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RULES AND REGULATIONS. No book or other property belonging to the Library shall be taken from the rooms without the consent of the Librarian.

Any person entitled to Library privileges, who shall take any book from the rooms without allowing the usual record to be made of the loan of such book, shall be fined one dollar.

No person shall loan any book belonging to the Library to anyone outside of his own household, under penalty of forfeiture of Library card.

Books must not be kept out more than three weeks, under penalty of two cents per day for the additional time; and if not returned at the end of five weeks, the person holding them shall pay all expenses incurred in sending for the same.

Borrowers owing a fine shall forfeit all privileges of the Library until such fine is paid.

All injury to books, beyond reasonable wear, and all losses shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Librarian; and when any book of a set is injured or lost the responsibility shall extend to the whole set.

Accession No. //3
Class 2

No. 2 40

Gift of A. J. Greeley, H. o.


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