The Demarchy Manifesto: For Better Public Policy

Front Cover
Imprint Academic, 2016 - Philosophy - 143 pages
"What is wrong with democracy as we know it? Too many decisions are the result of political deals based on the power strategies and tactics of politicians, not on the merit of the case. The voters can only accept ot reject the packages the parties offer them. The Demarchy Manifesto exploits the possibilities of modern communications to give a new role and focus to public discussion. It proposes taking the formulation of public policy out of the hands of political parties and putting it into the hands of those most strongly affected by particular issues. The aim is to tell the politicians what we want, after serious and focused open, discussion. Burnheim explains why this needs to be done, and how it can be achieved through voluntary means without constitutional change."-- Back cover.

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About the author (2016)

John Burnheim was born in Sydney, where he still lives, in 1927. He taught philosophy in the University of Sydney from 1960 to 1990. Is Democracy Possible? (1985) explored the possibilities of democratic alternatives to voting. To Reason Why (2011) is an intellectual autobiography.