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mmmm..a tattoo would be nice: my polynesian grandmothers head/face (characterised as the 'face' of the Oracle) with the mantra (text) 'Nature & Truth' (inserted to the left of her head) and the message thus: 'Don't think You Can; Know You Can' (inserted; like a bubble burst/discovery from the creator's lips) as a sign of the 'Penetrating' assignment of how 'coming to the truth is a transformation of soul that is much a discovery of self-that one has a soul, and that soul has a certain nature-as discovery of what is real. Only through transformation can we attribute meaningfulness to our lives. That meaningfullness, howwever, is assigned through our being free to make choices in the face of 'Nature & Truth'. (Boetke, P. J. pp. 171-172. 2003).
My personal choice is the red pill; to evoke my experiential state of being the individual firstly; do you think you can? I know I can; I've been shown the door and walked throught it; yes my experiential tells me that these essays are what has informed my experiential; don't blame me I'm just the messenger; I can only show you the door; your the one who has to walk through it..any time your ready..if you've got a free moment

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