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Battle Control System. The upgraded Battle Control System will provide connectivity with a wide array of radars and sensors across North America, thereby giving our homeland a more integrated air defense capability. As future increments are fielded, we will be able to process air defense data faster, as well as improve our battlespace awareness.

High Altitude Airship (HAA) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration. The Office of the secretary of Defense, the Missile Defense Agency, the United States Army and NORAD are spearheading the effort to demonstrate the technical feasibility of an unmanned, untethered, long-duration HAA. The prototype airship will stay airborne for one month and carry a 4,000-pound payload. We expect the objective HAA to have the capability to stay airborne for up to a year and carry a payload greater than 4,000 pounds. A robust HAA capability would give warfighters persistent wide-area surveillance of the battlespace against a full spectrum of air, land and sea threats.

Homeland Security Command and Control Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration. USNORTHCOM is sponsoring this Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration to provide the DoD Homeland Security community with operationally relevant command and control capabilities. This initiative will help us rapidly insert mission-enhancing technologies and promote information sharing, collaboration and decision-making in a trusted information exchange environment.

CONCLUSION We are grateful for everything the members of this committee have dona to ensure our ability to defend our homeland. The National Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2003 reflects your commitment to our mission, as well as to our servicemen and women, and we appreciate your continued support. With your help, our Nation will be safer tomorrow than it is today. I am honored to appear before you, and look forward to your questions.

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• Centralized Command and Control - - One Command, One Commander

• "One - stop - shopping" for military support

• Increasingly important as we face asymmetric threats to our Homeland


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Conduct military operations to

Deter, prevent and defeat threats to the United States, its territories and interests within assigned area of responsibility

Provide military assistance to civil authorities, including consequence management operations

• As directed by the President or Secretary of Defense

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