The French pronouncing hand-book for English tourists and travellers

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Page xv - British subject." 4. Passports are granted between the hours of twelve and four, on the day following that on which the application for the Passport has been received at the Foreign Office. 5. Passports are granted to persons who are either known to the Secretary of State or recommended to him by some person who is known to him ; or upon the written application of any banking firm established in London or in any other part of the United Kingdom.
Page 6 - Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth Sixteenth Seventeenth Eighteenth Nineteenth Twentieth Twenty -first Twenty-second Twenty-third Twenty-fourth Twenty-fifth Twenty-sixth Twenty-seventh Twenty-eighth Twenty-ninth Thirtieth Thirty-first Thirty-second Thirty-third Thirty-fourth Thirty-fifth Chairman, Secretary, Asst.
Page xv - 6. Passports cannot be sent by the Foreign Office to persons already abroad. Such persons should apply to the nearest British mission or consulate. " 7. Foreign Office passports must be countersigned at the mission, or at some consulate in England, of the Government of the country which the bearer of the passport intends to visit. "8. A Foreign Office Passport granted for one journey may be used for any subsequent journey if countersigned afresh by the ministers or consuls of the countries which...
Page xiv - Certificates of Naturalization granted before the 24th day of August 1850: in this latter case, the party is described in the Passport as a
Page 2 - One Un Two Deux Three Trois Four Quatre Five Cinq Six Six Seven Sept Eight Huit Nine Neuf Ten Dix Eleven Onze Twelve Douze Thirteen Treize Fourteen Quatorze Fifteen Quinze Sixteen Seize Seventeen Dix-sept Eighteen...
Page xiv - Applications for Foreign Office passports must be made in writing; and addressed to her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign affairs, with the word ' passport
Page 8 - Les jours de la semaine. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Dimanche. Lundi. Mardi. Mercredi. Jeudi. Vendredi. Samedi. The four seasons.
Page xvi - Ha he hi ho hu. la ie ii io iu ja je ji jo ju, La le li lo lu. Ma me mi mo mu. Na ne ni no nu. Pa pe pi po pu. Qua que qui quo quu. Ra re ri ro ru. Sa fe fi fo fu.
Page 128 - IN PARIS. Drive me to a good hotel Take me to an English hotel How much have I to pay? Put down my portmanteau Take my carpet bag up stairs I wish to stay here some time I wish to stay here a month How much will you charge for board and lodging by the month?
Page xvi - Cha. ehe. chi. cho. chu. Da. de. di. do. du. Fa. fe. fi. fo. fu. Ga. ge. gi. go. gu.

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