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"Bartlett's Familiar Quotations " has long since been accepted as indispensable to every scholar and to every writer; it is a book for every library and every household. Embodying years of labor and research on the part of its author, "Familiar Quotations" passed through nine editions, each enlarged, and attained a sale of three hundred thousand copies before Mr. Bartlett's death in 1905 at the age of eighty-five. Uurevised for twenty-three years, it has still remained the best book of the kind, though a considerable body of apothegms have been knocking for admittance to its classic hall of fame.

In this new edition the main body of John Bartlett's compilation, up to the beginning of the nineteenth century, has been left practically unchanged; the chief purpose of the revision has been to incorporate in the work quotations from those writers whose place in literature has been achieved since the issue of the Ninth Edition in 1891. The selections from Poe, Whittier, Longfellow, Lowell, and other "best writers of their day" have been filled out extensively, and many new authors are represented by passages which have met with the seal of popular approval and are distinctly worthy of perpetuation. In this way the book has been greatly enriched. The attempt has been made not to admit anything which John Bartlett's impeccable judgment would have rejected. It is not always easy for Elisha to wear the mantle of Elijah; but it is Elisha's business to carry on his predecessor's work in the same spirit.

A collection of all possible quotations which would satisfy that multitudinous race of folk who apply to the almost omniscient editors of "Notes and Queries" columns for aid in tracing the origin of some favorite quotation, half forgotten, would have to be as big as the Encyclopedia. In the Tenth Edition of "Familiar Quotations" the aim has been to maintain the high literary standard set by its predecessors, and ephemeral quotations will not be found included in its pages. The present editor hopes that a book which has given so much pleasure and proved so useful in the past may still find favor with those interested in the best things in literature.

NATHAN HASKELL DOLE. Boston, July, 1914.


"Out of the old fieldes cotneth al this new corne fro yere to yere," And out of the fresh woodes cometh al these new Bowres here.

The small thin volume, the first to bear the title of this collection, after passing through eight editions, each enlarged, now culminates in its ninth, — and with it, closes its tentative life.

This extract from the Preface of the fourth edition is applicable to the present one: —

"It is not easy to determine in all cases the degree of familiarity that may belong to phrases and sentences which present themselves for admission; for what is familiar to one class of readers may be quite new to another. Many maxims of the most famous writers of our language, and numberless curious and happy turns from orators and poets, have knocked at the door, and it was hard to deny them. But to admit these simply on their own merits, without assurance that the general reader would readily recognize them as old friends, was aside from the purpose of this collection. Still, it has been thought better t > incur the risk of erring on the side of fulness."

With the many additions to the English writers, the present edition contains selections from the French, and from the wit and wisdom of the ancients. A few passages have been admitted without a claim to familiarity, but solely on the ground of coincidence of thought.

I am under great obligations to M. H. Morgan, Ph.D., of Harvard University, for the translation of Marcus Aurelius, and for the translation and selections from the Greek tragic writers. I am indebted to the kindness of Mr. Daniel W. Wilder, of Kansas, for the quotations from Pilpay, with contributions from Diogenes Laertius, Montaigne, Burton, and Pope's Homer; to Dr. William J. ROLFE for quotations from Robert Browning; to Mr. James W. MCINTYRE for quotations from Coleridge, Shelley, Keats, Mrs. Browning, Robert Browning, and Tennyson. And I have incurred other obligations to friends for here a little and there a little.

It gives me pleasure to acknowledge the great assistance I have received from Mr. A. W. Stevens, the accomplished reader of the University Press, as this work was passing through the press.

In withdrawing from this very agreeable pursuit, I beg to offer my sincere thanks to all who have assisted me either in the way of suggestions or by contributions; and especially to those lovers of this subsidiary literature for their kind appreciation of former editions.

Accepted by scholars as an authoritative book of reference, it has grown with its growth in public estimation with each reissue. Of the last two editions forty thousand copies were printed, apart from the English reprints. The present enlargement of text equals three hundred and fifty pages of the previous edition, and the index is increased with upwards of ten thousand lines.


Cambridge, March, 1891.


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Adams. Charles Follcn
Adams. Charles Francis

Adams. John

John, note . . . Adams, John Quincy . . Adams. Sarah Flower .

Addison, Joseph 297

Ady, Thomas 870



AGRICOLA, note 872

Aide, Charles H 777

Akenside, Mark 391

Alanus De Insulis, note .... 5

ALLEN, Henry M 803

Alexander, Cecil F 726

ALGER, W. R., note 644

Aldrich, James 694

Aldrich, Thomas B 798

Ai.i Ben Taleb 953

Allen, Elizabeth A 783

Allen, William 865

Allingham, William 770

Alphonso The Wise 954

Amelia. Princess 864

Ames, Fisher, note 283

Amiel, Henri F 994

Archilochus, note 216

Ariosto, note 552

Aristides, note 438

Aristophanes, note 917

Aristotle, note 267, 1045

Arkwright, Peleo 818

Armstrong, John 860

Arnim And Brentano, note . . . 639

Arnold, Leg 786

Arnold, Sir Edwin 782

Arnold, Matthew 752

Arnold, Samuel J., note .... 388

Arrianus, note 890

Athen^us 952

Austin. Alfred 797

Avonmore, Lord, note 531

Bacon, Francis 164

Bacon, Lady Anne, now .... 7

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Bailey, Philip James . . .
Philip James, note.
Baillie, Joanna ....
Balfour. Arthur J. . . .
Bancroft, George, note .

Bangs. John K 845

Barbauld, Mrs 433

Barere, Bertrand 990, 1030

Barham, R. H 864

Barker, BIN L 869

Barlow, George sj-»

Barnfield, Richard 175

Barr, Matthias S5fi

Barrett, Eaton, S 864

Barrington, George 445

Barrow, Isaac, note 299

Barry. Michael J 716

Bashford, Henry H 853

Basse, William, note 179

Baxter, Richard 858

Bayard, Chevalier, note .... 21

Bayle, Peter, note 621

Bayly, T. Haynes 588

SEATTLE, James 428

Beaumont And Fletcher . . . 197

note 63S

Beaumont, Francis 196

Beaumont, John, note 478

BEER, Bernard E 1052

HR H L 766

Bell, Robert, note 330

Bellamy, G. W 86S

Bellinghausen, Von Mcnch . . 992

Benjamin, Park 660

Bentham, Jeremy 1048

Bentley, Richard 284

Benton, Thomas H 1050

Berkeley, Bishop 312

Berners. Juliana, note 182

Berry, Dorothy, note 484

Bertaut, Jean, note 100

Bertin, Mademoiselle, note . . 1003

Bettelheiu, A. S., note 170


Blacker, Colonel 598

Blackuore, Richard, note . . . 871

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