed, the mace is carefully taken off and dried on shallow bamboo baskets in the sun.
Page 124 - December 10th, 1866. MY LORD, I send you the saddest news. Dr. Livingstone in his despatch from Ngomano, informed your Lordship that he stood '' on the threshold of the unexplored.
Page 78 - Marenga then sent for a man who had gone five days' journey with him, and when he returned the Johanna men had gone back. I had previously heard the same account from the same man. The Makololo now got very impatient to return home, and nothing was talked of day or night but the Mizitu. They stated that they had fulfilled their engagement, but I very much wished to try and get to the north end of the lake. But they would not listen to it. No inducement I could offer would persuade them to go; so...
Page 159 - ... and, as a peace-offering, sacrifice one man. The man is not killed purposely, but the ceremony he undergoes often proves fatal. Grain is thrown against his head, and his face is painted half white, half black.

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