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Shall \ Draw your Portrait ?
AM a little artist

How can I draw a portrait
With my pencil in my hand,


and sunshine comes ? And I want to draw your portrait, Dark looks and frowning faces And make a picture grand.

Make sad and dreary homes. But I must have faces smiling,

Sweet smiles and gentle kindness Hair neatly combed and dressed,

With beauty best agree :
Or vain will be my toiling,

Then I can draw a portrait
To show


That all will like to see.




The Young Folks' Page. “LOOK UP:" A FLOWER FABLE. “ Oh, yes,” thought she, “I shall not be wish I could of some use," said a

forsaken. I too will look up, even as the newly-opened daisy, which grew in a

daisy.” So with a bright smile she gathered pleasant field, “but I am so small I

the tiny flower, and sang, wonder why I was made.” The little flower

“He who careth for the flowers, looked timidly around, and as a soft wind

Will much more care for me." played over the field waving the long grass, it kissed the little daisy, and said, "God has

A CURE FOR BAD TEMPER. made nothing in vain; only look up." As the trembling flower raised its head, a

HEN Robert Hall was a boy he had bright sunbeam glanced by and dried the

a very passionate temper. He knew tear-drop that dimmed its eye.

The daisy

that he ought to try and conquer felt grateful, and looked up with a smile. it, so he resolved that whenever he felt his

Just then a little girl was passing; and she temper rising he would run away to another sank down wearily on the grass, close by the room, and, kneeling down, would use this daisy, and wept; for sorrow had darkened short prayer, “O Lamb of God, calm my her home, and her spirits were cast down. mind." So completely was he enabled by Presently she raised her head and caught the help of God to overcome this sin, that he sight of the daisy at her feet; and, as she grew up to be a man of remarkably gentle gazed at its simple beauty, she thought of temper.

temper. He was an earnest and devoted some words she had once learned: “If God servant of God, and for many years faithfully so clothe the grass of the field,” etc.

preached the Gospel of Christ


The Bible Mine Searched.
NSWERS are not to be sent to the Editor, 6. Where did Paul preach till midnight?
but will appear in each succeeding month.

ANSWERS (see October No.) 1. Who did the Jews say “ought not to live 1. Stephen and Ananias. Acts vii. 52, 59 ; xxii. any longer”?

12, 14. 2. Job. Job ix. 1, 2. 3. Saul, king of 2. Who said that Christ was set for a sign that Israel. 1 Sam. xx. 30–33. 4. Abraham and should be spoken against ?

Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah. 3. Where is our Lord called “ the son of Abra- the cave of Machpelah, at Hebron. Gen. xxiii. 19; ham" ?

xxv. 8, 9; xxxv. 29; xlix. 28–32; 1. 12, 13. 5. 4. What city is called "the golden city?

At Cæsarea. Acts x. 1, 24-29, 34-48. 6. At 5. Who is said to have been “full of the Holy Rome. Acts xxviii. 16, 30, 31. Ghost, and of faith”?

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