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flame is extending itself throughout the United Kingdom! Of this fact, the establishment of auxiliary societies affords most decisive and satisfactory evidence. Without, however, such a medium of communication as the Magazine, this information could not have been generally communicated—this pleasure could not have been enjoyed.

In compliance with the almost universal wish of persons interested in the welfare of the Magazine, the Proprietors have resolved to prefix an Engraving to every future Number of the work: they have engaged an eminent artist, (Freeman,) who has undertaken to execute the Portraits in his best manner.

The only cause of anxiety the Proprietors feel on this subjectis, lest the very heavy expense attendant on a portrait, every month, should render them unable to afford the supply which the respected widows of our ministers have been accustomed to receive. It is hoped that the Denomination will recollect, that these are, in general, poor! Some have large families, and many of them, though still connected with the congregations of which their deceased husbands were the honoured pastors, can receive little or nothing from them, as all they can raise is necessary for their present minister. It is with great pleasure that the Proprietors reflect on having distributed to this respectable and necessitous class of persons, since the commencement of January, 1813, the sum of 575l. and they are not without an expectation, that an increased sale will, after a little time, cover the increased expenditure.

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The Editors affectionately renew a request, made at the end of the last year, that their brethren in the ministry would read this Preface to their congregations, during the present month: and also use their influence to introduce the Magazine to all the families with which they are connected. The addition of the Juvenile Department, it is hoped, has rendered the work more suitable and acceptable to our juvenile readers. The Editors pledge themselves to use all their exertions to maintain a respectable publication : which they trust, through a divine blessing, will still be the channel by wbich special benefits will be communicated to the housbold of faith.


Baptist Magazine.

JANUARY, 1816.

ON THE NEW YEAR. NotwitHSTANDING the tens depravity, which is sown in the of thousands who, during the hearts of all, will produce an past year, have gone into eter- abundant crop of disobedience, nity, the world is still furnished misery, and death. During with inhabitants; and the va- the succession of three hundred rious offices which they left and sixty-five days, parents will unoccupied, are again supplied. take a long farewel of their One generation passeth away affectionate children ;--pastors and another cometh ;" and will preach their last sermons though in many things “ their to their afflicted flocks;--judges way was their folly,"-yet their and senators will finally vacate posterity approve their sayings,” their important stations ;-and and are pursuing the same monarchs will for ever resign course of " vanity and vexation the purple, 'sceptre, and diaof spirit.”

dem. Respecting persons of The commencement of the every description, it is doubtless present year will be noticed written in the councils of heaas an era of universal peace. ven,

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thou shalt The storm which agitated the die”. We hope the year will continents of Europe, Asia, and not terminate without having America, is hushed to silence. witnessed events full of divine The din of war is no longer heard. goodness and mercy towards The sword is returned to its the dwellers upon the earth. scabbard. The soldier resume's May we not expect, that the the employment of the hus-various means employed for bandman. ""Come, behold the disseminating evangelical truth, works of the Lord, what desola- will not be altogether in vain? tions he hath made in the earth. Will not this “ handful of corn, He maketh wars to cease unto sown upon the tops of the the end of the earth. He break- mountains, shake like Lebaeth the bow, and cutteth the non ?" and the accessions made spear in sunder: He burneth to the church of Christ, be the chariot in the fire."

numerous and flourishing, Though the fierce demon of the grass of the earth?" Is it discord and war may not be not probable, that, in this year, permitted, in this year, to ra- there will be for many s a time *vage the earth; yet the seed of to be born" again? And, re




specting whom, parents and ing the various concerns which ministers, with adoring praise, relate either to the present life, will repeat, “ Even from this or to that which is to come, time it shall be said, What the word of inspiration says, hath God wrought?"

“ Whatsoever thy hand findeth Among the numerous readers to do, do it with thy might; of this Essay, it may be pre- for there is no work, nor desumed, many will this year be vice, nor knowledge, nor wisnumbered with the dead : and dom, in the grave, whither thou the tongue now employed in ar- goest.” ticulating its contents, be silent Let the unconverted reader in the dust! Is the reader a reflect, that while he is impeyouth who has attained that nitent, and neglecting the "great period of life, that he feels salvation," he is without“ a himself released from the re- hiding place from the wind, or straints of " tutors and gover- a covert from the tempest.” nors :" or, who is anticipating He has no security that the terthe pleasures of connubial en- mination of his present existence joyment? or, is he a trades- will not be the commencement man, engaged in the hurry, or of an eternal state of misery. immersed in the cares of busi- Let him then “ turn to the ness ? or a miser, who is adding strong hold as a prisoner of house to house, or field to hope;" remembering, that“now field ? or, a thoughtless spend is the accepted time, that now thrift, who, with his compa- is the day of salvation!” nions, is saying, “ Let us eat Let the unfruitful member and drink, for to-morrow we of a Christian church, who, in die?” Such persons are, in ge- the eye of infinite wisdom, is a neral, unconscious of the short-“ cumberer of the ground;" be ness and uncertainty of time, thankful that the Lord Jesus and are saying, “ Soul, také has “ let him alone another thy rest, thou hast much goods year.” But it may be, probalaid up for many years !" bly, the last year his long-suf“ On this side, and on that, men see their fering will thus be exercised :

and the order may be given, Drop off, like leaves in autumn ; yet“ Cut it down.” Every con

launch out
Into fantastic schemes, which the long livers sideration of threatened wrath,
In the world's hale and undegenerate days and of extended mercy, should
Could scarce have leisure for."

rouse to exertion in every good
Let it be considered, that word and work. Let all such
eternal consequences depend hear, and attend to the exhort-
upon the use or abuse of the ation, “Work while it is called
time allotted to each individual! to-day, for the night cometh
Could the writer and reader wherein no man can work.”
of this Essay be even assured, Let the indolent and unfaith-
that they would be among the ful shepherd, who is feeding
şurvivors of the present year, himself, but not the flock, trem-
still their “ time will come to ble lest, before the end of the
die;" and, therefore, respect-year, his “ days should be num-

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bered.” How will such a one according to the instructions meet his offended Lord, when given in the scriptures. ke shall say, “ Give an account

I cannot undertake to discuss of thy stewardship; for thou this subject in all its length and mayest be no longer steward?" breadth. What I have to say, To have the blood of souls, on this branch of your office, who have perished through his has been derived, chiefly, from negligence, required at his experience and observation, and hands, will be, in the highest will show its relation to yourdegree, dreadful.

Let such self, to your Creator, and to ministers tremble,“ lest, whilst your fellow-worshippers. they have preached to others, The importance of the subthey themselves should be castject may be inferred-From the away.

nature of your office : “ We Let the humble, zealous ser- will give ourselves continually vant of Christ, increase his ex- to prayer, and the ministry of ertions; and, by his study and the word,” Acts, vi. 4.-From persevering aim to exalt his the consideration, that ministers king, and to increase his do- are called to pray publicly, in minion, provoke others to ac- a great variety of circumtivity in this holy warfare. stances-From your religious The year may not close before character, as a dissenter. A HE, who has entrusted talents dissenter, as such, rejecting preto his use, may return and described liturgies, should be doumand an account of their im- bly careful to cultivate the gift provement. Then those ser- of prayer;—and, From the fact, vants who, through grace, have that some very eminent preachers been “ faithful unto death, will are remarkably deficient; as, on receive the crown of life.” the other hand, some, who exThey shall exchange their la- cel in praying, do not appear bour for eternal rest;the advantage when addressing their company of saints upon earth, fellow-creatures. for that of the “ spirits of the I shall begin with a few rejust made perfect in heaven; marks on what relates to your-and the afflictions of time for self. the glories of eternity.

1. Recollect that you appear, IOTA. not only as an official profes

sional man, but in the characExtract of a Letter to a young ter of a worshipper with your Minister,

fellow-worshippers ; in the chaRESPECTING PUBLIC PRAYER. racter of a sinner with fel


low-sinners. PRAYER is an address to 2. Prepare your heart to seek God, presented in the name of God. As you would not preach, the Mediator, on behalf of so neither should you pray, withourselves, or others; depreca-out preparation. I would not ting evils, and supplicating good be understood, however, to adthings; in dependence on the vise you to study words beforepromised aids of the Spirit, and hand, so much as things. Ho


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race's observation will apply assistance of the Spirit in prayer,
here, as well as to preaching : are highly worthy of attention.
" Verbaque provisam rem, non invita 5. A variety of thought and of

expression inay be happily suga "The matter being provided, the gested by a chapter, or a psalm, words will freely follow."

read before prayer; or, by récolSee, on this part of the subject, lecting what you have recently Job Orton's Letters to Dissent read in private. Wherever you are ing Ministers and Students; called to take the lead in public published by the late Mr. Pal-worship, you will find it useful mer, of Hackney.

to read, before sermon or be3. Be concerned to breathe fore prayer, a small portion of the spițit of a supplicant.- holy writ. Your preaching is When Abraham interceded for but a commentary; let the Sodom, he said, “ Behold, people always hear first the text now, I have taken upon me to itself. speak unto Jehovah, who am but Secondly, I proceed to nodust and ashes! Oh, let not Jetice a few things which relate hovah be angry, and I will to your Creator. speak .,.. Oh, let not Jehovah 1. Be very sparing (much be angry, and I will speak yet more than many preachers are) but this once.” Gen. xviii. of the name of God" the glo27, 30, 82.Jacob said, “I rious and fearful name" of the am not worthy of the least of great and terrible" God. We all the mercies, and of all the are all verily guilty of great irretruth, which thou hast shewed verence! Let us watch and unto thy servant, for, with my pray against this evil, in time to staff I passed over this Jordan, come. and now I am become two 2. If you compare


you bands.” Gen. xxxii. 10.-Ezra read in holy writ, with what said, “ O, my God, I am you hear in public prayers, you ashamed, and blush to lift up will see, perhaps, that we are my face to thee, my God.” all very defective in adoration. Ezra, ix. 6.

But scriptural views of the di4. Indulge the emotions of vine attributes are evidently your own mind at the time, adapted, at once, to humble and whether joyful or sorrowful to encourage our souls; and the You will, sometimes, expatiate language of adoration, borrowfreely in the language of con- ed from the recorded prayers of trition ; at other times, your holy men, will powerfully imheart may be enlarged with gra- press the minds of many, and titude, and you will naturally raise every deyout worshipper abound with praise and thanks from earth to the highest heagiving. Whatever be the frame vens! of your mind, remember that 3. Maintain a direct address Jesus is the great Intercessor, to the Deity. Labour hard to and that the Spirit also helpeth restrain and bind your vagrant our infirmities. Rom. vii. 16, thoughts. Do not suffer your Dr. Watts's remarks, on the self to be talking to the people,

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