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see what we could not see before; for, as it smell and the fresh oil and all the goodis said in the Bible," that which maketh ness of the coffee-berry. It is the business manifest is light.” The mother sees her of two of the lowest maid-servants, in a way to get her husband's supper ready, great Eastern house, to grind the wheat. and when they have had it, to work a little, They sit to grind on the ground with the if she is a tidy notable woman, at mending millstones between them: the lower one Jem's trousers which he has torn in climb. fixed, the upper being pushed round and ing up a tree,- for boys and goats will round, by pegs fastened in it, from one of climb,—or darning the stockings through the servants to the other. So also there which some forward toes have come that is a candle as well as a millstone in every are not contented to stop quietly at home, house. When, therefore, God's angel forebut are determined to make their way out tells the utter destruction of Babylon and look about upon the world. That (Revelation xviii. 23), he says, “The candle gives light enough to enable little sound of the millstone shall be heard no quiet Henry and Jane to learn what they more at all in thee; and the light of a have got to learn by heart for school to- candle shall shine no more at all in thee."

That one candle might look Those two things which every house needs down with pleasure on a great deal that is shall not be found there. good and pleasant in that cottage, and, if You would think it a very strange it could feel such things, might well be thing, when one of your children had pleased also that the light which it gives | lighted the candle, to see her take a bushel, makes those there to do what they are turn it upside down on the table, and put doing: for they could not do it without the candle under it: for you want it that him.

you may see by it. I well remember once going into the What is a candle ? It is made up of a country from Whitechapel to a small

twisted strip of cotton which we call the cottage for country air and rest. The wick; and this is dipped over and over again first night we were there, our friends had in a quantity of melted fat or tallow, and laid in what we wanted for our need after when this has dried we have a candle. our journey, but they or we had forgotten We light the wick, the flame melts the fat to order candles. It was simply laughable near and round it, draws it up, and so to hear what was said by those who could keeps the flame burning as long as the not see what they were eating; and though wick is fed, and then it dies out. we managed to feel our way to our mouths, Every true Christian is a candle. God we learnt that it is better to see it, and has lighted him. He loves God as his own one candle would have enabled us to do kind, forgiving, and forbearing Father. that.

That He is kind to him, every night's In Eastern countries there are two sleep, every day's health, every meal he things which are found in every house— eats, every breath he draws, proves. That a millstone and a candle : for every one He is a forgiving Father, he knows well; for wants bread and light. They could not he knows that he has committed many sins, have bread without flour, nor flour unless and still falls often into faults; yet, for His the wheat is ground; so they grind the Saviour's sake, God has forgiven and still wheat every day to make the daily bread, as, forgives and bears with him. This love in some other countries of the East, they to God is a flame that burns within his always grind or pound the coffee fresh and own heart, and makes the man shine and fresh, so that they get out the pleasant give out light, within his own house first,

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and then wherever else he may be. He single candle placed on the floor of our must give light because he has it. It is beautiful cathedral when there was no not a matter of choice with the candle other light there; and the rays from it whether it will shine, neither is it with showed the groined roof, the carved bosses, a true Christian,--he must. The traly the vast windows, the pillars and arches Christian father or mother cannot but of the nave, the screen of the choir, the give light to all that are in the house. transept, and threw its light over to the Their children must see it first, and their Lord's table in the choir. Our Bishop neighbours next; and the good man's pointed this out to me, and we thought of cottage, as angel eyes see it, glitters with what Shakspeare wrote,- as true a light from God, amidst the dark

"How far the little candle throws its beams; ness of this evil world, as it does to the

So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” traveller's eye as he passes by it in the dark night, and sees the candle like a tiny Yes; such a man as he was who died with star shining in the window. Our hearts, his twenty-one companions in the Pelsall

. like the candle-wick, need to be continually mine; such men as many of those were fed with grace, that the flame of love and who laboured so nobly and so unweariedly the light of goodness may not go out; and to rescue them, are “candles of the Lord,”

” He who lighted us at the first will give which “ let their light so shine before men, us a continual " supply of the Spirit of that (while) they see their good works Jesus Christ,” if we only ask Him.

they glorify their Father who is in heaven.”' The humblest Christian has no more Hear then what your candle says from notion HOW FAR his light will reach than his pulpit—the candlestick—for hepreaches the smallest candle has. I llave seen a well if we will only hear him.


England's Workshops.

are by no means astonishing. The annual STATEMENT was recently

earnings of a factory hand are stated to be published, to the effect that

about £70, and of a common labourer or

domestic servant about £65. the average earnings of

This sounds high, according to English every man, woman, and child in the United States

ideas, but as the cost of living in America is reached 800 dollars, or

considerably higher than here, the value of about £160 a year, thus

wages ought to be estimated accordingly.

Under these circumstances the English sergiving to every family

vant or labourer seems to be at no disadvanof five persons an average annual income of £800. This seemed too magnificent to be

tage compared with the American. In the true; and more accurate statistics have, as

statistics quoted, "agriculturists, persons might be expected, reduced the estimate very

engaged in the railway service and fisheries, considerably.

in cotton, woollen, and leather manufactures, Averages of this kind are necessarily mis

and in the production of iron,” are classed leading, by distributing the large fortunes of together, and their daily pay put down at the few among the many. Intending emi

about 6s. for 300 days in the year.—Globe. grants who are dazzled by the notion of an

average” family income of £800 a year, will certainly find it more profitable to learn Bees are geometricians. Their cells are that incomes on the wrong side of the average so constructed as, with the least quantity of



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material, to have the largest-sized spaces and make mushrooms upon which they feed their least possible loss of interstice. So, also, is young. Wasps are paper manufacturers. the ant-lion. His funnel-shaped trap is ex- Caterpillars are silk spinners. The bird actly correct in its conformation, as if it had Ploceus Textor is a weaver; he weaves a web been made by the most skilful artist of our to make his nest. The Primia is a tailor; he species, with the aid of the best instruments. sews the leaves together to make his nest. The mole is a meteorologist. The bird called The squirrel is a ferryman; with a chip or the nine-killer is an arithmetician; so also is piece of bark for a boat and his tail for a sail, the crow, the wild turkey, and some other he crosses a stream. birds. The torpedo, the ray, and the electric Dogs, wolves, jackals, and many others, are eel are electricians. The nautilus is a navi. hunters. The black bear and heron are fishergator. He raises and lowers his sail, casts and

The ants have regular day labourers. weighs anchor, and performs other nautical The monkey is a rope dancer. The associaevolutions.

tion of beavers presents us with a model of Whole tribes of birds are musicians. The republicanism. The bees live under a monbeaver is an architect, builder, and woodcutter archy. The Indian antelopes furnish an ex-he cuts down trees and erects houses and ample of a patriarchal government. dams. The marmot is a civil engineer; he Elephants exhibit an aristocracy of elders. not only builds houses, but constructs aque- Wild horses are said to select their leaders. ducts and drains to keep them dry. The white Sheep, in a wild state, are under the control auts maintain a regular army of soldiers. of a military chief ram. The East India ants are horticulturists; they


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The Young Folks' Page.
YOUNG English lady was sent to as much as his life was worth to leave his
France to be educated in a Protestant post and fetch it himself.

school. A few evenings before the The English lady, though ridiculed by her 24th of August, 1572 (the massacre of St. companions, went and procured him some Bartholomew), she was taking a walk with water, which he drank. He begged her to some friends in a part of the town where tell him her name, and where she lived. there were sentinels placed. One of the On the night of the massacre he contrived soldiers, as they passed him, earnestly to save her life, while all the other inhabitants begged them to bring him a little water, of the house were killed ! saying he was very ill, and that it would be

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The Bible Mine Searched.
NSWERS are not to be sent to the Editor, 6. What Benjamite entered the capital of Syria
.but will appear in each succeeding month. blind, but left it seeing ?


Give instances of the fulfilment of Bible 1. Where did the Jews worship the “ Host of

promises to individuals. Heaven?" 2. Who was buried in the city called after him?

ANSWERS (See January No,) 3. What two noted priests were natives of 1. Tit. i. 2. Anathoth?

2. Deut. viii. 3 and Heb. v. 8. 4. Who was told that he should die the day that 3. Heb. xiii. 15, 16. he passed over the brook Kidron ?

4. 1 Sam. xvi. 13, with xviii. 12. 5. Who asked the prayers of one, for attempting 5. Gen. xvii. 18, 19. to seize whom he had just becn scized ?

6. Mark xiii. 32 ; Rev. i. 1.

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