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towards and north of the equator. It is rare or absent in forests of western Africa.

ATLANTIC (BEAN: CANARY ISLANDS (Specimens from dogs, Tenerife, I903, 1n B‘/NH collections; HH det.).

NORTH AFRICA: FIEYPT (Occurs only in Gebel Elba area of ex. treme Shuhfiastern Egypt adjacent to Sudan frontier (Kassala Prov. ince); numerous males arrive at the Cairo abattoir on cattle from the Sudan and East Africa but this species has not established itself as a result of these introductions: Hoogstraal, ms.).

WEST AFRICA: FRENCH WEST AFRICA (As H. truncatum sp. nov.: Koch ISU. Is _H. as tium im essum tranhiens: §hulze 1919. As H. transiens: RousseIot , B). BIA (Numerous s cimehs l'n sIngIe lot from cattle in BMNH collections; HH det. .

PORTUGESE GUINEA (As H. savi i: Tendeiro l948,l949A, l95lF,l952A,C ,1). From Ten'deiro|s I&9A discussion it is evident that he is referring to H. truncatum (= H. transiens) but prefers to call it H. savigr_1y' . -It Is IlEIy that one he hhree other Hyalomma species occur in Portugese Guinea).

NIGERIA (As H. ae tium: Simpson l9l2A,B. As H. im essum transiens: UnswoI'th As H. im ressum subsp.: C es . As H. Iransiens: Unsworth 1952': See HOSTS below). GOLD COAST (Ae'H.‘i't"'ee 1 : Simpson 1911.). TOGO (Feldman..Muhsam 1954 states thaI H. 1'm essum brunnei rmatum Schulze and Schlottke, 1930, is a synonym of H. truncatum; however, from examination of Miss J . B. Walker's-Kenya.reared material of H. albi tum, in which the parma varies in size and color, it Is evidenh IE5


H”. brunneiparmatum is a synonym of albiparmatum).

CENTRAL AFRICA: CAMFROONS (As H. as tium i essum transiens: Chodziesner I924. As H. transiens: _Rageau ,Ig§§. Houses 0 l951,1953B. Unsworth I~H EQUATORIAL AFRICA (As H. nitidum from "New Cameroons": Schulze 1919. Chodziesner 1924.

Is UH. Im essum nitidum: Schulze and Schlottke 1930. Kratz
194 . ee so F'eIdman.Muhsam 1954. As H. as tium im essum
transiens: Chodziesner 1924. As H. tranhiens: HousseIoI I95I,
I95f3B)). BELGIAN CONGO (As H. tranhiensz Theiler and Robinson
1954 . "' ii


EAST AFRICA: “EAST AFRICA‘ (As plenum and H. zambesianum: Schulze Ed Schlottke 1930).


SUDAN (As H. as tium i essum transiens: Chodziesner 1924. Kratz 1940. As 11. mE1_'essum Igei s: 5'5FuIze and Schlottke 1930. As transiens: oogs r I%ZE).

E1‘!-IIOPIA (As H. i essum transiens and i essum nitida: Stella 1939B 1940. As aegfiium im essum trans ens: Chodzies. ner 1924). ERITREA (As_iI. 1 ressum transiens: ToneIIi..Rondel1i l930A,l932C. Ni).ro 1935. %fi939I(,I97.'6. Common in many parts of Eritrea: HH . FRENCH SCMALILAND As H. transiens: Hoogstraal 19531)). BRITISH SCMALILAND (Numerous spe'o'ime_“"1"_ns rom camels in HIINH collections; HH det.). ITALIAN SWIALILAND (As H. as tium

i essum: Paoli 1916. As H. as tium im ressum f3rm rans ens: ~omeni 1926A,1935.' ee osrs be1")'_"'ow .

KENYA [ As H. i essum transiens: Daubney (1937). As H. transiens: Binns ~). As H. im essum near lanu:n-

Fotfierifigham and Lewis (1937). As H. runcatum: Fel uhsam (1954). Hoogstraal (19540). See also _H. 5151' burn, p. See HOSTS below.

H. lewisi Schulze (193613) is a synonym of H. truncatum and not of H. excavatum as stated by Delpy (1949E) ;-it is also not a " a1omTiin"'iE"a as s ated by Schulze (l936E). Schulze.identified ma er 0 "H. lewisi‘ consists of small, stxmted, misshapen H. truncatum (seen WM); in this Fe1dma.n_Muhsam (1954) is in agree...


ment. Kratz (1940) also referred to lewisi from Kenya. page


Lewis (see bibliography) mentions alomma ticks under a variety of names. Most specimens in his arge collections now in British Museum (Natural History) are _I_{. truncatum among which H. rufi es is frequently mixed and other species are sometimes incIm§'._ The H. truncatum specimens had been identified by

Lewis as H. imressum, _H. dromedarii,and _I_i. aegggium; this confusion is ers andable due to the unsat s ac ry informa.

tion available in literature at that time_._7

UGANDA (As i essum transiens: Wilson 195%. As _I_i. transiens: Wilson . ommon in many Uganda collections

?t'iH'iTa'd‘By Theiler a.nd by HH).

TANGANYIKL A8 H. 181111111 and H. 86 tium albi tum: Schulze (1919). ZAs as tium i - essum transiens: gfifidzies. ner (13324). As i essum transiens an as “H. Iewisi: Schulze (193612 . Kratz 1 . e KENYA aEve. As . aegptiuzn:

Cornell 1936. ?As H. i essum lanum f. rhin3cero is: hulze and Schlottke (19307 e~ the synonym of this name is uncertain but it is suspected to apply to H. truncatum. See HOSTS below_.7


SOUTHERN AFRICA: ANGGLA (As i essum transiens: Sousa Dias IQC. Sa-fitos Dias 195%. As gransiensz Theiler and Robinson 1951.. Santos Dias 195C!) not~. savi "' had

been reported from Angola by A. Morais in 1909: at this

may refer to _I_i. truncatum (= H. i essum transiens), MOZAMBIQUE

(As H. i essum transiens: Theiler I9Z3B. Sfitos Dias 1947B

1953F,H,§§ZJi. Tefieiro 1955. As truncatum: Theiler 19565. Ncmmm: nmansu (As _r_1. transiens: Theiler and Robinson

1951.. Matthysse 1954. See H~. soummu nncnnsu (As

H. ae tium im essum transiens: Chodziesner 1924. As H.

as $1! um: Lawrence 1939. As _H. a. as tium: Jack 1942.

~S _. runcatum: Theiler 1956. see ~w). NYASALAND

(As H. imgressum transiens: Wilson 191.3 ,19l.6. As H. imgessum:



SOUTHWEST AFRICA (As as ium im ressum transiens: Chodziesner 1921.. As H. im essum ransi ens: Kra. z . As H. ' as tium: Fe~B. As H. transiens: Fiedler

ae tium ) ( H_ 19%. See elow . SWAZILAND As . a. ae ium: Bedford " has

193.213. As H. truncatum: Theiler 1956).‘ BEE _I_I. Chodziesner 1921.. As H. trun.

ae tium i_ essum transiens: _?P_Too um: he er 6‘)'fiflBU'ro1.m1>= Absent; Theiler '(19‘56T._7

UNION OF sown AFRICA (The "H. as tium‘ of Dani... 19105 and of Cooley 1931. apparently include EEK _gOH. rufi es and H. truncatum. As H. a. ae tium: Lounsbury 1 AC. Theiler mama. HoT1ar'd 1~om l920,1926,l927,1932B,1936. Nieschulz and du Toit 1937. P. J. du Toit 1931. Finlayson, Grobler, and Smithers 1940. R. du Toit 19l.2A,B,19l.7A. As H.

im essum im essum: Theiler 19138. As transiens: Erasmus Thor 2. Heitz 1951.. As tnmcatum: Fe1dman_


Muhsam 1954. Theiler 1956. As H. aegpticum (sic): Gear 1951.. See HOSTS below). '

"SHORES OF THE ZAMBESI“ (As zambesiacum: Schulze and Schlottke 1930. Kratz 1940).

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OUTLYING ISLANDS: MADAGA$AR (Recently introduced: Hoog. straal 19532. Theiler 1956). srxcxmmns (Desai 1941; not stated whether introduced or established). ZANZIBAR (As H. aegptiumz Aders 1917). -'


Domestic cattle and goats are the most common hosts of H. truncatum but other large wild or domestic mammals may be in: Tested. Wild carnivores are seldom recorded as hosts. Rarely, small mammals, birds, or tortoises are also attacked. Immature stages are definitely known from birds and hares but most published remarks concerning these stages should be accepted with reservation because of questionable identity.

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Domestic animals: Cattle (Bedford 19323, S¢h11lZ6 19360, FotherIngHa.m and Iewi s 1937, Sousa Dias 1950, Wilson 1943,1946, 195013, Rousselot 1951, Rageau 1951,1953, Santos Dias 1953B. Sudan records above. Numerous specimens in various collections examined for the present study). Goats (Bedford 1932B, Rousse. lot 1951, Hoo straal 1953D,E. Numerous BINH specimens. Sudan records above). Sheep (Bedford 1932B, Wilson 1950B, Sousa Dias 1950, Rousselot 1951, Hoogstraal 1953D. BMNH specimens. Sudan records above). Camels (Aders 1917, Rousselot 1951. Numerous BMNH specimens from British Somaliland. Hoogstraal, Yemen ms. Sudan records above). Horses (Bedford 1932B, Sousa Dias 1950, Rageau 1953. Sudan records above). Donkeys (Bedford 1932B, Rousselot 1951).

Mules, dogs, and rarely cats (Bedford 1932B). Dog (BMNH specimens from Canary Islands, Eritrea, and Transvaal).

Wild antelo s: Tiang (Sudan records above). Roan antelope (Bedford 19325, éooley 1931., Tonelli_Rondel1i 1930A. BMNH spec_. imens from Nigeria. Sudan records above). "0zarma andicornis" (Santos Dias l952D). Wildebeest (Matthysse 1951 Ofierstepoort specimens from South Africa). Nyasa wildebeest (J . B. Walker specimens from Tanganyika). Lichtenstein's hartebeest (Santos Dias l952D,l953B). Brindled gnu or blue hartebeest (Bedford 19323, Santos Dias 1953B). Sassaby or bastard hartebeest (BMNH specimens from South Africa). Eland (Chodziesner 1921», Bedford 1932B, Wilson 1950B, Santos Dias 1953B. HiNH specimens from Southern Rhodesia and Southwest Africa. Onderstepoort specimens from South Africa). Greater kudu (Santos Dias 1953B). Bushbuck (MCZ specimens from South Africa). Western defassa waterbuck (Rageau 1953). Gemsbok (0nderstepoort specimens from South Africa .

Other wild animals: Hedgehog (Bedford 1936). Hares (HANH

specimens from Kenya and Nigeria). Bushpig (Santos Dias 1953B.

HH specimens from Eritrea. Sudan records above). Warthog (Santos Dias 1953B, Bedford 1932B, Rageau 1953. Numerous EMNH specimens from Kenya and Nigeria. Sudan records above). White or square. lipped rhinoceros, southern race (MCZ specimens). Black or narrow.. lipped rhinoceros (Schulze 1919, Schulze and Schlottke 1930.

BMNH specimens from Kenya). Buffalo (Schulze 1919, Wilson 19508, Santos Dias 1952D,H,l953B. MCZ and H\4NH specimens from Kenya.

J . B. Walker specimens from Tanganyika. Sudan records above). Dwarf buffalo (Rageau 1953). Giraffe (Chodziesner 1921.. MJZ specimens from Kenya. BMNH specimens from Tanganyika. 0nder.. stepoort specimens from Transvaal a.nd Southwest Africa. Numerous Sudan specimens recorded above). Burche1l's zebra (Santos Dias 1952D,1953B). Zebra (Matthysse 1954. E~iNH specimens from Kenya. Onderstepoort specimens from Northern Rhodesia). Lion and

antbear (Wilson 1950B). Leopard (HANH specimens from Kenya. Onderstepoort specimens from Southern Rhodesia). Jackal and African porcupine (Matthysse 1954. Onderstepoort specimens

from Northern Rhodesia).


Reptiles: Tortoise (Sudan records above).

Birds: Cape thickiknee, Burhino 5 ca nsis (Bedford 19323). 0stricT(1d a.nd in HH collec ion, rom was of Afmad1f", Somalia, 1952, C0 . D. Davis le it. Ostriches in Southwest Africa (Theiler , correspondence) .

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