A Treatise of the Use of Flogging in Venereal Affairs: Also of the Office of the Loins and Reins. Written to the Famous Christianus Cassius

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Page 38 - I subjoin a new and late Instance, which happen'd in this City of Lubeck, where I now reside: A Citizen of Lubeck, a Cheesemonger by Trade, living in the Millers-Street, was cited before the Magistrates, among other Crimes, for Adultery; and the Fact being proved, he was banished. A Courtesan with whom this Fellow had often an Affair, confessed before the Deputies of the Senate, that he...
Page 1 - Library Illustrative, of Social Progress. From the Original Editions collected by the late Henry Thomas Buckle, Author of A History of Civilization in England.
Page 35 - ... asserts, That if Sterility is suspected from the Shortness of the Penis, that the Defect may be amended, and the Part extended by the Use of that Discipline. Besides your admired Petronius prescribes the same Method to excite a languid Inaptness to Pleasure. Eucolpio, in the Words of the Author, says, 'That Part of my Body, in which I was formerly a very Achilles, was quite languid and dead, it retired, cold as it was, colder than Winter into my Belly; and cover'd with a thousand Wrinkles, and...
Page 38 - Senate, that he never could have a forcible Erection, and perform the Duty of a Man, 'till she had whipped him on the Back with Rods; and that when the Business was over, that he could not be brought to a Repetition, unless excited by a second Flogging.
Page 25 - ... from time to time ; and such a custom is not peculiar to persons of the lower classes, but is common to them with the higher classes of society. More than one traveller mentions this trait. Barclay says of the Russian wives, that they estimate the kindness of their husbands from the number of strokes they give them ; and are never more happy, in their opinion, than when they have met with a man of a barbarous temper. A capital and apropos story is related of a Frenchman married to a handsome...
Page 38 - Brunselsius, a famous Physician, who in his Physical Dictionary, under the Word Coition, says, 'That at Munich, the Seat of the Duke of Bavaria, there lived a Man who never could enjoy his Wife, if he was not soundly flogged to it before he made his Attempts'.
Page 54 - Sive ill! laterum, feu fuit artis opus. ' ' Qui quoniam periit, modo vos intendite : qualem Effe virum fciero, vir fit ut ille meus.
Page 36 - ... whipt; and yet he is so intent on the Act, and longs for the Strokes with such an Earnestness, that he blames the Flogger that uses him gently, and is never thoroughly Master of his Wishes unless the Blood starts, and the Whip rages smartly o'er the wicked Limbs of the Monster. The Creature begs this Favour of the Woman whom he is to enjoy, brings her a Rod himself, soak'd and harden'd in Vinegar a Day before for the same Purpose, and intreats the Blessing of a whipping from the Harlot on his...
Page 36 - ... Nettles, and gently stings all the Parts from the Navel. But I am to give you an Account of a rougher and stronger Flagellation; and the first I shall cite upon this Head, is Johannes Picus, Count of Mirandola, who flourished about a Century and a half ago. He in his 3d. Book against the Astrologers, Chap. 27 relates this of an Acquaintance of his, 'There is now alive...
Page 41 - ... what a power the force of education has in " grafting inveterate ill habits on our morals.

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