Drill ... for the Corps of rifle volunteers

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Page 65 - That the line of sight should be taken along 'the centre of the notch of the back-sight and the top of the fore-sight, which should cover the middle of the mark aimed at.
Page 9 - Place the ball of the right toe against the left heel, keeping the shoulders square to the front. 2nd. Raise the toes, and turn to the right about on both heels. 3rd. Bring the right foot smartly back in a line with the left. LEFT ABOUT FACE.
Page 22 - Push the muzzle of the rifle to the front with the right hand, arm close to the -side, at the same time move the left foot six inches...
Page 40 - ... which they are ordered to extend, and move off in double time. As soon as each file has extended to its proper distance, it will turn to its front and resume the quick time, the rear-rank men covering their front-rank men, and the whole keeping in line with the directing file.
Page 9 - Left) about, threequarters face, upon which he brings the ball of the right foot (not the ball of the toe) to the left heel, or the right heel to the ball of the left foot, and makes a three-quarters face in the given direction. Upon the word Front...
Page 43 - The third and fourth ranks will make ready as a front and rear rank standing. Muzzles of rifles to be inclined upwards. The standing ranks will fire by files, and the kneeling ranks in volleys by word of command. When the sides of the square are less than four deep, the front rank only will kneel. In this manner dispersed parties may be formed to resist an attack of cavalry in an open country, either in one or more squares, according as they may be more or less dispersed ; each square consisting...
Page 7 - ... the hand open, thumb to the front and close to the forefinger, fingers lightly touching the thigh ; the hips rather drawn back, and the breast advanced, but without constraint ; the body straight and inclining forward, so that the weight of it may bear principally on the fore part of the feet ; the head erect, but not thrown back, the chin slightly drawn in, and the eyes looking straight to the front.
Page 20 - Bring the rifle down with a quick motion as low as the right hand will admit without constraint, guard to the front, and grasp it with the left hand, the little finger touching the projection above the lock plate, thumb between stock and barrel, at the same time draw back the right foot so that the hollow of it may touch the left heel ; lightly holding the small of the butt with the right hand, fingers pointing rather downwards ; the rifle in this position to be totally supported with the left hand,...
Page 29 - In delivering the fire, the trigger is to bo moved by pressure alone, without any motion- of the hand, eye, or elbow ; the right eye to continue fixed on the object after snapping, to ascertain if the aim has been deranged by the movement of the trigger or body. 2. To Load from the Order.
Page 66 - Fine-sight is when the line of sight is taken along the bottom of the notch of the back-sight, the fine point of the fore-sight being only seen in the alignment ; as A, fig.

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