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2 Tables A-1 and A-2 show the total DoD budget, which consists of both discretionary spending and direct spending These terms were defined by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 (commonly blown as the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act), which was extended and amended extensively by the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990 and the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993. Discretionary spending is controlled through annual appropriations acts. Direct spending (sometimes called mandatory spending) occurs as a result of permanent laws. For DoD, mandatory spending consists mostly of offsetting receipts. Click on Defense Budget,

1 Extensive budget data is available on the DoD web sitethen National Defense Budget Estimates (Green Book).

4 Large decline in military construction in FY 2000 reflects a one-time action to allow advance funding in this account.

i RDT&E-Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

* New Appropriation Title that includes: Defense Health Program, Inspector General, and Drug Interdictionpreviously in the O&M Title; and Chemical Agents & Munitions Destruction, Army, which was previously in Procurement.


7 N umbers may not add to total due to rounding. Entries for the three military departments include Retired Pay accrual.

1 Extensive budget data is available on the DoD web she—www.dtic.rnil/cornptrolleT. Click on Defense Budget, then National Defense Budget Estimates (Green Book).

Each year's mult]-volume Budget of the United Slates, Government is the most widely available source for data for National Defense (Function 050 - includes Dept of Energy defense activities) and for the Department of Defense (DoD) (Function 051). The President submits his proposed budget to Congress on the first Monday in the February preceding the October 1* start of a new fiscal year. Each year's Budget is available in most public libraries and many Congressional offices. It also is on line at, where one can select:

Budget of the US Government,, the main document, includes chapter on national security.

• Historical Tables: Include tables showing total budget authority and total outlays (total equals discretionary

plus mandatory).

Budget System and Concepts for explanations of the federal budget process and terms like budget authority, discretionary spending, and mandatory spending.

Appendix B: Goldwater-nlchols Act Implementation Report

This appendix contains the Department's Joint Officer Management Annual Report for FY 2002. Except for compliance with Section 619a, Title 10, United States Code, Tables B-2, B-5, reasons in Tables B-9 and B-ll, and promotion objectives, the Joint Duty Assignment Management Information System (JDAMJS) was used to produce this report.


Tables B1-B13 comprise the reportable requirements of section 667, title 10, U.S.C. for monitoring Department Joint Officer management and education programs.

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