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Sir Reasons why working

Working Men should Rest

on Sunday. 1. ECAUSE God gave

works on all days alike, he gets weaker the Sabbath to be a than when he rests for one day in seven. Day of Rest; and What, by working on Sundays, he gains what the Divine Law in time, he loses in power.

He will not secured for the Jew, then do more work in the year, though he the Gospel confirms work on all days alike, than he would do to us,

with still did he rest for one day a week. And the higher blessings.

master can only pay for the work that is 2. Because, by working on Sunday, done. If no more work is done, no more the working-man would deprive himself work can be paid for. So that, did Englishof the time God has given and blessed, not men lose their weekly rest-days, the time only for Rest, but that he may prepare for would soon come when they would work a happy eternity.

on all days in the year, and yet get no more 3. Because the body is like a seven-day money for their work than they get now. clock, and on every seventh day needs, by He therefore who works on Sundays, is resting, to be wound up. But, by work- helping to bring this about, and thus ing on without rest, a working-man strains sinning against his brother workmen. his body, and wears it out before the time. 6. Because, by working on Sunday, He will become old too soon; and the body unless the work is called for by necessity •may want to rest earlier in the grave to or mercy—the working-man is driving a make


for the Sabbath rest it has lost. very bad bargain. 4. Because, if the working-man is a Is he on Sundays sailing his boat on a father, by working on Sunday he loses a cànal or river? Is it not a bad bargain to blessed opportunity of Home influence and lose his Sabbaths and their privileges that happiness. Unless ill or out of work, per- the iron, or cotton, or coal, or goods, may haps he never spends a day with his family reach the wharf some hours sooner? There at home. His children see but little of him; is no necessity that he should be sacrificed the wife, too, is left to do all—to bear the in order that these goods may now be forburden alone. Soon the children will be


But there is a necessity that grown up and gone. Our Heavenly Father these goods should now remain where they meant that while the earthly father works are, in order that he may worship God for them for six days, he might rest and and enjoy his Sundays. There are combe happy with them on the Day of Days. panies who never sail their boats on Sun

5. Because, by working on the Sunday, day; and they say as much can be carried the working-man must injure his brother in a year when horses as well as men rest working-men. He is tempting masters to one day in seven, as can be carried in a employ their men on the Sunday, when- year by their working on all days alike. ever they think the work will pay. He is No boat travels on any canal in Scotland saying by his example, "I think this is

on Sunday. Yet Scotland can sell its fair and right.”

cotton, iron, and other goods at as cheap But it can be proved that a man, in the a rate as we do in England. In one long run, can do as much work in a year county of England, more than thirty owners when he rests on Sundays as he could do of canal boats have signed an agreement if he worked on all days alike. When he not to run their boats on Sunday. It is



to be hoped that the larger proprietors will proof, “any gentleman may come and follow their example. Encourage them, refer to our accounts." But even if it then. Let them not think that workmen were not so, and the worst came to the wish them to employ them on the Lord's-worst, the price of the article would but day.

be raised a little, if there was a slight loss Or is he working on Sunday in ironby stopping from Saturday to Monday. works, or in chemical works ? Men can And if all were to agree, all might close. be found, in various parts of England and And better would it be for the country to Scotland, who in these trades never work pay a fraction more for its chemicals, than on Sundays, and yet they thrive. There for thousands of men to be deprived of are in Great Britain about nine hundred their Sundays, of their bodily rest, their iron-furnaces at work: of these about two home enjoyments, and their religious privihundred now are stopped on Sunday. An leges.

. ironmaster said, when speaking before a God has given the Day to all. It is a Select Committee of the House of Lords, precious gift ; good for the masters, and “We have made more iron since we stopped good for the men. Let us then do what on Sundays than we did before.And he

we can, especially by our example, to further says, that “Workmen labouring lessen labour on this Day of Days; and so for six days, with one day of rest, make secure for others what we enjoy ourselves more iron than if they worked incessantly -a happy Sunday. without a day of rest.” He adds that, in

C. B.

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The Young Folks' Page.
LABOURING man in Banffshire, Very few years elapsed ere the farm labourer
Scotland, sent his little son to work was transformed by his own earnest work

with a farmer, who employed him in into a sound practical philosopher. keeping sheep. This little fellow had the He laboured on, and carved his way to spirit of work in him so strong that he could wealth and to fame, both of which he worthily not be idle without misery. At home he had won and wisely enjoyed. He published taught himself to read by hearing his father numerous works on various subjects, and teach an elder brother, and before he was nine contributed more to the diffusion of astrono. years old had manufactured model watermills mical science among the people perhaps than and a wooden clock. When out with the

any writer before or after him, having also sheep, having no books but the bare hills and mastered the study of mathematics as few the sky, he took to studying the stars, with but professors do master it. If you would which he made himself so well acquainted as understand the principles of Sir Isaac New. to astonish all who knew him.

ton's philosophy, you cannot do better than A gentleman, out of kindness, taught him a have recourse to the " Popular Explanation little arithmetic, and lent him books. From of Newton's Theory,” which is the work of reading one of these, guided by the descrip- James Ferguson, once a farm labourer on the tion alone, he actually made a globe suf- moors of Scotland. ficiently accurate for the working of problems. “In all labour there is profit.”

GIGHT hard against a hasty temper. fit of passion may give you cause to mourn

Anger will come, but resist it stoutly. all the days of your life.
A spark will set a house on fire. A

XI. THE CAMEL'S NOSE. SHE Arabs have a fable to this effect. to be inconvenienced by the ungainly com.

A miller was one day startled by a panion he had admitted, in a room certainly

camel's nose thrust through the win- not large enough for both. dow of the room where he was sleeping.

“If you are inconvenienced, you may leave,” "It is very cold outside,” said the camel; said the camel; "as for myself, I shall stay "I only want to get my nose in.”

where I am." The nose was let in, then the neck, finally Even so when sin is let in as a suppliant it the whole body. Presently the miller began remains in as a tyrant.

XII. TRIFLES. GENTLEMAN engaged an artist to “But I see nothing done since my last visit.” execute a piece of sculpture for him. “Why," answered the artist, “I have

Visiting his studio after an absence brought out this muscle; have modified of several weeks, it seemed to him that the this part of the dress; I have slightly changed artist had made little progress.

the expression of the lip." “What have you been doivg ?" asked the “But these are trifles," said the gentleman. gentleman of the artist.

True, sir,” replied the artist; “ but perfec“Working on this figure."

tion is made up of trifles.”

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XIII. LET ME PRAY FIRST. N intelligent little girl was passing time came, and the surgeon had taken out

quietly through the streets of a certain his instruments, she lay in her father's arms,

town, a short time since, when she and he asked her if she was ready. came to a spot where several boys were “No, papa; not yet,” she replied. amusing themselves by the very dangerous “What do you wish us to wait for, my practice of throwing stones. Not observing child ?her, one of the boys, by accident, threw a “I want to kneel in your lap, and pray to stone toward her, and struck her a cruel blow God first,” she answered. And then kneel.

ing, she prayed a few moments, and afterward She was carried home in great agony. The submitted to the operation with the patience surgeon was sent for, and a very painful of a woman. operation was declared necessary. When the

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in the eye.

The Bible Mine Searched. NSWERS are not to be sent to the Editor, 4. Under what circumstances did God probut will appear in each succeeding month. nounce the first curse against man?

5. Shall the length of man's natural life ever

be restored as it was at the Fall ? SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS.

6. In what remarkable way did Christ show that BY THE REV. ROWLEY HILL, M.A., VICAR OF SHEFFIELD. the Old Testament taught the doctrine of the

resurrection? 1. At what place did St. Paul quote some words of our Lord which are not recorded in the Gospels;

ANSWERS (See June No.). and what were the words ?

1. Eph. i. 4; Matt. xxv. 34; 2 Tim. i. 9. 2. Why do you suppose that Naaman made 2. Acts iv. 36; Col. iv. 10. request for two mules' burden of earth ?

3. Luke ix. 31. 3. There is a passage from the Old Testament 4. Acts xyiii. 26. quoted three times in the New to prove three 5. 2 Kings xiü. 21. different truths-what is it?

6. Lev. xyii. 10; John vi. 53, 54.

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