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port. Among the numerous colleges with which our country abounds, there is not, perhaps, a single one endowed with a professorship of Elocution ! And among our numerous public speakers, how small a number can deliver a discourse without having half the body concealed by a desk or table! The orators of classic Greece never ensconced themselves behind elevated desks, nor 66 stood

ироп all fours," as some of our public speakers do :* they were masters of their art. Hence they needed no screen to conceal uncouth attitudes and awkward gestures from the scrutinizing eye of criticism; nor had occasion to present the crown of the head, instead of the face, to the audience, to hide the blush of ignorance: they exposed the whole person to the audience ; they stood erect, in all the dignity of conscious worth; their attitudes were fit models for the statuary; their gestures were replete with grace and expression; their elocution defied criticism.

Let us endeavour to restore Elocution to its former place in the department of useful instruction. Nothing is wanted but a correct medium, laudable ambition, and common industry, to enable our American youth to rival those ancient orators whose eloquence, it is said, “ shook distant thrones, and made the extremities of the earth tremble.”

ANDREW COMSTOCK. Philadelphia, November 20, 1841.

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* See Figure 1, page 70. Note. - The Figures which illustrate the subject of this work, were drawn and engraved by Croome and Minot; the Diagrams were engraved by Mumford.

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