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sweetness much more easily and effectually than by scolding or chastisement. One sweet tune, when they are wrangling, will quell wrath and promote love a hundred fold more than whips. The former is irresistible, and tames down their rougher passions at once; the latter only reinflames.'


"In all the instances which have been adducej the Law of Kindness has won for itself inost noble triumphs, proving that there is a majesty and power in it which overcomes all obstacles, and like fire upon an iron mass, softens the hard heart, and takes revenge from the soul.

"One of the most ennobling characteristics of kindness, is its universality. Like the dews of heaven, the roaming atmosphere, or the flowing light of the sun, it is fitted for all people, and will as readily warm the frozen heart of the Laplander, in his eternal ice, with love divine, as it will cool the raging passions of the fevered son of the tropics. Parents amid their children, teachers surrounded by their scholars, the governor, ruler, king and emperor, with their subjects, the overseer with his servants, the head workman with his laborers, all will find in it a power which will procure them more obedience than any force they can use-obedience more lasting and sincere, from the fact that it springs from affection instead of fear. The cases of Stephen and the Maid of Orleans, praying for their enraged murderers, are infinitely more ennobling than Alexander and Napoleon, amid their wealth and renown.

How different would be the aspect and prospects of the world, if it was entirely governed by the law Overcome evil with good. How beautifully the moral world would bloom with the brightest flowers of mercy, goodness and affection. The halls of litigation would be emptied, the bench of the Judge would be unvisited. Our prisons and jails, bars and lock would be useless. From the rivers to the end of the earth, the universal language of Chris. tianity, the kindness of brotherhood would b acknowledged and practised. The sword wou' become a plough-share, and the spear a pruning hook, nation would hold communion with nation, and the natives of one kingdom would visit those of any other kingdom with perfect safety.

“The Gospel would then practically become 'good news of glad tidings to all people. The whole earth would echo with songs of salvation ; the isles would be glad, and the continents would rejoice, and the whole human family become one great brotherhood.”

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