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SIMUS Koch, 1844.

(Figures 301 to 304)




MAN (feeding on)

MAN (feeding on)

MAN crawling on

MAN (crawling on)

MAN crawling on

MAN (feeding on)

MAN (feeding on)

MAN (crawling on)

Lemnisco s striatus massaicus striatus massaicus


Lemnisco s L ,. Eurrows 0% L. striatus massaicus Dec P)

Lemniscomys-macculus macculus Dec

atera envenu a envenuta

atera venuta 'enven a Burrows of T. 5. nvenu a Masto s natalensis ismai iae

as 0 s natalensis ismailiae Frao s tullber i sudanensis Irvicant s ni oticus ieE§%ae Irvicanthis niloticus e ae §urrows of A. niloticus ebelae Burrows of I. niloticus ebelae Burrows of I. niloticus iebelae Le us ca nsis craws i Ie us vic oriae microgis Fanthera e0 e0

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Nov (3)
Dec (6)
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*also known as the black pitted_tick, the glossy brown tick, and Mn tailtuft brown tick (cf. Theiler l952A,B).


L N 9 6 8 8 Torit Crocuta crocuta fortis Oct 8 6 Torit MeIIivora ca nsis a§Zssinica Jan 2 2 Obbo Civettictis civetta congica Apr 1 2 Torit Oivettictis civetta con ica Feb 8 7 Lugurren FHa.cocFEerus aetHiopi'cus Efo Jan 4 5 Torit _%§§ scrofa sennarensis Apr 1 1 Nimule 1 tamus Hi5ius am hibius May 1 1 Nimule Hi otamus am Hi5ius Ei5ius Oct (SVS§ 1 Terakeka ~-P—r'm1@ m'ai2'- - (sec 1 Kidepo Taurotraggs 2325 at ersonianus Jan 1 Torit auro r s 232} ttersonianus Feb 1 3* Kapoeta Hippotrgggs eguinus 5EE§ri Dec 4 Torit 1 r eguinus 5§Eeri Jan 1 Iknto r ggentfieri smithii Dec 1 19 Boma Plains er a uinocti§Iis Dec 21 32 Torit ncerus c§TTer ae uinoc 1S Jan 2 Hole c§YTer ae uinoc 1a 1S Mar 1 Lolianga c3I'er aegu.1'noct;1.'§I3'.s Jan 5 2 Kepoeta c ogs Dec 8 14 Keyala domestic dogs Dec 22 25 Torit domestic dogs Dec (3) 6 6 Torit domestic dog Jan 1 Torit domestic dog Mar 1 Torit domestic dog Apr 4 2 Torit domestic dog Jun 1 Torit domestic dog Nov 3 1 Katire domestic dog Oct 3 Loronyo domestic dog Jan 8 8 . Juba domestic dog Jan 7 8 Juba domestic dog Dec $2) 2 Juba domestic dog May SGC) 1 Nimule domestic dog Mar 1 1 Lado domestic dog Sep (SOC) 67 69 Kajo Kaji domestic dogs Dec (3) 6 2 Torit domestic pigs Mar *with 1 d‘R. simus sene alensis. This is the only collection seen

from anywfiere n


rica n w ch typical specimns of both subspecies

have been found on a single host.

L N 9 <7 3 5 Torit domestic pigs Apr 3 Torit domestic pigs Nov 52) 20 41. Torit domestic pigs Dec 1.) 7 9 Torit domestic pigs Jan 1 Torit domestic cattle Dec 1 l Katire domestic cattle Oct 1 l Lolepori domestic cattle Dec 6 Loronyo domestic cattle Jan 17 32 Juba domestic cattle Jan 1 Juba domestic cattle Dec 1 8 Juba domestic horse Jan 6 l7 Loronyo domestic goat Jan 2 Juba domestic sheep Jan 1 3 Juba domestic sheep Dec (SGC) 3 Kajo Kaji domestic sheep Dec 1 Torit on grass Aug 2 2 Imatong Mts. 2 host (weber (8700 ft. 191.3) alt.)


King (1926) stated that R. s. simus occurs throughout Equatoria,

Bahr El Ghazal, Upper Nile, Blue Nile, Kordofan, and Kassala Prov. inces and that it had at that time only recently established itself

in Northern Province where proper conditions of humidity for its development prevailed around newly installed pumps and basin irri_ gation. King apparently had no Darfur Province records for this species.

Sudan localities from which specimens of the glossy tick have been seen are:

Bahr E2 Ghazal: Galual_Nyang Forest (hyena, black.legged mongoose, leopard, lion, buffalo, and warthog; domestic dogs; old male baboons infested with as many as two hundred adult specimens;

Ki? 299 en orcin on men- SVS H). Jur River (hippopotamus- SVS). Lau,(cattle; S50). _Pan3ak (domestic dogs and cattle; SVS, HH .


au (domestic pigs; SVS). Kenisa (numerous specimens from elephants; GO) . Several localities near Yirol (elephants; SVS). Yirol (lwena and cane rat; SVS).

U 1- Nile: mm Fadiat (wild pig and warthog; svs). Akobo ’ost (E¥on;1@). Maban (cattle and goats; SVS). Pariak (cattle; EVS). Kaka (roan antelope; SGC). Bor (domestic dogs; HH, leopard; SGC). Malakal (domestic dogs; H1-I).

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Darfur: Zalingei (camels and horses; svs). Kulme, Wadi Oribo (fox;_§INH')'.

Kordofan: Tabanga (pigs- soc). Talodi (cattle and pony- soc). "Western1eEls" (cattle; SVS . ,

1- Khartoum: No records_.7

Northern: Letti Basin (fox; SGC). Shendi (bull; SVS, sheep; SGC). These populations are probably quite restricted.


R. s. sinms ranges throughout the Ethiopian Faunal Region. In West Ifrica, it is more or less widely replaced by the subspecies sene alensis. The Arabian range of the glossy tick, as mapped by the Erican Geographical Society (1951.), should be limited to the mountains of the Yemen.

[WEST AFRICA: Early records should be checked against" R. simus sene ensis. The range of R. s. simus in West Africa is imperfectly %own. NIGERIA (Simpson_l9'I2A¥,E. Unsworth 1949,1952. Mettam 1950). SIERRA LEONE (Neumann 1901,1911. Simpson 1913). TOGO (Neumann 1901,1911. Ziemann 1909). GOLD COAST (Simpson 1914. Beal 1920. Stewart 1931.). IVORY COAST (Neumann 1901). PORTUGESE GUINEA (Tendeiro l9l.6A,B,l9l.8,l95lA,E,l952C,D,E,l954: wherever

*Specimens referred to as R. simus by Simpson (l9l2A, p. 325) are

actually R. simus sene alensis. They were determined as simus falcatus by Nuttall i Warfiton. These specimens are in Briti sh

Euseum Natural History) collections.

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