Foreign measures and their English values

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Page 38 - The length of a pendulum beating seconds in a vacuum at the level of the sea in the latitude of London.
Page 38 - ... superficial measure, however, it is divided into 12 lines or parts, each part into 12 seconds, and each second into 12 thirds. These are called duodecimals.
Page 84 - By an loch, or day's work, is understood to be as much ground as can be ploughed with one team in a day...
Page 70 - The measures are so inaccurately established here that great misunderstandings and quarrels result among buyers and sellers from the want of a legal standard.
Page 17 - It was devised by scientific men at the end of the last century, at the instance of the...
Page 31 - China, and those employed in the ordinary business of trade are under the strict supervision of the government.
Page 70 - Niou). 12 niou = 1 keub or palm, — measured from the thumb's point to the middle finger. 2 keub = 1 sok or cubit, — from the finger point to the elbow.
Page 46 - Cotton goods and some other fabrics are, however, sold by the English yard. The Gorge is 20 pieces.

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