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ADVANCED SCIENCE SERIES, Adapted to the requirements of the South Kensington Syllabus, for Students in

Science and Art Classes, and Higher and Middle Class Schools. In the Press, and in Preparation, Post 8vo, fully Illustrated, cloth

lettered, price 28. 6d. each volume. I. PRACTICAL PLANE AND SOLID GEOMETRY. By Professor

F. A. Bradley, London. 2. MACHINE CONSTRUCTION AND DRAWING. Dy E. Tomkins,

Queen's College, Liverpool. 2 Vols. 3. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. By R. Scott Burn, C.E. 2 Vols. 4. NAVAL ARCHITECTURE-SHIPBUILDING AND LAYING OFF. Ву

S. J. P. Thearle, F.R.S.N.A., London. 2 Vols. 5. PURE MATHEMATICS. By Edward Atkins, B.Sc., (Lond.,)

Leicester. 6. THEORETICAL MECHANICS. By P. Guthrie Tait, Professor of

Natural Philosophy, Edinburgh. 7. APPLIED MECHANICS. By Professor O. Reynolds, Owens College,

Manchester, 8. ACOUSTICS, LIGHT AND HEAT. By W. S. Davis, LL.D.,

Derby. 9. MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY. By F. Guthrie, B. A., Ph.D.,

Royal School of Mines, London. JO. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. By T. E. Thorpe, Ph.D., F.R.S.E.,

Professor of Chemistry, Andersonian University, Glasgow. 2 Vols. 11. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. By James Dewar, F.R.S.E., F.C.S.,

Lecturer on Chemistry, Edinburgh. 12. GEOLOGY. By John Young, M.D., Professor of Natural History,

Glasgow University. 14. ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY. By J. Cleland, M.D., F.R.S., Professor

of Anatomy and Physiology, Galway. 15. ZOOLOGY. By E. Ray Lankester, M.A., (Oxon.,) London. 16. VEGETABLE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY. By J. H.

Balfour, M.D., Edinburgh University. 17. SYSTEMATIC AND ECONOMIC BOTANY. By J. H. Balfour,

M.D., Edinburgh University. Iy. METALLURGY. By W. H. Greenwood, A.R.S.M. 2 Vols. 20. NAVIGATION. By Henry Evers, LL.D., Professor of Applied

Mechanics, Plymouth. 24. NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY. By Henry Evers, LL.D., Plymouth.


rs, LL.D., Plymouth.

By John Young, M.D., Professor of versity. Ierriot Hill Works, Glasgow.

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