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George Henry Falkiner Nuttall (1862-1937). Portrait in oils (1932) by Philip Alexius Laszlo de Lombos.


United States
Department of

No. 1438

George Henry Falkiner
Nuttall and the Nuttall
Tick Catalogue

By James E. Keirans

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office Washington, D.C. 20402

Keirans, James E. 1984. George Henry Falkiner Nuttall and the Nuttall tick catalogue. U.S. Department of AgriCulture Miscellaneous Publication Number 1438, 1785 pp.

During the first third of this century, Professor George H. F. Nuttall of Cambridge University amassed what, at that time, was the world's largest collection of ticks (Acari: Ixodoidea). He kept detailed records on all Ixodoidea he received, including a three-volume

handwritten catalogue. This publication presents a biography of G. H. F. Nuttall, his tick catalogue in its original and updated form, and four appendixes listing type specimens of tick species, species names of Ixodoidea, host names, and localities found in the catalogue.

KEYWORDS: Acari, biography, George Henry Falkiner Nuttall, Ixodoidea, ticks.

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