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Fiyjures 92 and 93, d‘, dorsal and ventral views Figures 94 and 95, Q, dorsal and ventral views

Sfian Specimens


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Jebel Kathangor rocuta crocuta subsp.


Torit Genetta tigrina ae uatorialis
Torit Canis aueus souanicus
Torit Canis aureus soudanicus
Kapoeta Herpestes sanguineus
52 Boma Plains S'ncerus caffer ae uinoctialis
3 Hole Syncerus c er aequinocti is
1 Koss Valley Szncerus caffer aeouinoctialis
9 Laboni S cerus caffer ae uinoctialis
16 Torit Syncerus caffer aequinoctialis
4 Kapoeta Hi tra s equinus bakeri
Lafon Hippotrgggs equinus bakeri
1 Torit Hippgtragus equinus bakeri
1 Torit Hi tr s e uinus bakeri
Jebel Kathangor GazeIIa granti Erighti
3 Torit gélvicarpa grimmia roosevelti
1 Torit no r s guentheri
Torit EH chotr ggentheri
Lokila Ourebia ourebi ae uatoria
1 Torit Alcelaphus buselaphus
Loronyo Alcela Hus buselaphus

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2 2 2 Kapoeta domestic cattle Dec 2 2 1? Nagichot domestic cattle Dec 3 Nagichot domestic cattle Jul 3 29 Torit domestic cattle Nov 7 6 23 Torit domestic cattle Dec 1 l0 Torit domestic cattle Jan 11 Torit domestic cattle Feb 30 Torit domestic cattle Apr 1 3 Goniryo domestic cattle Mar 2 13 38 Katire domestic cattle Jan 2 6 Gilo domestic cattle Dec 34 78 Juba domestic cattle Dec 1 Juba domestic cattle Jan 7 L Rejaf domestic cattle Aug 7 5 Gondokoro domestic cattle May 3 Tombe domestic cattle Mar 1 Muni domestic cattle Mar 1 Terakeka domestic cattle Mar 3 Yei domestic cattle Dec 5 1 5 Yei domestic cattle Jan 8 5 1 Yei domestic cattle Feb 5 5 19 Yei domestic cattle Dec

2 5 Lorella (Yei River) domestic cattle Jan 26 56 152 Kajo Kaji domestic cattle Dec 8 10- Kajo Kaji domestic cattle Jun 15 15 Meridi domestic cattle Apr 103 Meridi domestic cattle May 12 Amadi domestic cattle Apr 4 Yambio domestic cattle Jan 98 148 Li Rangu domestic cattle Apr 2 Kapoeta domestic sheep Dec 1 3 Juba domestic sheep Dec 4 Kaguada domestic sheep Dec 2 Katire domestic goats Jan 86 8 Kajo Kaji domestic goats Dec 9 Kajo Kaji domestic dogs Jan 8 Katire domestic dogs Jan 1 1 7 Katire domestic dogs Dec 8 Juba domestic horses Jan 9 Katire domestic pig Jan 1 Torit on grass Apr BIRDS

1 Torit Tch a sane ala erlan eri Jan 2 Torit Sphenorhygchhs a5HIEI1 Jan 5 Kapoeta ui a me e is maior Dec 3 2 Kapoeta Lissotis m. melano as er Dec (2) 12 Torit domestic Ehicien Jan 7 Katire domestic turkey Jan


A. varie atum occurs in Equatoria, Bah E1 Ghazal, Kordofan Q: Nuba Mountgins) and Upper Nile Province, and has been found on

Upper Nile cattle at the Wadi Halfa quarantine, but is not established in Northern Province according to King (1926).

The following are Sudan localities from which specimens, all from cattle uless otherwise noted, have been studied.


Bahr El Ghazal: Meshra el Req (soc). Lau, mm, Yirol, Tali Post, Kuru:_LEEe Nyubor, Peth, Raga, Khor Shamman, and Boro (SVS). Wau (domestic horses, sheep, donkeys, pigs, cattle; SVS, H). Busseri (domestic horse; SVS). Njambo (buffalo; SGC). Raga (domestic goat, cattle; SGC). Aweng (domestic dog, cattle; SVS). Fanjak (SVS, HH). Guar and nearby areas in Ga1ual...Nyang Forest (common on many individuals of tiang, buffalo, giraffe and roan antelope; also on warthog, hartebeest, and domestic dog; nymphs from spufowl, Francolinus cla rtoni; SVS, RH). 15 miles north of Tonj (tiang; SVS). Itet (tiang; SVS). Malek (nymph on Francolinus sp.; SVS). Lau.River, 37 miles west of Yirol (nymph on

cane rat; SVS). Nymphs are very numerous on tiang in the dry season and were also taken on buffalo and en or in 2n_ma§. In the wet season, adults replace nymphs on w animals.


U er Nile: Khor Atar and Taufikia (SGC). Duk Fadiat (cattle, r(m; w2§F'm~ )og“"’, wild pig; svs). Malakal (svs, nu). Ler (svs). Bor svs, an .

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Kordofan: Talodi (SVS). Cattle from Kordofan at the Wadi Halfa Ouaranfine (SOC).

ZTKhartou1 Abyssinian cattle at Khartoum (probably at the Quarantine Staiion) (SGC). Balfour (1906) reported specimens on trypanosome.infected cattle arriving from the southi7

It will be noted that l2°N. is about the northern limit of this species. Rare isolated populations may exist slightly futher north in the Sudan.


A. varie atu is distributed generally throughout the Ethiopian FaunaI Region except in northern Sudan, most of Southwest Africa, much of Mozambique, and the entire Union of South Africa. The range includes mountainous Southwest Arabia and the tropical bont tick has become established in the Madagascan archipelago. It has also established itself from imported specimens in the West Indies and in the Cape Verde Islands. A record from Guatemala (Neumann 1899) has not been confirmed in later literature.

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WEST AFRICA: NIGERIA (Neuann 1899. Ziemann 1905. Simpson l912A,B. Johhston 1916. Connal and Coghill 1917. Robinson 1926. Pearse 1929. Beaten 1939. Mettam l947,l948,l951. Unsworth 1949, 1952. Gambles 1951). FRENCH WEST AFRICA (As A. venustum: Koch 1844. As Ixodes ele ans: Guerindfleneville 1843. Neumann 1899, 1911. Joyeux I915. hohinson 1926. Andre and Lamy 1931. Brumpt 1934. Lloverol, Philippe, and Adjovi 1942. Girard and Rousselot 1945. Rousselot 1951,1953s. Villiers 1955).

TOGO (Ziemann 1905). SIERRA LEONE (Neumann 1899. Simpson 1913. Yorke and Blacklock 1915. Entomological Report 1916. R0. binson 1926). GAMBIA (Simpson 1911. Robinson 1926). GOLD COAST (Simpson 1914. Maofie 1915. Beal 1920. Robinson 1926. Stewart

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