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I didn't love the self-help aspect of this book. The author included some science - studies, explanation of the biological/neurological aspects involved in various sexual processes-- but felt a little too Deepak Chopra for me. The metaphors were not great- sexual self as garden, orgasm as birds or flock of birds. She should have either gone with the science *or* gone with the inspirational, feel good, nonscientific approach. Trying to use pretend science to promote Chopra-like inspirations just didn't work.
At first, I thought, even if the reader doesn't need the self help, it's still a great subject to learn more about. I am a strong believer in talking openly about sex. I saw this book on the nominee list for best nonfiction and I wanted to like it. The first half of the book was much better than the second half. I should have just stopped reading, but I thought the good would peak through again. It didn't. The author made sweeping unsupported statements and promoted generalized "cures" for sexual disfunction that seemed like maybe they might or might not work, but where is the evidence?
I realize this was supposed to be a master's class but it was not a class I feel I would learn a lot from. Sadly, March Roach's sarcastic look at sex, Bonk, taught me far more actual facts about sex. I enjoyed it much more than this.

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