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One of the most important cookbooks in my collection! I made the Mushroom pate, curried carrot dip and vegan lasagna for a big feast recently. A devoutly non-vegan friend stopped by, tried the 3 dishes and instantly bought the book on his phone because it all tasted so good! I have numerous requests to make the vegan lasagna for group events. The Cashew Ricotta is a staple in my house and is easy to use for more purposes than listed in the cookbook...which is an indicator of a good recipe. I hope you find the book as wonderful and recipes as delicious as I have.  

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-WARNING- If you are a picky critic, look up a lot of online recipes & are satisfied with your success, then please continue your habits & don't blow money & give this book a bad review; JUST BECAUSE IT WASN'T FREE. If you don't have time to prep & spend time in the kitchen, don't expect a quick and easy recipe that doesn't require a little sweat. Vegan meals can be time consuming... especially if you are making it for the first time. This book has easy recipes, but some challenging ones as well. Also, please save this book a bad review if your kids don't like the food. I've come to realize, from my own stubborn eating habits as a child; kids don't know what the hell they're talking about when it comes to food...... But if that's all you're cooking to please, I recommend a book with sweets & desserts. There taste buds change the older they get anyway.
If you enjoy cooking, or like me, learning to cook or experiment with recipes... This maybe your book.
I've recently went Vegan at the beginning of 2013 & found this book very useful. It's packed with a lot of fun recipes & a few ideas to alter those recipes. I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen, unlike some; & was looking for a book that would break down some of the basic Vegan meals for me. This book is more than that. It gives you some ideas to experiment with when making the meals & is filled with some complex recipes that don't need to be touched (but touch them anyway & make em fun). I'm learning a lot in the kitchen & have tried some of the more intimidating recipes, only to find they are not that hard once you get into it. Not a lot of pictures, but pictures are for kids. I don't worry too much about how it looks until I've found the flavor & texture i'm looking for... then get fancy & stuff. It's easy to follow, filled with highlighted tips, & who doesn't love a hard cover. I would recommend looking through the book at a local Barnes & Nobles (closest bookstore) or sample pages on Amazon before buying (Know what you're getting before you get pissed). Also, shop online because you may find a good price on it. I do wish there were a lot more recipes with Kale, but it's still a big book with plenty in it. I love the recipes for all the different sauces & love experimenting with them to create my own sauce. They give a basic & "Simple" Seitan recipe that i cant stop messing with.
If it doesn't work out the first time, give it a go another day before you give up. Gonna try the Black Bean Burgers this weekend & mess with the Potato & Kale Enchiladas w/ Roasted Chile Sauce. Can't wait. :)
I gave this book a 5star. Not because it has everything I ever wanted in a cookbook... Not because EVERYTHING taste amazing & I sleep with it at night... Not because the kids i don't have love it...... but because i knew what i was getting, I'm happy with what i got, & I use it at least once a week.
That's good enough for 5 stars in my opinion... But If you carry a library of cookbooks & this one has formed a bit of dust in the cabinet, you may have a different opinion.

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Very good book for at least semi-experienced (or brave) cooks. Some recipes are missing items from the ingredients list, but they are mentioned in the instructions (and vice-versa). Some steps (such as caramelizing onions in 15(1!) minutes, were plain wrong. Surprisingly, some recipes tend to be dry or bland or too salty, as if they created the recipe without tasting it; if you've cooked enough to know when something isn't coming together quite right then you'll be fine. The potato and kale enchiladas fall into this category - once I increased the spices and liquid it was quite tasty. These negatives are easy for experienced cooks to notice and I'm sure future prints will be corrected. I enjoyed the writing style in the section on how to prepare vegetables, but for practical purposes it was very disorganized and mostly useless for reference. A handful of recipes can be downright expensive to make so keep costs in mind when perusing the ingredients (five American dollars worth of pine nuts for one dish!).
Despite some shortcomings, Veganomicon offers many new and interesting dishes to try, and many have become household favorites. Hands-down best recipes include the Chickpea Cutlets, Eggplant Moussaka, and the Pumpkin Ziti. The cutlets are a great base that inspires many other dishes, and the Ziti quickly became number one on the comfort-food list. The Eggplant Moussaka blew all my guests away (even me!). Whether you love or hate seitan or eggplant or even broccoli, Veganomicon has a very wide reach across different cultures, ingredients, and seasons so there's something in it for everyone.
If you like to cook and have some experience then this is a perfect book for new and fresh ideas that are presented in a fun, lighthearted, and relatively simple way. There are some novice recipes for the hobbyist chef who can jump in and work on up to the harder ones!
You'll find it helpful to have access to a great supermarket with bulk ingredients such as nuts and spices- even with 36 spices in my rotation I occasionally had to go grab a tablespoon or two of things I didn't have.
Overall an excellent book that needs some finishing touches.

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got this book from my library when my family and I were on a Daniel's fast for 40 days. All the recipes we tried were awesome! Some of teh recipes I thought my children were not going to like but they actually even requested I make them after the fast. We are definitely not vegan but THIS cookbook I will definitely have to purchase because I'm considering switching to vegan lifestyle. Can't wait to try more recipes. My family especially loved the Chickpea Cutlets, black bean burgers, and the Quinoa salad with Mango and Black beans.They were so good. also loved the spicy peanut and eggplant stew. THere were more we tried but u definitely should at least check the book out from the library. 

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Best vegan cookbook ever. Helpful hints, delicious recipes, and the whole book is written in a hilarious sort of tone that makes reading recipes a fun activity in and of itself.

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This book was incredibly useful while learning how to cook at college. Not only is it laid out very well, but the recipes themselves are delicious and impressive. I've cooked for many friends and family members who are all amazed by the high quality (vegan) foods that I can make now. I also love the menu section at the end that suggests what dishes go best together and how to theme things. Our home-made chinese night was a big hit.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is learning how to cook or wants to get into more vegan foods.

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Fun, exciting recipes, no space wasted on telling you how morally superior the vegan lifestyle is, and a chatty, humorous style.
Be sure to try the Pumpkin Ziti With Carmelized Onions and Sage
Crumb Topping, the Chickpea Cutlets, Mac Daddy, the Chocolate Raspberry Cookies, and the Pistachio Rosewater Cookies.  

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Excellent cookbook great recipes well written easy to follow Read full review

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