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And the hives, and the bones, and the pound, and the pig !

Let me dig,
And unbury myself if I can! Oh, dear me,

Let me see!
What did I begin with ? Poor Kitty: oh, ho!

Now I know.
'Twas you, Mrs. Jones, for you looked without pity

At Kitty,
As slie sits, “good as gold in a gutter," up there

In her chair
OF your basket: and quite conscientious, I'm sure,

And demure.
Just look at her now, with her head up in air

Without care,
Quite at ease, without knowledge of liberty taking,

Not quaking
Though you do look so cross! See! her eyes look as straight

Out at fate
As Papa says the Sphinx's, unmoved; nor to auglit

Gives a thought
Save to present sufficiency: all as sereno

As a queen
Unquestioned in all her domain ; though it's small,

Yet withal
Quite enough for the nonce. And she's singing her ditty,

So pretty,
That calmly-content undersong of “Purr-purra,

Like brook under brushwood, like wind in the trees,

Like the seas
On the long level shore in the night. Mrs. Jones !

Mrs. Jones!!
Now ain't you ashamed to be cross? Can you say

Any day,
Any how, any where, that in country or city

Is a kitty,
In person so pretty, in ditty so witty-


Self-Help. T appears, from the calculations of Mr. bacco cannot be less than £60,000,000, of which

Greg and Mr. Baxter, that the aggregate two-thirds, or £40,000,000 must be deemed to

income of the working classes in this be excessive—that is, extravagant and noxious. country may be taken at about £300,000,000. But, in order to be indisputably within the Mr. Smiles estimates, on pretty sure data, the mark, let us assume it to be only thirty expenditure of those classes in drink and to. millions. It thus appears that the working classes spend ten per cent. of their earnings well know, by thousands who yet find them. in needless outlay in these articles alone. selves practically forced to pay it. Another ten per cent. is lost to them by The total result, then, is this,-and it would the unsound condition of the retail system seem impossible to question its accuracy,which supplies their weekly consumption. that, at least as regards the manufacturing It appears, moreover, that a proportion of and artisan class—the skilled or half-skilled their means,-certainly not less than five labourers of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, per cent., and probably much nearer ten,- Staffordshire, Northumberland, Durham, is wasted by mere unthrift, that is, by un. South Wales, and the metropolis, they might skilled or careless marketing, housekeeping, easily, beneficially, by the directest means and cooking. Finally, in the case of a large and in conformity to the soundest rules, re. section of them, another voluntary and most duce their expenditure, and so virtually in. unprofitable mulct is levied upon them in crease their wages by THIRTY PER CENT.—an the shape of contributions to trades unions increase of six shillings to every pound.”. and strikes-a tax secretly resented, as we The Quarterly.


The Pentecostal Presence.


" LYRA EVANGELICA." "Lo, I am with you alway."--St. Matt. xxviii. 20. “Me ye have not always."'--St. Matt. xxvi. 11. VO, I am with you always," ye with 'Tis not the Presence that the hands can Me;

feel, Yet, “Me ye have not always," Nor what the eye can realise or see ; saith my Lord :

That Presence has gone up to Heaven, until Thus ever absent, and yet present, He- He comes again, to reign all-gloriously. What mean these contradictions of His

'Twere not enough to know that He is Word ?

here, In Body there, ascended up to Heaven, ,

Or that He always in the world abides; Gone up on high along the heav'nward I want to know that He is everywhere, road;

In every heart, and yet in mine besides In Spirit here, as by the Spirit given,

The living spirit all the members own; The Pentecostal Presence of our God.

The loving spirit binds all homely ties; The body and its members all are one- The loyal spirit makes a kingdom one

Not by compulsion of external force, Unseen, indeed, but felt realities. But by the life, the spirit, which alone Such is the Presence of our loving Lord; Of that communion is the living source.

Yea, such the Presence in His promise The bond of Home, however far we rove,

Unseen, but felt, keeps all in unity; There are no contradictions of His Word :
The inward spirit of the home-born love On earth His Spirit, and His Flesh in
Unites us all in one, invisibly.

“Until He come”-His Body is not here:

Gone on before-ascended, but not lost,
He sent the Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

The Gift-the blessed Gift-of Pentecost.

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The Young Folks' Page.

FRENCH schoolmaster, M. Renon, of destroying the worms and insects that eat
St. Césaire, has drawn up the follow- up the crops.

ing resolutions for his pupils to sign. In England there is still a great want of “1. None of us during this year will either knowledge on this subject. There are in seek to discover birds' nests, or to destroy some districts sparrow.clubs, and prizes are young birds, in whatever place soever they given to those who destroy the greatest may be, and under no matter what pretext. number of the birds.

2. None of us will pursue any birds after Let us hope that all English boys and quitting their nests."

girls will resolve to be kind and humane to Now, as all people in France, old as well as the dear little songsters who make the woods young, have been thoughtlessly and cruelly vocal with their sweet notes, and whose in the habit of destroying small birds, this innocent little lives are passed in helping the determination to forsake such an evil practice farmer and gardener to preserve the kindly is worthy of all commendation.

It seems fruits of the earth so that in due time we that until lately they did not know that the may enjoy them.”The Humanity Series. birds were of the very greatest service in By the Rev. F. O. MORRIS.

N interesting case in Dean Champneys' | the church lighted up, he went in.

. Although Facts and Fragments" shows the many years had passed away, he knew the

benefit of attending services for the preacher's voice and recognised his face. “In young. A youth of an inquiring mind was an instant he was a boy again. His mother present at one of these services. No marked was before him. His school, his teacher, his impression was apparently made. The youth happy Sunday, the sermon to the young." grew into a man; studied the works of na- The lessons of his childhood rose to his mind ture, and was well acquainted with the natural with power; he resolved to open the old sciences; but, from the things made, he had Book, and to go to God who caused it to be not been led to Him that made them, and was written. The prayers of his mother, stored a stranger to that power which melts, softens, up and reserved, were heard, and he became and subdues the spirit. He was unhappy, a humble and trusting Christian. dissatisfied, and driven about by every wind seeming forgotten past can be made the of error.

-teacher and corrector of the erring present, He heard that an old acquaintance was in and the parent of a joyful future.” the neighbourhood one Sunday. On seeing

66 The

The Bible Mine Searched. NSWERS are not to be sent to the Editor, 4. Is hatred ever cnjoined in Scripture ? and in but will appear in each succeeding month. what sense?

5. What prophet was saved from death through SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS.

the prediction of another prophet?

6. Why did Philip go to Cæsarea when the BY THE REV. ROWLEY HILL, M.A., VICAR OF SHEFFIELD.

Spirit withdrew him from the Eunuch ? 1. What two men declared that they would cling to God: the one though he lost his life, the

ANSWERS (See April No.). other his property ?

1. Luke x. 16. 2. What ground had Elijah for praying to God 2. Judges i. 16. that it might not rain, and for telling the king 3. 2 Chron. xxxiii. 13; 2 Kings xxiv. 4. that it should not rain ?

4. Luke iv. 22; John vii. 45. 3. Where is the doctrine of justification by faith 5. Jude 1; Heb. ii. 11; Rom. xv. 16. explained in one verse ?

6. John i. 48; Matt. xviii. 20.

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