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Appendix D:
Personnel Tempo

This appendix responds to Title 10 United States Code, Section 487 requirement for the Secretary of Defense to provide an annual report on the operations and personnel tempo for each of the Military Services. Operations Tempo (OPTEMPO) is defined as the rate at which units of the armed forces are involved in all military activities, including contingency operations, exercises, and training deployments. Furthermore, a Service member is considered "deployed" when that member is:

• On orders; and

• Performing duties in a training exercise or operation at a location or under circumstances that make it impossible or infeasible for the member to spend offduty time in the housing at the member's permanent duty station or home port.

A member is not deployed when the member is:

• Performing service as a student or trainee at a school (including any government school);

• Performing administrative, guard, or detail duties in garrison at the member's permanent duty station; or

• Unavailable solely because of hospitalization (when not deployed) or as a result of discipline action.

The Department now has a system in place to track individual deployment, or personnel tempo (PERSTEMPO), information uniformly based upon the above definition.

Table D-l depicts the total active duty end strength of each of the military services over the past five fiscal years. Although the department does have some deployment data prior to 2001, these data are not consistent with the current definitions and cannot be used for comparative purposes.

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The average number of personnel and days deployed away from home station for Fiscal Years 2001 and 2002 are reported in the table below:


FY 1998) FY 1999 FY 2000 (1)

FY 2001

FY 2002

Members Days"

Members Days Army 483,880 479.426 482.170 480.801 TBD

TBD 1 486,542 TBD

TBD Navy 382,338 1 373,0461 373,193 377,810206,659 66.

3 385,051 202382 Marine Corps 173,142 172,641 173,321172,93488,717 355173,73388,536433 Air Force 1367,470T 360,590T 355,654 353,571 183,211 23.5 368,251 184.563 289 1 Prior to 2001, deployment data was not consistently defined or collected 2 Active Duty End Strength (ES) 3 Number of Active duty members deployed, 4 Average number of days away from home station per end strength.

Other data requested in Section 487, namely the deployment of “Low Density High Demand” assets and those battalion size or larger units participating in named contingency operations or major training events, contain classified or sensitive information. Requests for these data should be directed to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Readiness).

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Fiscal Year 2004 Air Force Posture


Acquisition Process 427

Aging Tanker Aircraft 420

Airborne Laser Program (ABL) 439

Aircraft, Countermeasures for Large 478

Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) 444

Air Worthiness Board 448

Annual Report to the President and the Congress by the Secretary of Defense 481

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Mission 457

Boeing 767 Tanker Lease 416, 434, 436, 439

Bomber Requirements 468

B-1B Defensive Systems Upgrade Program 469

B-2 Bomber Program:

Exhaust Cracks 470

Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) 422

Modifications 469

B-52 Standoff Jamming Platform 471

C-5 Aircraft, Future of the 445

C-17 Request of Only 11 Aircraft 467

Computer Processor 414

Cruise Missiles 451

Life Extension 432

Proliferation 415

Depot Maintenance 459

EB-52 Aircraft 437

Equipment Operation Costs 457

Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) 435, 449

F/A-22 Raptor Program 412, 436, 441

Avionics Problems 472

Attack Role's Effects on Avionics Problems 473

Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) Cost Growth 474

Envelope and Flight Monitoring 476

General Accounting Office (GAO) Report Supports Reducing Production

Rate 474

Lack of Integrated Diagnostics for Maintenance at Initial Operational

Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) 475

Lack of Many Operational Capabilities 476

Product Improvement 422

Program Stability 429

F-16 Aircraft Procurement Cancellations 471

Facilities Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) 458

Foreign Sale of Aircraft 426

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