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Africa. Descriptive. Central and Eastern.

The Okavengo river ... N. Y., 1861. port. pl. map. 8°.

T 25060 Baldwin, W. C. African hunting L., 1863. port. pl. il. map. 8°.

Bryden, H. A. Kloof and Karroo: sport, legend, and natural history in Cape Colony... L., 1889. pl. 8°

T 3062 Churchill, Lord R. H. S. Men, mines and animals of South Africa. N. Y., 1892. port. pl. il. i map. 8°.

Drummond, W. H. The large game, and natural history of South and South-East Africa. ... Edin., 1875. pl. il. 8°.....

T 2576 Farini, G. A. Through the Kalahari desert.... N. Y., 1886. ports. pl. il. map. 8° T 2586

Gordon, Lady Duff. Last letters from Egypt; added, letters from the Cape. L., 1875. port. 12°....

Livingstone, D. Missionary travels and researches in South Africa.... 25th ed. N. Y., 1872. port. pl. il. map. 8°....

and C. Narrative of an expedition to the Zambesi.... N. Y., 1866. pl. il. map.

T 26631 Martin, Mrs. A. Home life on an ostrich farm. L., 1890. pl. 12° ....

.. T 2289h
Moffat, Robert. Missionary labours and
scenes in Southern Africa. N. Y., 1843. 8°.

Russell, W. C. A voyage to the Cape.
L., 1886. 12°

Taylor, B., comp. Travels in South Africa.
(Illus. Liby. of travel.) N. Y., 1873. port.
pl. 12°

Vescelius-Sheldon, Louise. Yankee girls in Zulu Land. N. Y., 1888. il. 12°......

Williams, C. Narratives and adventures of travellers in Africa. N. Y., n. d. pl. il.

T 248411
Western. Lander, R. and J. Journal of an
expedition to the Niger.... L., 1832. 3 v.
ports. pl. il. maps. 16°

T 2260
[Same.] N. Y., 1832. 2 v. ports. il.
Monteiro, J. J. Angola and the river
Congo. N. Y., 1876. pl. map. 12°

Reade, W. W. Savage Africa N.
Y., 1864. pl. il. map. 8°

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map. 16o.



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Africa. Descriptive. Western.

Riley, J. An authentic narrative of the
loss of the American brig Commerce, on the
western coast of Africa, in 1815..
1817. port. pl. map. 8o..

Robbins, A. A journal, comprising an
account of the brig Commerce. Hartf., 1821.

N. Y.,

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I map. 12°

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Wanderings in West Africa; ...

by a F. R. G. S. L., 1863.

2 V.

pl. map. 12°
History. Casati, G.

Casati, G. _Ten years in Equatoria, and
the return with Emin Pasha ....L. and N.
Y., 1891. 2 v. port. pl. il. 8°.
Jameson, J. S. The story of the rear column
of the Emin Pasha relief expedition :
N. Y., [1891?]. port. il. 8°.
Jones, C. H. Africa : the history of explora-
tion. .... from Herodotus to Livingstone.
N. Y., 1875. port. pl. il. map. 8°...

Mounteney-Jephson, A. J. Emin Pasha
and the rebellion at the Equator ... N.
Y., 1891. ports. pl. il. map. 8°
Stanley, H. M. The Congo, and the found-
ing of its free state N. Y., 1885. 2 vols.
ports. pl. il. maps. 8°,
Coomassie and Magdala :

Magdala : two British
campaigns in Africa. N. Y., 1874. port. pl.

maps. 8°.... After dark, and other stories. See Collins, Wilkie After-dinner stories from Balzac ; done into English by

by Myndart Verelst . ... N. Y., 1886. 12°.. After-glow; by G. P. Lathrop. B., 1877. 16°..... Afternoon, George, pseud. See Williams, Harold. After his kind; by John Coventry. N. Y., 1886. 16o. After London ; or, Wild England ; by Richard Jefferies. L., 1885.

After many days; by Christian Reid, (pseud.) N. Y.,
1877. 8o.

Two copies
After the ball, and other poems ; by Nora Perry. B.,


16°. Against heavy odds ;. by H. Boyesen. N. Y.,

1890. pl. il. 12
Against the stream . by [Mrs. E. R. Charles).

N. Y., 1874. 12° 2 cop.....
Agassiz, Alexander. A contribution to American

thalassography: 3 cruises of the U. S. Steamer
“Blake", in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Carib-
bean Sea and along the Atlantic coast of the





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N 2503

B 1005

N 2005

Agassiz, Alexander.

U. S. from 1877 to 1880. B., and N. Y., 1888.

2 V. pl. il. maps. 4°.. Agassiz, Mrs. Elizabeth Cary. Louis Agassiz, his life

and correspondence. B., 1885. 2 v. ports.

pl. 8°.
and Agassiz, Alex. Seaside studies in natural his-

tory. Marine animals of Mass. Bay. Radiates;

B., 1871. 185 il. 8°. Agassiz, Louis. Geological sketches; ist and ad series. B., 1873–76.

2 v. 12o.
Methods of study in natural history. B., 1873. 12°. N 5
The structure of animal life; 6 lectures delivered at

the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Jan. and
Feb., 1862. (Graham lectures, v. 4.) N. Y.,
1874. il. 8°


2 cop....
Agassiz, E. C. Louis Agassiz, his life and corres-

pondence. B., 1885. 2 v. ports. pl. 8°..
and Gould, A. A. Principles of zoology; pt. I.

Comparative physiology. B., 1873. il. 8°. Agatha Page ... ; by Isaac Henderson. B., 1888. pl. 12°

F Agatha's husband; by [Dinah M. Mulock]. N. Y.,


F Age of infidelity, The; in answer to Thomas Paine's

Age of reason; by a layman. L., 1794. 16o.
Agnes Grey; by Anne Bronté. (In E. J. Bronté's

Werthering Heights.)
Agnes Surriage; by E. L. Bynner. B., 1887.

. 12°..

F Agnes of Sorrento; by Mrs. H. B. Stowe.

B., 1869. 2o..

F Agnew, Rev. David C. A. Protestant exiles from

France in the reign of Louis XIV; or, The
Huguenot refugees and their descendants in
Gt. Brit. and Ireland ; v. I. L., and Edin.,
1871. sq. 4°
sq. 4°.....

B 503
Agriculture. See Farming.
Agriculture in some of its relations with chemistry;
by F. H. Storer. N. Y., 1887.

2 v. 8°... Agrippa, Henry Cornelius. Morley, Henry. Life

of Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Neltesheim,
doctor and knight; commonly known as a
magician. L., 1856. 12° .

B 13282
Aguilar, Grace. The days of Bruce: a story from
Scottish history. N. Y., 1866. 2 v. 12°

Home influence; a tale for mothers and daughters.
N. Y., 1874. 12°.


R 4004

A 7424

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Aguilar, Grace.

Home scenes and heart studies. N. Y., 1866. 12°.


The mother's recompense. (Sequel to "Home in-

fluence.") N. Y., 1874. 12°.



The vale of cedars; or, The martyr. N. Y., 1866.



Woman's friendship : a story of domestic life. N.

Y., 1872.

I pl.


The women of Israel. N. Y., 1866.


Aidé, Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Faulconbridge. B.,



A nine-day's wonder. B., 1875. 8o.


Penruddocke. B., 1873. 8°


Poet and peer. N. Y., 1880. 4°. (F. S. L., V. 29.) F

A voyage of discovery; a novel of American

society. N. Y., 1892. 12°.


Aids to reflection ; by S. T. Coleridge. Liverpool,

1873. 16° .

Aikin, John, M.D. View of the life of the late John


N. Y., 1814.


tr. See Huet, P. D.

Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of the court of king Charles I.

L., 1833. 2 v.

port. 8o..

Memoirs of the court of king James I. 2d ed.

L., 1822.

ports. 8°.

2 cop.

H 3503h

Memoirs of the court of Queen Elizabeth. 2d ed.

L., 1818. port. 8o.

[Same.] N. Y., 1870. 12°

joint author. See Channing, Wm. E., and A.

Aileen Ferrers; by Susan Morley. N. Y., 1875. 8°.. F

Ainsworth, Wm. Harrison. Novels and romances.

L., n.d. 8 v. 16°.


Contents :

Windsor Castle; Crichton.

Rookwood; St. James.
V. 3. The Lancashire witches; Auriol.

The Tower of London; The flitch of bacon.

Old St. Paul's; The miser's daughter.
V. 6. Mervyn Clitheroe; The spendthrift.
V. 7. The Star Chamber; Ovingdean Grange.

V. 8. Jack Sheppard; Guy Fawkes.

Boscobel .... L., n. d.


The Tower of London. L., 1850. pl. il. 8o.


Air. See Atmosphere.

Airy fairy Lilian”; by ["The Duchess '']. Phila.,


12o. 2 cop..


Aitken, Wm., M.D. Outlines of the science and

practice of medicine. L., 1874. 12o.


The science and practice of medicine ; with addi-

tions by Meredith Clymer, M.D. Phila., 1872.

2 v. i pl. il. I map.



V. 2.

V. 4.
V. 5.

16° ..

M 503

T 30249

T 3097

T 3237

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T 3737


T 3788

Akenside, Mark. Poetical works ; ed., with a life,

by Rev. A. Dyce. B., 1854. I port. 12°. D 1016 Alabama, cruiser. See U. S. History. Civil War.

Semmes, R. Alan Thorne ; by Mary L: Moodey. B., [c. 1889). 12°. F Alarcón, Pedro A. de. Brunhilde ; or, The last act of

Norma.... N. Y., [c. 1891). port. 12°... F Alaska. Ballou, M. M. The new Eldorado

B. and N. Y., 1889. 8o.
Collis, Mrs. S. M. A woman's trip to Alaska .

N. Y., (c. 1890). pl. il. 8
Elliott, H. W. Our arctic province: Alaska and

the Seal Islands. N.Y., 1886. pl. il. maps. 8° T 3135 Jackson, S. Alaska, and missions on the North

Pacific coast. N. Y., [c. 1880). port. pl. il.
I map:

T 3226
Karr, H. W. S. Shores and alps of Alaska. L.,

1887. pl. maps. 8°.
Schwatka, F. Along Alaska's great river

N. Y., [c. 1885). pl. il. 8°..
Whymper, F. Travel and adventure in .... Alaska

N. Y., 1871. pl. il. 8°
Woodman, Abby J. Picturesque Alaska.... B.
and N. Y., 1889. pl.


T 3490p See also Arctic voyages. Albany, Countess of (Louisa Maximiliana Caroline).

See Paget, Violet. Albemarle, Earl of (Geo. Thomas Keppel). Fifty years of my life. N. Y., 1876.

I port. 8o. Alberger, John. Monks, popes and their political in

trigues.... Balt., 1871. 12°.... Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria. Prince Al

bert's Golden precepts.... (Bayard ser., v. 1.)

L., 1874. 16o.
Grey, Lieut.-Gen. C., comp. Early years of the

Prince Consort. N. Y., 1867. ports. 12°. B 13578
Martin, Sir Theodore. Life of the Prince Consort.
N. Y., 1875–80. 5 v.

1357m Albertsen, Frank. The four-footed lovers. B., 1875. pl. il. sq. 8°..

F Albrecht; by Arlo Bates. B., 1890. 12°...

F Alcock, Sir Rutherford. The capital of the tycoon;

a narrative of a three years' residence in

Japan. N. Y., 1863. 2 v. pl. il. maps. 8°. T 2007 Alcott, A. Bronson.—Table-talk. B., 1877. 12°... L 50070 Sonnets and canzonets. B., 1882.


D 1007C

B 1408

R 2007

L 157

ports. 8°

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