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(Figues 144 to 149)


Torit Crocidura n ansae toritensis

Lotti Forest Praom s t rg sddanensis


Torit a era benvenuta benvenuta
Kapoeta Irvicanthis niloticus jebglae
Juba Burows of A. n. jebdlae
Nimule .Aco s h st¥eIIa

Torit c eumia a. Elbicauda

Yei Ichfieuzniad. ica a
Obbo Civettictug civetta congica
Torit Oivettictus civetta COE§1C&
Torit Civettictus civetta congica
Torit Canis aureus so anicus
Torit Canis aureus soddanicus
Torit Canis aureus soddanicus
Yubo Canis mesomelas elgonae
Torit Panthera eo eo

Gilo Domestic H3§§"‘

Katire Domestic dogs

Katire Domestic dogs

Torit Domestic dogs

Torit Domestic dogs

Kajo Kaji Domestic dogs


Yei River Domestic dog


Kheirallah Domestic dog

*The subspecies of these nymphs is not entirely certain.


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King (1926) listed Bquatoria, Bahr El Ghazal, Upper Nile, Blue Nile, Kordofan, Khartoum, and Kassala Provinces, ami noted that although H. leachii (subspecies not differentiated) has a wide range in the E811, it is a relatively rare species here. We now know that g. l. leachii occurs in every Province of the Sudan. In most areas it Is probably fairly common, though usudly only on medium-size carnivores, especially jackals, foxes, and domestic dogs.

The following is Sudanese material seen:

Bahr §_l Ghazal: Uau (Domestic cat; SVS. Domestic dogs; I-IH). Ge.luaI_'Nyang Forest (Domestic dog; HH).


)uBp_er Nile: Alnobo Post (Lion; soc). Sobat (nonsstio dog; . sac .

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Khartoum: Khartoum near Vulgs 3. aegptiacan HH). (Dome§'EIc dogs; Balfour l9llF). ,

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Haemaasalis leachii leachii is a ubiquitous tick of tropical and sou ern r ea. In Egypt, It occurs in and at the edge of

the Nile Valley and Delta almost to the Mediterranean coast. It has been reported to range along the Mediterranean littoral at least as far west as Algeria but these records require careful checking for accuracy of identification. )1. 1. leachii is fairly

common in the mountains of the Yemen in southern Arabia (Sanborn and Hoogstraal 1953; Hoogstraal, ms.), which is an outlying part of the Ethiopian Faunal Region. It is not known from Madagascar (Hoogstraal l953E) and I have not seen it in Turkey.

In Euo , H. leachii has been said to occur in Y oslavia (Oswald 193s)°eua iH'C¥33Ee (Oswald 1938, Pandazis 1947 but these records are considered questionable. A German specimen found on a migrant stork from Africa was mentioned by Schulze (l937A). Soviet recdrds (Olenev 1928) refer to different species and Pomerantzev (1950) does not consider it to be a member of the Russian fauna.

The exact relationships of Oriental Faual Re ion forms ascribed to this species by Nuttall and Warburton (1915) are at present under study. Apparently most, except the subspecies indica Warburton, 1910, represent different species. Numerous species, obviously derived from an H. leachii prototype, range throughout Asia and its nearby islafids, tfie Near East, and the Madagascan archipelago.

It appears from remarks by Dumbleton (1953), that this tick has not been found in New Zealand since the original record by G. E. Mason (1921), that Mason's ticks may have been a different species. Mason's distributional concepts for this species most probably require revision.


In the following list, all available references to "H. leachii‘ are noted, though it is usually impossible to deter. Edie-ihether authors are referring to the subspecies leachii or muhsami. I have seen actual specimens of tne subspecies leachii from all geographical areas and from almost all political territories listed below. The following records are those for continental Africa and Arabia.

As stated above, it is uncertain whether the subspecies leachii occurs outside of the Ethiopian Faunal Region and parts of the Mediterranean Subregion of the Palearctic Region. Analysis of studies of the distribution of this tick will be pesented


NCRTH AFRICA: min (Savignyi 1826. Audouin 1827. Neumann 1911. Mason 1915).

[ The following North African records require checking for accuracy of identification: LIBYA: 'Tonel1i_Ronde1li (1926B). Fr8.n0hini (l927,1929A,E). TUNISIA: Co1as..Be1cour and Ra eau (1951). See Hoogstraal (195513). ALGERIA: ueimmm (1897 from a "nightingale" and from grass. Some of the H. leachii reported by Neumann (1897) were later (1905) described_by Him as H. numi-. diana, which is a synonym of LI. erinacei Pavesi, 1884J


wizsr AFRICA: NIGERIA (Simpson l9l2A,B. Nuttall and mirbm-_

ton 1915. Jofiton 1916. Pearse 1929). TOGO (Neumann 1901,1911). cow COAST (Simpson 1911.. Nuttall and Tiarburton 1915. Beal 1920). mmcn wssr AFRICA (Rousselot l95l,l953B. Villiers 1955). PORTIL. GESE GUINEA (Tendeiro 19l.8,l951A,D,l952A,B,C ,n,F,1953,1951.). SIERRA LEONE (Simpson 1913. Nuttall and Warburton 1915. Entomological Reports 1916). GAMBIA (Simpson 1911. Nuttall and Warburton 1915).

CENTRAL AFRICA: CAMHiO0NS (Neumann 1901,1911. Ziemann 1912A.

Nm~on 1915. Rageau 1951,l953A,B. Rousselot 1951, 195312. Dezest 1953). mmcn inuiioam. AFRICA (Nuttall and War.

burton 1915. Fiasson 1943B. Rousselot l951,1953B. Giroud 1951. Giroud and LeGac 1952). LIBERIA (Bequaert 19301).

BELGIAN CONGO and RUANDLURUNDI (Newstead, Dutton, and Todd 1907. Massey 1908. Neumann 1911. Nuttall and Warburton 1915, 1916. Seydel 1925. Schwetz l927A,B,C. Bequaert 193(M,B,1931. Tonelli...Rondel1i 1932E. Hanson, Richard, and Toubac 19/+7. Fain 1949. Giroud and Jadin 1950,l955., Giroud 1951. Jadin and Giroud 1951. Jadin 1951B. Schoenaers l951A,B. Rousselot 1931, 1953B. Theiler and Robinson 1954. Santos Dias 195l.D. Van

Vaerenbergh 1951.) .

EAST AFRICA: sum: (Balfour 1911?. King 1911,1926. Nuttall and Uarburton 1915. Hoogstraal 1954.8).

ETHIOPIA (Neumann l902B,l922. Nuttall and Harburton 1915. Tonelli-Rondelli 19301. Stella 1938A,1939A,l9l.0. Charters 191.8. D'Ignazio and Mira 1949). ERITREA (Nuttall and Warburton 1915. 'I‘one]_1i_Ronde1li 19301. Stella 1938A,1939A,19l.O). ITALIAN S(MALI.. LAND (Paoli 1916. Franchini 19290. Tonel1i...Ronde11i 1935. Niro 1935. Stella 1940). FRENCH SCMALILAND (Stella 191.0).

KENYA (Neave 1912. Nuttall 8.1101 Warburton 1915. Neumann 1922. Anderson l924A,B. Lewis 1931A,B,C ,1932B,l934,1939A. Roberts and Tonking 1933. Kauntze 1934. Roberts 1935. Loveridge 19365. Dick and Lewis 1947. Weber 1948. Heisch 1950B. Binns 1951,1952. Wiley 1953. Weyer 1955). UGANDA (Neave 1912. Nuttall and Warburton 1915. Neumann 1922. Bequaert 1930B. Loveridge 1936. Carmichael 1942. As H. leachii humerosoides: Theiler 1943B. Wilson 195(1)). TANGANYIICA-'(N—___e\nnann 1‘9U7EII9I'O§T' Neave .1912. Nuttall and Warbur_ ton 1915. Morstatt 1913. Loveridge 1923A. Bequaert 1930A. Allen and Loveridge 1933).

SOUTHERN AFRICA: ANGOLA (Neumann 1901. Gamble 1914. Nuttall and War5Eon I9I5. Sousa Dias 1950. Santos Dias 195(1). Theiler and Robinson 1954). MOZAMBIQUE (Howard 1908. Nuttall and Warbur_. ton 1915. De Meillon 1942. As H. leachii humerosoides: Theiler 191.312. Santos Dias 1952n,1953A,'B,c',I95'Z!¥I1‘9'5'5l'_‘1'H'iI. e er and Robinson 19531).

ncR'rRmm Ruonzsm (Neave 1912. Nuttall and Warburton 1915. Morris 1933,l934,l935,l936,l937,l938,1939,l940. As H. leachii humerosoides: Le Roux 191.7. Theiler and Robinson 1954')?-‘sbfimmn ~ch 1903. Edmonds and Bevan 1911.. NuttaJ.l and Warbur.. ton 1915. Jack 1921,192a,193'r,191.2). NYASALAND (Old 1909. Neave 1912. Nuttall and Warburton 1915. De Meza 1918. Wilson 195013).

BASUTOLAND (Scarce: Theiler and Robinson 195311). swnzlmma (Theiler and Robinson 195311). sournwzsr AFRICA (Tromsdorff 1914. Sigwart 1915. Absent in Southwest Africa: Theiler and Robinson 19531). UNION or SOUTH AFRICA (Neumann 1897,1911. Lounsbury l901,l902A,1204A. Howard 1908,1909h. Ga1li_Va.1erio 1909. Spaiser 1909. Donitz 1910B. Moore 1912. Van Saceghem 1914. Nuttall and Warburton 1915. Bedford l920,l926,l927,193lB,l932B,l936. A. Theiler 1921. Cowdry 1925C,1926A,1927. Curson 1928. Cooley 1929, 1934. Bedford and Graf 1934,1939. Pijper and Crocker 1938. J.H.S. Gear 1938. Brumpt 1938!). J. Gear 1939,1954. Gear and Douthwaite 1938. Mason and Alexander 1939. Gear and De Meillon 1939,1941. De Meillon 1942. du Toit 1942B,l947A. Theiler 1943B. Cluver 191.1,. Neitz and Steyn 1947. Theiler and Robinson 19531).

OUTLYING ISLANDS: ZANZIBAR (Neave 1912. Aders 1917). Not known from fiaagascan archipelago (Hoogstraal 195312).

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