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L N 9 6



2 3

191 210 84* 67*

18 90 21* 15*

7 31 1+* 2*

82 16 12* 4*

7 3 2* 2*


1+ 24 6 12

1+ 15

4 13

1 1

1 7

l 2

3 4


1 l

3 3


37 60

58 58

1 8


(Figures 285 to 288)




Ikoto MAN (feeding on) Dec
Ikoto MAN feeding on) Feb
Torit MAN (feeding on) Feb
Torit MAN crawling on) Dec
Ikoto Atelerix runeri oweni Aug
Kapoeta me Hwt~escem hoo straali Apr
Ikoto Ele Hantfius Fflescens Eoogstrfili Nov
Ikoto e an us Ffifescens hoo strafii Dec
Torit e an us rifescens hoo strfii Dec
Torit e n us r§'escens Hoogstraali Jan
Obbo Elephantulus fusci Es Mar
Kapoeta Lepus cafinsis subsp. Apr
Ikoto e us ca nsis crawsha i Feb
Torit Ie us vi cgori ae ml|CI‘OE1.:S Feb
Magwe Foelaas mar orita oweni Sep
Torit anis aureus sou anicus Apr
Torit 0ureEia ourebi ae uatoria Feb
Torit Ilcela hus 51_1se1a Hus roosevelti Dec
Ikoto FE nchotr us mentheri SITLltE{l Dec
Ikoto RE chotra s guentfieri smlthii Feb
Torit .1 nc otr s guentheri smithii Nov
Torit Sus scofra senaarensis Mar
Kapoeta 'do_rnesti'c cattle Jan
Torit domestic cattle Jan
Lowudo domestic cattle Jan
Lodwara domestic cattle Jul
Lodwara domestic cattle Sep
Goniryo domestic cattle Mar

*Unf ed adults taken leaving host after molting.

(numerous ) (numerous ) (numerous g (numerous

(numerous )


L N 9 6

2 1 Kapoeta domestic sheep Jun (SGC)
3 3 Kapoeta domestic sheep Dec
2 3 Kapoeta domestic sheep Dec
8 l2 Kapoeta domestic sheep Dec
9 10 Narongyet domestic sheep Jul
4 3 Kapoeta domestic goats Dec
8 8 Kapoeta domestic goats Jan
1 Nagichot domestic goats Dec
6 Katire domestic goats Jan
64 Kapoeta domestic dogs Jul
44 Kapoeta domestic dogs Dec
1 Torit domestic dogs Dec

2. ravus is known only from Eastern and Torit Districts of Equatoria Frovince. Although absent or rare west of Torit District, apparent ecological preferences indicate that it may be expected to occur in Upper Nile Province, to the north of eastern Equatoria.

Some of the above_mentioned collections have already been quoted by Theiler and Robinson (19533) and Walker (1956). Eccept for a few Kapoeta specimens, none from the Sudan have been found in Sudan Government collections or in British Museum (Natural

HiS‘bO1'y) 0


The drier areas of East Africa appear to be the center of

distribution of E. ravus, which also extends into Central and Southern Africa and may range just inside the borders of West Africa. This species is often common in the localized areas

where it occurs.

WEST AFRICA: NIGERIA (As §. neavi punctatu : Gambles 1951.


and R~Theiler and Robinson 1953B,195z., and Walker 1956 presume that g. pravus is the actual identity of the T5.


bursa" of Newstead, Dutton, and Todd 1907; Schwetz 192'7C; and Eequaert l930A,l93l; however these authors have not examined

the ‘R. bursa“ specimens in question. Theiler and Robinson 1953B,1954 give the only available definitely correct locality records for this species here. As neavi: Santos Dias l954D).


EAST AFRICA: sunnn (Hoogstraal 195313; ms. quoted by Theiler and a"‘E>""'1'95o lnSOn 3s and Walker 1956).

ETHIOPIA (Zumpt 191.20). ERITREA (Hoogstraal, personal col. lecting around Asmara; common). FRENZH SOMALILAND (Hoogstraal l953D. Theiler and Robinson 1953B). BRITISH SOMALILAND (See record of R. avus with R. 1ong_Lcoxatus, p. . Walker 1956). ITALIAN S@AL (Numerbus specimens n Hoogstraal collection. Walker 1956).

KDIYA (As R. neavi and as R. avus: Neave 1912 and Anderson l924A,B. As R. neavi: Neave 1912; ar urton 1912; Daubney 1934; Lewis l93z.,l939l"'EI; M ligan 1938; Lewis, Piercy, and Wiley 191.6; Binns 1952; Wilson 1953. As H. neavi ctatus: Lewis 19310.

As R. avus: Zumpt 19/.25; H6og‘t""s rafl~ alker 1956).

ucmm s _. neavi: Neave 1912; Mettam 1932,1935 ; Wilson 1948, 195(I2,l953. As R. avus: Theiler and Robinson l953B,1956. Common in Karamo'Ia glstricts ~ Haddow, correspondence). ‘TANGANYIKA (Donitz 1910B. Zumpt 1942B. Theiler and Robinson 1953B. Hoogstraal 19540. Walker 1956).

SOUTHERN AFRICA: ANGOLA (As R. bursa and R. neavi %ctatus;

Santos Dias 195$. As R. neavi unctatus: Sou's'a Bias 1 .
R. avus: Theiler m1d_Ro'5f''nson2T9'53'E). MOZAMBIQUE (As R. bursa:

Row 08. As R. ctatus; Santos Dias l95lB,1953A,B-.' I5
R. neavi: Santos-Di~s ,1952D,E,H,l953A,B,C. As R. mossam.
‘Bious= Santos Dias l950B,1952H. As g. iresi: ssntos n‘iss
I§5UF,l952n,1953B. Synonymy of Santos n‘E"'es names by Walker
1956. As pravus: Santos Dias l952D).


NORTHERN RHODESIA (As neavi: Warburton 1912. Neave 1912. Theiler and Robinson 195357 Matthysse 1951.. As R.

ravus: Theiler and Robinson 1953B ,l954. Matthysse 1954). 'EOU"1'HEBN RHODESIA (Theiler and Robinson 195313). NYASALAND

(As neavi and R. neavi unctatus: Warburton 1912. Neave 1912. Davy and Ngwstead 1&1. Wilson 1950B. As R. Eavus:

Theiler and Robinson 195313). _

BEBHUANALLND and SOUTHWEST AFRICA (Th8il8I‘ and Robinson 1953B). UNIQN OF SOUTH AFRICA (AS E. bl1I‘S8.$ HOW&I‘d 1908. AS 2. Eravusz many details in Theiler and Robinson 1953B).

Note: This species has undoubtedly been much misidentified, but more records for it will probably appear since Zumpt's, Theiler's, and Walker's recent works have established its identity. Many or most records of R. bursa from tropical and South Africa pertain actually to R. Eavus according to Theiler and Robinson (l953B), but Lewis‘ various references to R. bursa in Kenya refer

to R. kochi. and to R. hurti Wilson, 1954 (Walker 1956) as well as to _R. p_1_'avus.



R. avus is rather more indiscriminate in choice of hosts than moss other rhipicephalids, being common on domestic cattle, sheep, goats, and dogs, equally connnon on many antelopes and carnivores, and not at all uncommon on hares. Several incidental hosts, from a bird to an elephant, a.nd including man, are listed below. Immature stages utilize rodents and insectivores as hosts.

[merged small][graphic]

Domestic animals: Cattle (Wilson 1950B, Unsworth 1952, Theiler § Robinson 1953B; Sudan records above; Hoogstraal Eritrean collections. Matthysse 1954 states that this tick is more common on wild game than it is on domestic cattle in North. ern Rhodesia). Sheep (Sousa Dias 1950, Theiler and Robinson 1953, Hoogstraal l953D, Matthysse 1954, Walker 1956; Sudan records above). Goats (Sousa Dias 1950, Theiler and Robinson 1953B, Walker 1956; Sudan records above). Dogs (Sousa Dias 1950, Theiler a.nd Robinson 1953B; Sudan records above). Donkey (Theiler and Robinson 19535, Matthysse 1954). Camel (Walker 1956. See also British Somaliland record of this species with

R. longicoxatus, p. 661).

§I_a_n (Sudan records above. Haddow, correspondence).

Antelo s: Reedbuck (Warburton 1912). Kudu (Warburton 1912, Davey and Newstead 1921, Theiler and Robinson 1953B;

Haddow, correspondence). Impala (Warburton 1912, Davey and New. stead 1921, Santos Dias l952D). Roosevelt's hartebeest (Sudan records above). Bushbuck (Schwetz l92'7C, Bequaert 1931, Theiler and Robinson 1953B). Sable antelope (Santos Dias l953D, Matthysse 1954). Eland (Davey and Newstead 1921, Matthysse 195-L; Haddow, correspondence). Oryx (Dgnitz 1910B Zumpt 1942B, Theiler and Robinson 1953B). Grant's azelle (Dgnitz 1910B, Zumpt 1942s Theiler and Robinson 1953B . Thomson's gazelle (Walker 1956). Bright's gazelle (Theiler and Robinson 1953B). Gerenuk or Wa'Ller's gazelle (Wiley 195 ). Nyala (Santos Dias l952D, Theiler and Robinson 1953B). Steinbok (Santos Dias l952D, Theiler and Robinson 1953B). Klipspringer (Theiler and Robin... son 1953B). Various oribis and duikers (Wilson 1950B, Theiler and Robinson 1953B, Walker 1956; Haddow, correspondence; Sudan records above). Various dikdiks (Sudan records above; Haddow, correspondence) .

Carnivores: Spotted hyena, leopard, lion and genet (Theiler and Robinson I953B). Jackal (Sudan records above).

La omor hs: Hares (Le s spp.) (Wilson 1950B, Tendeiro 19518, Santos Eras ¥9§2D, Theiler an Robinson 1953B; Haddow, corres.

pondence). "Grass hare" (P031 . s sp.) (Theiler and Robinson 1953B; Sudan record above).

Miscellaneous: Buffalo (Dsnitz 1910B, Davey and Newstead 1921 §§tos Dias l952D, Theiler and Robinson 1953B, Matthysse 1951+). Warthog (Schwetz 19270, Theiler and Robinson 1953B;

Haddow, correspondence). Wild pig (Sudan records above).

Giraffe (Donitz 1910a, Theiler and Robinson 19532). Elephant
(Hoogstraal collection from Italian Somaliland). Hedgehog

(Sudan record above). Ground squirrel (As R. iresi: Santos

Dias 19505‘). Rodent listed as ‘Ijerboa by cbllec r, from Kenya (Hoogstraal 19540). Klephant shrew (insectivore) (Matthysse 1954).

Bird (shrike) ("T6l6E'2n1J.S sp.") from Kenya (Hoogstraal 19543 ) .

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