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This is not a list of synonyms of names new used; these may be found in taxonomic papers cited throughout this report. It is rather a list of names that have appeared in earlier papers on Sudan ticks or for which the Sudan has been listed as the source, but that subsequently have been changed or synonymized under names appearing in the present report.

ARGAS MINIATUS Koch, 1844, mentioned by Balfour (1906) from Khartoum, is a synonym of Argas Ersicus (Oken, 1818).


AMBLYCMMA PETERSI Karsch, 1878, is believed by Schulze (l932A) to be synonymous with B. rhinocerotis (de Geer, 1778). King (1926) a.nd almost all other previous authors have applied the name Etersi to this species. SchuJ.ze's findings are tentatively accepted in the present work, though specialists are not in complete agreement.


AMBLYCMMA WERNERI WERNERI Schulze, 1932A, said to originate from
Klogofan, Is synonymized under B. nuttalli D'5nitz, 1909.


DERMACENTG1 RHIMIZEROTIS (de Geer, 1778), was used by previous au.. thors, Inclfiing King (l9l1,1926), probably in error for

Dermacentor rhinocerinus Denny, 1843. The species rhinocero

BE described By do Qer is actually an Ambl omma accofiing
to Schulze (l932A), whose decision is tentatively accepted
here, though specialists are not in complete agreement.

HAEMAPHYSALIS sp. nov. Hoogstraal (1951.13). Later described as B. Bgguaerti Hoogstraal, l956(A).

muuomm HIUMPTI Delpy, 191.6. Listed by Hoogstraal (1951.15) but Herein changed to H. im ltatum Schulze and Schlottke, 1930, on the basis of iDTOI‘1IB£i0I1 resulting from examination of type mterial.

RHIPICEPHAIIIS FAICATUS Neumnn, 1908, is a synonym of R. 10

T——eumm, T§U’7'(2"umpt 19l.2B,l950A). 3. falcatus was s e by King (1926) from the Suian. Specimens ESEE Government

collections identified as this species by King refer actual. ly to R. longg, R. su rtritus, R. simus sene alensis, and R. san 'neus san 'neus. _R. falcatus was originally rather vaguely escribed ¥or the complex group in which it, and frequently the name has been used indiscriminately.

RIIIPICEPHAIUS LUNULATUS Neunnnn, 1907. This 118.118 was used (Hoog...

strl 119515, on the basis of Santos Dias‘ (19503 ,1952C)
assertion that this is a valid species, distinct from R.

tricus is D'6nitz, 1906. Dr. 0. Theiler, however has studied this question so thoroughly (1955 correspondences and con. firmed her earlier findings (1947) so convincingly that R. lunulatus is herein used in synonynw under R. tricuspis.

RHIPICEPHAIIIS masons Schulze, 1936(0) is a synonym of g. gala'neus s~us Latreille, 1806, according to Zumpt E3501). e original specimens of R. macro is came from aEiaI.

dogs in Port Sudan (Sudan) a.nd Aden -(Ar

RHITICEPHAIJJS PUMZTATISSIMUS Gerst'Acker, 1873, is a synonym of
R. 'neus s neus Latreille 1806 according to
Zumi . ,

. E ctatissimus was listed by King (1908, l9ll) from the Sudan. Santos Dias (l952H,l953A,B) considers

this to be a subspecies of R. s 'neus, and to be the same as R. sulcatus, but he has not e~ type material or

refied series. (7) RHIPICEPHAIUS SHIPIEYI Neumann, 1902. Type locality: "Soudan"

possi BE m~mEgmim Sudan (or "French Soudan",

i.e. French Equatorial Africa). Zumpt (l9l.3A,l950A) has
synonymized R. shipleyi under R. 3. simus Koch, 1841..


RHIPICEPHALUS SUICATUS Neumnn, 1908. The material on which King's

IIWE’ report of this species in the Sudan was based has proven upon comparison with Dr. Theiler's reared series of R.

sulcatus and large numbers of other specimens to be heavily

punctate individuals of R. 3. sQ£neus. R. sulcatus is known, however, by a few more recent specimens from the Suian.


*AMBLYQ4MA WERNERI HELRNERI Schulze, 1932 (A) is synonymized under

*A.PONOMMA HALLI Tendeiro, 1950, is synonymized under A. exornatum (R:->ch_,_I3Z1.).

BOOPHILUS CONGOIENSIS Minning 1934 is synonymized under 1_3. annu. —-T-ms-tn.-.rr1'az1). ’ ’

HAEMAPHYSALIS IEACHII HUMEROSOHJES, a subspecies tentatively sug. gested by THeIIer lI9Z§F), is an elongate form of Q. leachii

leachii, so far as now demonstrable.


HAEMAPHYSALIS MUHSAMI Santos Dias, 1951.03), is a subspecies of H.
Ieachii . -

**"'HYAIDMMA SCUPENSE" Schulze, 1919, appears from Soviet works to have dist1n' ct Biological characteristics and minor morphological characteristics intergrading with _I_I. detritum; it is therefore indicated as a "fern!" of yet unknown taxonomic status.


HYAIDMMA D/IPELTATUM Schulze and Schlottke, 1930, is considered to have priority over H. brumzzi Delpy, 19/.6. H. erzthraeum


Tonel1i..Rondel1i, 1932, s so considered to be a synonym of go

HYAIOMMA MARGINATUM Koch, 1841., is said by Pomerantzev (1950) to be a synonym of E. lumbeum (Panzer, 1795). This mtter should be investigated ependent workers.


*The fact that these names have been mdified or are considered synonyms has been nnntioned in the preliminary publication on Suian

ticks (Hoogstraal 1954.8), but the reasons for these changes are pre. sented only in the present report.

**Non.Sudanese species .

HXALCMMA LEWISI Schulze, 1936, is a synonym of Li. truncatum, not of _H. excavatum as stated by Delpy (19498).

**HYAL(MMA AEBYPTIIJM PUNCTATA Schulze, 1919, is considered as a. synonym of _H. aegpti um.

**H!AL(MMA ALBIPARMATUM Schulze and Schlottke, 1930, is raised from the status of a synonym of H. mar natum (= H. savi ) (Delpy 191.98) and of H. truncatum (F'eI§man.Muhsam_l9 0 full species rank; H.-impressuxn Brunnei armatmn S. and S.,

1930, is considered-as a synonym o H. i armatum, not of £1. truncatum as stated by I-‘eldman..MuI'1sam (I852).

"IHALGMA HUSSAINI Sharif, 1928, is treated as a valid species (not a synonym of H. excavatum _ cf. Delpy, 191.93) and most

probably the proper type species of the subgenus alommina, the previously designated type species of which (3. rH 3:

ca aloides Neumann, 1901) is no more than a nrI.s£‘3ruE_£'.' excazvatum.

**!-HAL(MM.A TURANICUM Pomerantzev, 191.6, is raised to hill species rEE afi considered to be the same as rufigs glabrum

Delpy, 1949.
HYALQMINA (Subgenus): See 11. hussaini above.

MARGAROPUS REIDI SP. NOV. is described from males, females, and __Tw'1Tr>5s

*RHIPICH’HALUS CUSPHJATUS Neumann, 1906, is shown to be actually different from £5‘; tick described and illustrated under this name by Zumpt (l950A) in his review of this genus.

RHIPICE’HALUS PSHJDOLONGUS Santos Dias, 1953(1)) is a synonym of E. __x_:._gEL> Neumann, 1907.


*The fact that these names have been modified or are considered synonyms has been mentioned in the preliminary publication on Sudan ticks (Hoogstraal 19543), but the reasons for these changes are presented only in the present report.

"Non-Sudanese species.

0 K



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, _ \ ‘ I
._ .,.h.¢?Z-B-L__.._-....csn|rAL cnoovg

\ |\ I \;
' ‘\ ~ -.\-_...ex'rsRmu. coxn. SPUR


' ‘\_..___TRocm\mErz

| \

X?“ ---- -- EYE
' PU
. ucnmous

--~-Y--~~-------LArsr:A_|. cvzoov:-:_


'.t.....»..'.-..:...-.Q1.-PUTIIOMEDIAN caoovs _
' IKIIMEDIAN crzoovs '_ _ --‘—=.--——~$"'R*¢"L*R Pl-"5


'1. \v ._____ __'_.'-I-_i------.--~_ssA..CESSO.'ZY SHIELD ‘ . ~~~~~~~~~~ -. AD v. ./Q)» ANAL SHIELD 1 _ .1-J-~~--~~_............_-- SUBANAL SHIELD PARMA ‘-\ ‘POSTANAL mscmu C-R0’ v FEMUR 5 U E TIBIA PRETARSUS

-. ......_..s_........-. TARSUS ...-....l_.................. PAD (PULVILLUS) .....M.........-......_l.......CL AW


Figures 4 ad 5, dh dorsal and ventral views
Figures 6 and 7, Q, dorsal and ventral views

(Characters used in keys in this report, except for self-explanatory

terms, such as "caudal appendage" of certain figgphilgg males. Additional characters used in fuller descriptions of individual species

are explained where they first occur). PLATEIV

- 33 _

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