Comus: A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634, Before the Earl of Bridgewater ...

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W. Bristow, 1798 - English drama - 261 pages

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Page 69 - Yes, and keep it ftill, Lean on it fafely ; not a period 585 Shall be unfaid for me : againft the threats Of malice or of forcery, or that power Which erring men call Chance, this I hold firm, Virtue may be aflail'd, but never hurt, Yea even that, which mifchief meant moft harm, Surpris'd by
Page 85 - and, that no corner might Be vacant of her plenty', in her own loins She hutch't th' all-wormipt ore and precious gems, To ftore her children with : if all the world 720 Should in a pet of temp'rance feed on pulfe, Drink the clear ftream, and nothing wear but frieze, Th
Page 85 - With fuch a full and unwithdrawing hand, Covering the earth with odours, fruits, and flocks, Thronging the feas with fpawn innumerable, But all to pleafe and fate the curious tafte ? And fet to work millions of fpinning worms, 715 That in their green mops weave the fmooth-hair'd filk, To deck her
Page 69 - And, O poor haplefs nightingale, thought I, How fweet thou fing'ft, how near the deadly fnare! Then down the lawns I ran with headlong hafte, Through paths and turnings often trod by day, Till guided by mine ear I found the place, Where that damn'd wifard, hid in fly difguife,
Page 88 - may wonder at the workmanfhip; It is for homely features to keep home, They had their name thence ; coarfc complexions, And cheeks of forry grain, will ferve to ply 750 The fampler, and to teafe the hufwife's
Page 7 - quire, Who, in their nightly watchful fpheres, Lead in fwift round the months and years. The founds and feas, with all their finny drove, 115 Now to the moon in wavering morrice move; And on the tawny fands and
Page 63 - This evening late, by then the chewing flocks 540 Had ta'en their fupper on the favoury herb Of knot-grafs dew-befprent, and were in fold, I fat me down to watch upon a bank With ivy canopied, and interwove
Page 133 - About the cedar'n alleys fling 990 Nard and Caffia's balmy fmells. Iris there with humid bow Waters the odorous banks, that blow Flowers of more mingled hew Than her purfled fcarf can (hew;
Page ix - to all men both eafy and pleafant, though " they were rugged and difficult indeed. And " what a benefit this would be to our Youth " and Gentry, may be foon guefled by what we " know of the corruption and bane which they " fuck in daily from the writings and interludes
Page xvii - &c. MY LORD, THIS poem, which received its firft occafion of birth from yourfelf and others of your noble family, and much honour from your own perfon in the performance, now returns again to make a finall dedication of itfelf to you. Although not openly acknowledged by the

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