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Page 335 - ... shift to perform this to acceptance; but I was so much duller at this exercise that I could make nothing of it; for which master corrected me, and this he did two or three days going. I had honestly tried my possibles to perform the task; but having no poetical fancy, nor then a capacity opened of expressing the same idea by a variation of phrases, though I was perfectly acquainted with prosody, I found I could do nothing; and therefore plainly told my master, that I had diligently labored all...
Page 334 - Though my master advanced me, as above, yet I was a very naughty boy, much given to play, insomuch that he at length openly declared, " You Barnard, I know you can do well enough if you will ; but you are so full of play that you hinder your classmates from getting their lessons ; and therefore, if any of them cannot perform their duty, I shall correct you for it.
Page 337 - ... that all parents and masters, do duly endeavor, either by their own ability and labor, or by improving such schoolmaster, or other helps and means as the plantation doth afford, or the family may conveniently provide, that all their children and apprentices, as they grow capable, may through God's blessing, attain at least so much, as to be able duly to read the scriptures, and other good and profitable printed books in the English tongue, being their native language, and hi some competent measure...
Page 335 - I remember once, in making a piece of Latin, my master found fault with the syntax of one word, which was not so used by me heedlessly, but designedly, and therefore I told him there was a plain grammar rule for it. He angrily replied, there was no such rule. I took the grammar and showed the rule to him. Then he smilingly said, " Thou art a brave boy ; I had forgot it.
Page 204 - The officers of this Association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer ; all to be chosen annually, by ballot.
Page 334 - But after a few weeks an odd accident drove me from the school. There was an older lad entered the school the same week with me ; we strove who should outdo ; and he beat me by the help of a brother in the upper class, who stood behind master with the Accidence open for him to read out...
Page 356 - THE SHEFFIELD SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL is devoted to instruction and researches in the mathematical, physical, and natural sciences, with reference to the promotion and diffusion of science, and also to the preparation of young men for such pursuits as require special proficiency in these departments of learning.
Page 337 - And when such deputies, or officers, whether by information or examination shall find any parent or master one or more negligent, he or they shall first give warning, and if thereupon due reformation follow, if the said...
Page 334 - I shall correct you for it." One unlucky day, one of my classmates did not look into his book, and therefore could not say his lesson, though I called upon him once and again to mind his book ; upon which our master beat me. I told master the reason why he could not say his lesson was, his declaring he would beat me if any of the class were...
Page 333 - that a Free School be set up," and " our pastor, Mr. Davenport, together with the magistrates, shall consider what yearly allowance is meet to be given to it out of the common stock of the town, and also what rules and orders are meet to be observed in and about the same.

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