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When William Penn was about to sail from England for Pennsylvania, he went to take his leave of the King, and the following conversation occurred :

“ Well, friend William," said Charles, “I have sold you a noble promise in North America; but still, I suppose you have no thoughts of going thither yourself?'.

“Yes, I have," replied Penn, “and I am just come to bid thee farewell."

“What! venture yourself among the sav. ages of North America !

Why, man, what security have you that you will not be in their war-kettle in two hours after setting foot on their shores ?

“ The best security in the world,” replied Penn.

“ I doubt that, friend William; I have no idea of any security against those cannibals, but in a regiment of good soldiers, with their muskets and bayonets. And mind, I tell you beforehand, that, with all my good will for you and your family, to whom I am under obligations, I will not send a single soldier

with you.

“I want none of thy soldiers," answered William ; " I depend on something better than thy so iers." :6 jat is that?"

“Way, I depend upon themselves on their own noral sense-even on that grace of God which bringeth salvation, and which has appeared unto all men."

“I fear, friend William, that grace has never appeared to the Indians of North America."

Why not to them as well as to all others ?“ If it had appeared to them,” said the king, “they would hardly have treated my subjects so barbarously as they have done.”

" That is no proof to the contrary, friend Charles. Thy subjects were the aggressors. When thy subjects first went to North America, they found these poor people the fondest and kindest creatures in the world. Every day they would watch for them to come ashore, and hasten to meet them, and feast them on their best fish and venison and corn, which was all that they had. In return for this hospitality of the savages, as we call them, thy subjects, termed Christians, seized on their country and rich hunting grounds, for farms for themselves! Now, is it to be wondered at, that these much injured people should have

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