The invisible spy, by Explorabilis

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Page 215 - Where virtue is, these are more virtuous : Nor from mine own weak merits will I draw The smallest fear or doubt of her revolt ; For she had eyes, and chose me. No, lago ; I'll see before I doubt ; when I doubt, prove ; And on the proof, there is no more but this, — Away at once with love or jealousy ! lago.
Page 176 - Dryden, as she always familiarly calls that celebrated poet : We women to new joys unseen may move; There are no prints left in the paths of love. All goods besides by public marks are known: But those men most desire to keep, have none.
Page 238 - Should be an afs through choice, not want of wit; Whofe foppery, without the help of fenfe, Could ne'er have rofe to fuch an excellence : Nature 's as lame in making a true fop As a philofopher ; the very top And dignity of folly we attain By ftudious fearch and labour of the brain, By obfervation...
Page 83 - Your Love to Berenice is due alone: Love, like that pow'r which I adore, is one. When fixt to one, it safe at Anchor rides, And dares the fury of the winds and tides: But losing once that hold, to the wide Ocean born, It drives away at will, to every wave a scorn.
Page 238 - ... choice, not want of wit; Whose foppery, without the help of sense, Could ne'er have rose to such an excellence. Nature's as lame in making a true fop As a philosopher; the very top And dignity of folly we attain By studious search and labour of the brain, By observation, counsel and deep thought: God never made a coxcomb worth a groat. We owe that name to industry and arts : An eminent fool must be a fool of parts.
Page 114 - Falfe as the wind, the water, or the weather; Cruel as Tygers o'er their trembling prey ; I feel him in my breaft, he tears my heart, And at each figh he drinks the gufhing blood; Muft I be long in pain ? Enter CHAMONT.
Page 4 - I am any one of thefe, or whether I am even a man or 'a woman, they will find it, after all their conjectures, .as difficult to difcover as the longitude.
Page 225 - Appropriately, perhaps, Romeo and Juliet was a utilitarian vehicle for those minded towards love or seduction, for in The Invisible Spy (1755), by Mrs. Haywood, Selima writes to her friend Belinda that one of her pursuers, Dorantes, begg'd I would favour him with my company to the Theatre in Drury-Lane, where he had already sent a servant to keep places in the box; — I consented, and went with him in his chariot, — the play was Romeo and Juliet; — he apply 'd all the tender things spoke by...

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