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Lent and Easter Thoughts,



Fill my


Through this look, Peter bethought himREPENTANCE.

self; his spirit returned, and his heart was “ And Peter went out, and wept

softened. Clouds arose in his eyes which bitterly."-St. Luke xxii. 62.

broke forth in torrents of tears. Jesus ETER quickly fell; but he spoke by a look, and Peter answered in was as quickly penitent. tears. Scarcely had he arrived at I see Peter weep; how can I refrain ? the knowledge of his sin,

Peter was a sinner; so am I. Peter denied when he was overcome with Jesus; so do I. Peter weeps ; I weep with sorrow on account of it; him. Oh, look on my tears, thou comhe “ went out."

passionate Saviour !

Turn Thine eyes What need had he any longer to remain towards me, and look on me, as Thou in the place of danger he had so badly didst look on Peter, and be merciful unto filled ? The ground appeared to burn be- Oh, let me go out with him for ever neath his feet; he was compelled to go out. from all the dwellings of sin. Which way he should bend his steps, his eyes with tears of repentance, for so often agonized mind had no time to ask. But

But wounding Thee. Wipe them away, as he felt it was better to go out into the wide Thou didst from the eyes of that brokenworld than to remain in the palace of his hearted disciple, and say to me, " Thy sins offence, before the face of Jesus.

are forgiven thee.” He "wept bitterly." His heart would

II. have broken without such a relief. Tears relieve sorrow, especially when shed for

GOOD FRIDAY. sin. Peter was lost in the consciousness “ Because we thus judge, that if one died for all, of his great guilt; he had never before so

then were all dead.”--2 Cor. v. 14. deeply fallen, nor felt so miserable. When In Germany this day is called Quiet or a sinner sheds such tears, it makes joy in Silent Friday ; because all was hushed and heaven.

quiet on this day, and we were set free. What awakened in Peter these tears of It is well named Free day, for it is the day repentance ? The crowing of the cock, of liberty, and consequently a day of highwhich brought the words of Jesus to his est joy; because on it we were redeemed remembrance, “Before the cock crow, thou and purchased from the dominion and shalt deny Me thrice ;” the look of his power of our enemies, and made truly free. Master: “And the Lord turned, and looked It is also a sorrowful day; for it is the one upon Peter."

on which our Lord suffered and died; but Oh, what a compassionate High Priest ! it tells us that we were not redeemed Ask thyself, my soul, what thou wouldst with corruptible things, as silver and gold, have said to Peter. You would have told but with the precious blood of Christ, him such faithlessness rendered him un- as of a lamb without blemish and without worthy of your friendship. But Jesus spot.” Where was sorrow like unto His looked on him again.

The sinner now

sorrow? Only Divine nature could feel needs this gracious look, and Christ " will as He did. Where was a heart like unto not quench the smoking flax, nor break His heart, that was touched with the feeling the bruised reed."

of our infirmities?

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Therefore, this is a true Good Friday, a This is the Church's great festive day; day of Atonement and Grace; a day that all devout-hearts and lips unite, as with preaches to us impressively the extent of one voice, in singing the song of exultaour guilt and sin, and the endless mercy of tion, " The Lord is risen!”

Good Friday our Lord. This is a gracious and recon- was the day of humiliation; but this is the ciliation day; the sufferings of Jesus have day of victory. If the Lord had remained healed our sins: His sorrows have been in the grave, He would not have been the the cause of our joy; His death of our life. perfect Saviour! He said, “The third day The Cross is our tree of life. Because “One I shall rise again." He engaged to overdied for all, then were all dead.”

come death and hell, that His people might This day is called Silent Friday : be- overcome them likewise. But hell and cause there was storm, and it became death laid Him in the dust, and with their calm; there was war, and it became peace; bands He was smitten. God chose to it was hell, and it became heaven. No deliver His people by a Substitute; and shadowed sun stands nov ver Golgotha's was pleased to accept its sufficiency. God Cross. The air which is wafted from that be praised! Christ did arise, and by His hallowed spot is fatal to our old man. We

Resurrection gave proof that He was the have no more debts to pay; they were all Son of God. He triumphs over death, and cancelled on the Cross. O Lamb of God, buries the last doubt of His Godhead in Thou who hast borne the world's sin, make this Good Friday, and all Good Fridays, It is written in large letters, in that days of grace to us!

Book which contains His history, " This is the true God, and Eternal Life.”

henceforth can take Him from us. Our EASTER JOY.

hope is in one whose word is sure; on this

word we can build strong towers, Christ "The Lord is risen indeed."-St. Luke xxiv. 34.

Himself being the foundation. The SaAfter sorrow comes joy.

After deep

viour has not only risen from the dead, but sorrow comes great joy. Ascend, ye flames, He will appear to us again with power and kindled from Easter's living altar, until great glory. Through His Resurrection, the heavens are red and the earth becomes we shall rise again, and by it we now bright! Strike out your praises, ye joyous stand complete in Him. Let us hold our bells, until the whole earth, her mountains Immanuel fast; and may we who are His and her valleys, her hills and her plaing, temple rest our hopes on Him who is the echo with the sound !

Light of it.

the grave.

No man


The Story of Grace Darling.

times they even curl up as if to lap.the vivid a picture rises be- friendly light itself, and, drinking, quench fore us at the very sound the lustre for ever! Beyond, among the of that singularly expres- black waters, moves a speck, heaving and sive name!

disappearing in every fresh struggle with the We can fancy a lone fearful element. And alone upon the island

lighthouse, dropped, as it of the lighthouse, a young girl of delicate were, into the very midst of the sea. The form, and strange intelligent countenance, waves toss and wrangle around it, and at wanders to and fro, clasping her little hands,


GRACE DARLING. She holds no parley with unmanly fears

Faces a thousand dangers at its call. Where duty bids she confidently steers ;

And, trusting to her God, surmounts them all."


forth upon



and murmuring prayers for the safety of the It was the fall of the year 1838. September hapless mariners; whilst her father hastens had arrived, and the evenings were growing to their assistance; and her mother, gazing dark and chilly, when the Forfarshire, a steam from the windows above, watches him, vessel of small size, but containing a conthrough her tears and the ever-blinding siderable cargo, with passengers and crew to spray, go

the merciful and perilous the number of between sixty and seventy errand!

persons, set sail for Dundee from the port of Later on.

The child has grown into a Hull.
Still goes the father on his work of

For a short distance all went well, but it mercy, to succour the shipwrecked sailor, and afterwards became apparent to the passengers rescue the half-drowned passenger from the that something was wrong, as the vessel hungry waves that threaten every moment to

neared Flamborough Head. The crew moved engulf himself; but a female form gazes with uneasily about, the captain's countenance straining eyes upon those frightful billows,

wore a decided shade of anxiety, and those of watching the rowers as with marvellous

the travellers soon reflected it in greater or dexterity they surmount each wave, cheering

less degree when it became whispered that a onward with earnest hopeful voice, when leakage had been discovered in one of the strength and courage flag. Whenever dan.

boilers, and the constant use of the pumps ger threatens, whenever others shrink aside

was necessary to prevent the deck from be. -in the tempest, and lighted by the thunder

coming inundated with water. flash, wave the tresses of the ocean-nurtured

So considerably was the progress of the maiden, damp with the salt foam.

vessel hindered, that it was the evening of Those who have visited the coast of North.

the following day before she entered the umberland will remember the group of is- narrow channel between the shore and the lands called the Farne or Fern, upon one of

Farne Islands, and passed into the bay of which the lighthouse, called the Longstone, Berwick.

It was

ght o'clock, the wind is situatod. Nothing more desolate can well threatened a tempest, and the waves already be imagined. Like the Eddystone, it is so tossed the hapless bark upon their snowy placed that weeks will sometimes elapse with

crests. out an opportunity of reaching it from the

From this period up to ten o'clock, the shore, whilst even those accustomed to the

scene upon the deck of the Forfarshire can jarring warfare of the elements around the hardly be described. Friend gazed upon lone and unprotected spot, tremble, despite all friend with pale and quivering features; halftheir courage, to realize its perilous position. formed words escaped, as if from the ebbing

What an abode for the early years of a bosom of hope; hand sought hand for supchild, and that child a girl! Yet here the port, and even rough sailors lifted glances of infancy, nay, the greater part of Grace's short

silent inquiry to each other's faces, as the fog life, was passed. Her books were the shift- gradually surrounded them, and shut out all ing clouds and the capricious billows; her but the melancholy scene on board. The pleasures the search for strange ocean-shells leak had now completely set at defiance the and many-tinted seaweeds; her companions, power of the pumps, the engines were usethe screaming sea-fowl and the melancholy less, and, in a fearfully short period, it becurlew. Around the fire at night, while the came evident that all control over the vessel waves sounded a rough lullaby, the father was gone. would relate stories of tempests which had All the time the rain beat upon the un. driven many a gallant vessel against the happy beings who crowded the deck, and treacherous rocks. Grace would listen with strained their anxious eyes to discover some wild beating heart, or retire to weep in silent object in the dense mist which enveloped corners over the fate of gallant crews, bat- them. Too soon it came. A wild burst tling for life more madly at every struggle, from a dozen whitened lips, as suddenly the until, one by one, they sank to rise no more. lights of the Farne Islands became visible,

So the child grew up to woman's estate. and the captain called out loudly, for their


lives, to avoid the breakers, by running the mistily over the lighthouse of the Longstone. vessel into the channel between the rocks Grace, who had passed a night of no ordinary and the mainland. The sea, however, had inquietude, rose early, and with her eyes to the mastery; wildly its billows surged up the the glass, sought anxiously to discover some sides of the frail timbers; and at length tokens of the disaster her heart had predicted looming horribly above the bows, there ap- during the silent hours. She uttered a cry peared a massive rock descending at least a of horror, which was echoed by her parents, hundred fathoms deep, so frightfully rugged, as the remains of the shattered vessel met that those who knew the spot closed their her sight, lying about a mile off; while plainly eyes with a sinking feeling of despair.

distinguishable between the rapidly-flowing There was a moment's pause, a dead surges, might be observed human forms silence !—the next the vessel struck heavily, clinging to the broken timbers, which seemed and the shock brought upon deck those who as if each succeeding wave must sweep them had hitherto remained unconscious of their

away for ever! danger, and who now rushed frantically here Grace, her father, and mother, were the and there—some bent on finding a friend or only persons at present in the lighthouse. relative, as if to lose in companionship some The hearts of all sank. What could they do of the horrors of the moment; some in search alone, those three, while the waves were runof means of escape ; all scarcely hoping, but ning mountains ? Even could they reach the yet anxious, to take advantage of any mode wreck, how return without further assistance, of preservation.

which would be necessary on account of the While the captain, whose wife clung wildly state of the tide ? The poor girl turned for to him, imploring him not to forsake her, comfort to her father's countenance. He gave hurried orders no one cared to obey, the shook his head sadly, but made no reply. sailors lowered one of the boats, and scarcely Up to this time, Grace had never accomhad it touched the water, than it was occupied panied her father upon any of his humane to overflowing. The boiling surges now

enterprises. Others had always been at swept over the decks, and a mighty wave with hand, nor had further duty devolved upon fearful violence completely lifted the vessel, her, than that of warning them when danger which fell again with a crashing noise upon

or distress were at hand, and receiving the the sharp edge, parting the next instant sufferers who from time to time arrived to exactly in the midst. One portion, contain- claim the Longstone's friendly shelter. She ing the cabin, with its occupants, those on knew how to handle an oar, and that was all. deck, the captain and his wife, with some of A more dangerous mission was now before the crew, was carried past by the force of the her; and eloquently she urged her request, current, while the forepart still remained for it seemed to her as if the lives of those crushed upon the rocks,-a sad trophy of the shipwrecked ones were in her hand. wreck.

The success of Grace's solicitation, so It was at this awful moment that a few of wildly, so desperately urged, was not long the passengers crowded around the windlass, doubtful. The father yielded to entreaties and were joined by the remainder of the crew. which his own heart seconded; and by means There were only eight on deck, of all those of Mrs. Darling's aid, the boat was launched. who had quitted Hull the previous evening- What must have been her emotion as she be. five sailors and three others; but from the held her husband and the child so precious cabin below, through which the waves held to them both embark upon that raging surf; on a broken course, there came the heart- when she saw Grace exerting every nerve in rending wail of childhood, still adding to the her haste to assist the practised hand of her horrors of those who heard, powerless to save. father! A poor woman, folding two infants to her

By means of unrelaxing toil, and blessed bosom, lay there. Darkness came down, and by the assistance of the All-Merciful One, the night closed in heavily.

father and daughter reached the rock, and The morning of the 7th of September broke could clearly observe the expression of the

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