Wealth and Progress of New South Wales, Issue 24

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Page 831 - Every contract, sale, payment, bill, note, instrument, and security for money, and every transaction, dealing, matter, and thing whatever relating to money, or involving the payment of or the liability to pay any money...
Page 80 - The naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of the several States, and the control of the forces to execute and maintain the laws of the Commonwealth.
Page 151 - By a Royal Charter issued 7th February, 1858, the same rank, style, and precedence are granted to Graduates of the University of Sydney as are enjoyed by Graduates of Universities within the United Kingdom. The University...
Page 96 - That the control or management thereof has been or is likely to be so affected by the state of war as to prejudice the effective continuance of its trade or business and that it is in the public interest that the trade or business should continue to be carried on ; the...
Page 412 - State is levied on the unimproved value at the rate of Id. in the . A sum of 240 is allowed by way of exemption, and where the unimproved value is in excess of that sum a reduction equal to the exemption is made; but where several blocks of land within the State are held by a person or company, only one amount of 240 may be deducted from the aggregate unimproved value. In...
Page 163 - Territory-940 square miles), or 198,635,000 acres, being a little over two and a half times that of Great Britain and Ireland. Excluding the surface covered by rivers and lakes, the area would be 195,669,000 acres, or about 305,733 square miles.
Page 60 - An Act to provide, until the First Day of July One thousand eight hundred and twenty seven, and until the End of the next Session of Parliament, for the better Administration of Justice in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, and for the more effectual Government thereof; and for other Purposes relating thereto.
Page 91 - Are you in favour of the Government having, in this grave emergency, the same compulsory powers over citizens in regard to requiring their military service, for the term of this War, outside the Commonwealth, as it now has in regard to military service within the Commonwealth?
Page 94 - Commerce. (iii) Employment and unemployment ; strikes and lock-outs ; maintenance of Industrial. peace ; settlement of Industrial disputes. (iv) Conciliation and Arbitration for the prevention and settlement of Industrial disputes relating to State Railways. (v) Trusts, combinations, monopolies, and arrangements relating to the production, manufacture or supply of goods, or the supply of services, including ownership of means of production, manufacture, or supply.
Page 315 - ... sending station ; 9d. to other places within the State ; and Is. for messages sent to any other State of the Commonwealth ; in each case an extra charge of Id. is made for each additional word. Double rates are imposed for the transmission of telegrams on Sunday, Christmas Day, and Good Friday, and between the hours of 8 pm and 9 am, and for urgent telegrams.

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