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A. variegatum occurs in Equatoria, Bahr El Ghazal, Kordofan (= Nuba Mountains) and Upper Nile Province, and has been found on Upper Nile cattle at the Wadi Halfa quarantine, but is not es.. tablished in Northern Province according to King (1926).


The following are Sudan localities from which specimens, from cattle unless otherwise noted, have been studied.

Bahr El Ghazal: Meshra el Req (SGC). Lau, Akot, Yirol, Tali Post, Kuru, Lake Nyubor, Peth, Raga, Khor Shamman, and Boro (SVS). Wau (domestic horses, sheep, donkeys, pigs, cattle; SVS, HH). Busseri (domestic horse; svs). Njambo (buffalo; sốc). Raga (domestic goat, cattle; SGC). Aweng (domestic dog, cattle; svs). Fanjak (SVS, HH). Guar and nearby areas in Galua Nyang Forest (common on many individuals of tiang, buffalo, giraffe and roan antelope; also on warthog, hartebeest, and domestic dog; nymphs from spurfowl, Francolinus clappertoni; SVS, HH). 15 miles north of Tonj (tiang; SVS). Atet Ttiang; svs). Malek (nymph on Franco linus sp.; SVS). Lau River, 37 miles west of Yirol (nymph on cane rat; svs). Nymphs are very numerous on tiang in the dry season and were also taken on buffalo and engorging on man. the wet season, adults replace nymphs on wild animals.

Upper Nile: Khor Atar and Taufikia (SGC). Duk Fadiat (cattle, HH; warthog, wild pig; svs). Malakal (SVS, HH). Ler (svs). Bor (SVS, HH).

Darfur: 'Idd el Ghanam (SGC). Radom (SVS).


Blue Nile: Roseires (SGC).

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Kordofan: Talodi (SVS). Cattle from Kordof an at the Wadi Half a Quarantine (SGC).

[Khartoum: Abyssinian cattle at Khartoum (probably at the Quarantine Station) (SGC). Balfour (1906) reported specimens on trypanosome_infected cattle arriving from the south.7

It will be noted that 12°N. is about the northern limit of this species. Rare isolated populations may exist slightly further north in the Sudan.


The range

A. variegatum is distributed generally throughout the Ethiopian Faunal Region except in northern Sudan, most of Southwest Africa, much of Mozambique, and the entire Union of South Africa. includes mountainous Southwest Arabia and the tropical bont tick has become established in the Madagascan archipelago. It has also established itself from imported specimens in the West Indies and in the Cape Verde Islands. A record from Guatemala (Neumann 1899) has not been confirmed in later literature.


(Fabricius 1794)


CAPE VERDE ISLANDS (Tendeiro 1954X).


NIGERIA (Neumann 1899. Ziemann 1905. Simpson 1912A,B. Johnston 1916.

Johnston 1916. Connal and Coghill 1917. Robinson 1926. Pearse 1929. Beaton 1939. Mettam 1947,1948,1951.

Mettam 1947,1948,1951. Unsworth 1949, 1952. Gambles 1951). FRENCH WEST AFRICA (As A. venustum: Koch 1844. As Ixodes elegans: Guerin Meneville 1873. Neumann 1899, 1911. Joyeux 1915. Robinson 1926. Andre and Lamy 1931. Brumpt 1934. Lloverol, Philippe, and Adjovi 1942. Girard and Rousselot 1945. Rousselot 1951, 1953B. Villiers 1955).

TOGO (Ziemann 1905). SIERRA LEONE (Neumann 1899. Simpson 1913. Yorke and Blacklock 1915. Entomological Report 1916. Rom binson 1926). GAMBIA (Simpson 1911. Robinson 1926). GOLD COAST (Simpson 1914. Macfie 1915. Beal 1920. Robinson 1926. Stewart

1933). PORTUGESE GUINEA (Howard 1908. Tendeiro 1947,1948,1949B, 1951A,C,D,F,1952A,C,D,E,1953,1954. Bacelar 1950). BÍJAGOS ISLANDS (Tendeiro 1953x).

CENTRAL AFRICA: CAMEROONS (Ziemann 1912A. Warburton 1927. Joncheres 1934. Bardez 1934. Rageau 1951,1953A,B. Rousselot 1951,1953B. Unsworth 1952.

Unsworth 1952. Dezest 1953). RIO MUNI (North Central Rio Muni": Hoogstraal collection). FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA (Fiasson 1943B. Blanc, Brunneau, and Chabaud 1950A. Giroud 1951. Rousselot 1951,1953A,B).

BELGIAN CONGO and RUANDA_URUNDI (Newstead, Dutton, and Todd 1907. Massey 1908. Roubaud and Van Saceghem 1916. Nuttall and Warburton 1916. Van Saceghem 1918. Seydel 1925. Robinson 1926. Schwetz 1927A,B,C,1932,1933B,1934. Schouteden 1929. Bequaert 1930A,B,1931. Tonelli Rondelli 1930A.

Tonelli-Rondelli 1930A. Bouvier 1945. Giroud and Jadin 1950. Giroud 1951. Jadin and Giroud 1951. Schoenaers 1951A,B. Rousselot 1951,1953B. Reference to Belgian Congo by Berge and Lennette 1953 should be French Equatorial Africa. Theiler and Robinson 1954. Santos Dias 1954D. Van Vaerenbergh 1954).

EAST AFRICA: SUDAN (Balfour 1904,1906. Hoogstraal 1952A, 1954B).

King 1908,1911,1926.

ETHIOPIA (Pavesi 1884A. Neumann 1899,1902B,1911,1922. Robin son 1926. Stella 1938A,1939A,B,1940. Roetti 1939. Charters 1946. D'Ignazio and Mira 1949. Hoogstraal 19540). ERITREA (Franchini 1929D,E. Tonelli-Rondelli 1930A. Niro 1935. Stella 1938A, 1939A, 1940. Ferro_Luzzi 1948). FRENCH SOMALILAND (Robinson 1926. Stel la 1940. Hoogstraal 1953D). ITALIAN SOMALILAND (Franchini 1926A, 1927,19290. Niro 1935. Stella 1938A,1939A, 1940).

KENYA (Neave 1912. Neumann 1922. Anderson 1924A,B. Robin son 1926. Daubney 1927,1930A,B,1933,1934,1936B. Walker 1927, 1929. Tonelli-Rondelli 1930A. Lewis 1931A,B,C,1932A,B,1934, 1939A,B. Daubney and Hudson 1931A,B,1934. Roberts 1935. Loveridge 1936A. Fotheringham and Lewis 1937. Mulligan 1938. Dick and Lewis 1947. Weber 1948. White 1949. Binns 1951. van Someren 1951. Worsley 1952. Wilson 1953. Wiley 1953. Hammond 1954. See also IDENTIFICATION under A. pomposum, p. 245).

UGANDA (A. Theiler 1910A. Bruce et al 1911. Neave 1912, Neumann 1922. Robinson 1926. Richardson 1930. Mettam 1932,1933. Carmichael 1934. Mettam and Carmichael 1936. Wilson 1948A,B,C, 19500,1953. Clifford 1954. Hoogstraal 19540. Taylor 1954). TANGANYIKA (Gerst'cker 1873. Neumann 1911. Neave 1912. Morstatt 1913. Jarvis 1918. Robinson 1926. Moreau 1933. Cornell 1936. Reichenow 1941B. Beakbane and Wilde 1949. Wilson 1953. Smith 1955).

SOUTHERN AFRICA: ANGOLA (Neumann 1899,1921. Santos Dias 1950B. Sousa Dias 1950). MOZAMBIQUE (Karsch 1878. Howard 1908. Neumann 1911. Robinson 1926. Theiler 1943B. Santos Dias 1947A,1949E, 1950B,1954,1955A. Bacelar 1950. Wilson 1953).

NORTHERN RHODESIA (Neave 1912. Robinson 1926. Morris 1933, 1935,1937,1938,1939,1940. LeRoux 1934,1937,1947. Matthysse 1954. Theiler and Robinson 1954). SOUTHERN RHODESIA (Koch 1903. Sin clair 1916. Jarvis 1918. Jack 1921,1928,1937,1942). NYASALAID (old 1909. Neave 1912. De Meza 1918A,B. Robinson 1926. Wilson 1943,1946,1950B).

[UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA: Absent (Alexander 1931). "Rarely present" (Theiler 1943B). Dr. Theiler (1950 correspondence) states that A. variegatum is actually absent from the Union and from SOUTH WEST AFRICA. See REMARKS below. Early literature records for this species in the Union of South Africa are: Howard 1908, GalliValerio 1909, Moore 1912, Bedford 1920, Curson 1928, Cooley 1934, Bedford and Graf 1939.7

OUTLYING ISLANDS: ZANZIBAR (Neumann 1899,1911. Neave 1912. Aders 1917). MAURITIUS (Neumann 1899,1911. De Charmoy 1914,1915. Pobinson 1926. Moutia and Mamet 1947). MADAGASCAR (Neumann 1999, 1911. Joyeux 1915. Robinson 1926, Blick 1935,1948A,C,1949. Buck and Metzger 1949. Millot 1948. Zumpt 1950B. Courdurier, Bück and Quesnel 1952. Hoogstraal 1953E). REUNION (Neumann 1899. Millot 1948. Gillard 1949). COMOR.ES GROUP (Millot 1948).

ARABIA: YEMEN (Franchini 1930. Girolami 1952. Mount 1953. Sanborn and Hoogstraal 1953. Hoogstraal ms.). H SOUTHERN ARABIAU (Hoogstraal 1954C).

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