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ten things i hate about me is another thought-provoking and compelling tale by randa fattah she is a very dedicated writer and i had enjoyed reading her books and would recomend them to 10+
things i hate about me is about Lebanese-Australian Jamilah who is known in her school as australian jamie she hides her hertage from her friends and classmates by dying her hair and wearing contacts
when her conflicted feelings become too stronge for her will she bear it or will she crumble and tell her classmates the truth even if it means that they would hate her

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This book is amazing.
must read.
As long as you are a teenager.
It helped me a LOT.

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Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for
After the sudden death of her mother years ago, Jamilah and her older brother and sister have been raised by their conservative
Lebanese-Muslim father. Being the youngest is not easy, since her older sister, Shereen, is forever finding ways to irritate their father, and her brother, Bilal, is a constant disappointment. It's no wonder that Jamilah has begun to live a double life - one at home and another at school.
She has dyed her dark hair blonde and wears contacts to hide her dark eyes. At home she is Lebanese-Muslim, but at school everyone thinks she is just a normal Sydney-born Australian like the majority of the students in the tenth grade.
Unfortunately, things aren't going very well.
Jamilah loves her heritage - the music, the religious beliefs, the food, and the family, but she hates the rules that go along with all she loves. Her father believes in a strict curfew that requires her to be home by sunset. She dreams of having a boyfriend and going on a date, but that's totally out of the question. As a result, Jamilah finds herself trying to balance both lives. Her friends see one side of her and her family sees the other.
While at school, Jamilah observes members of the popular crowd viciously taunting any students from different ethnic backgrounds. To keep her own secret, she shamefully watches silently, afraid the cruelty could be directed towards her if she speaks up to defend the others. With her double life threating to crumble around her, she attempts to convince her domineering father that she needs more freedom than he is willing to allow.
TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT ME gives readers a glimpse into the Lebanese-Muslim culture and at the same time demonstrates that the true and honest path is not always the easiest to travel, but perhaps the most satisfying in the end.

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