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car, and asks her to be so obliging mislaid her white silk shoes. and is is to come down and dance with him. obliged to venture out in black pruShe says she has no particular objec. nella, thereby disarranging the puilor. tion, and leaves the window to descend mity which is $0 pleasing in well. the stairs, or ladier, which leads to regulated hamlets,) come now to the ber cock-loft. The swain now gathers rendezrous. Each youthful swain in a nosegar, all ready tied up; lwirls moment selects his partner,-and round several times, to sée that he

sweet is the love that meets return! is all right; hears the door of the Then all the sixteen points simultanecottage opening, trips across to give ously to the cottage, and then touch his bouquet to his love, when it is their hearts and wedding-ring, fingers, snatched by Miss Ballin's mother (Ma. and then point tc Mr. Gilbert, who shrugs dame Simon, or old Barnes), who re- his shoulders, extends bis arms widely, prehends the conduct of Mr. Gilbert and nods. At this period Miss Ballin for coming a courting at that time of runs froin the cottage-door; Mr. Gilbert day, tells him to go and work for his is approaching her, when she pretends bread, and not be idling about there. to be bashful before so many witnesses; The rustic swain asks the old lady so, to bide her blushes, she fetches a to feel how terribly his heart beats; spinning wheel from ihe coltage, which the mother informs Mr. Gilbert that will not, and nerer would revolve. Mr. his heat is more likely to feel the Gilbert, not liking this move, gently beating.

leads the spinster forward, and asks

her to take a little dance with him. "Says he," at my heart I've a beating;' Says I, .then take one at your back.

A pas de deur is performed, the main

point of which is to show that a villager KENNY.

may have very elegantly shaped legs. She drives him off, and then goes to When this is over, the sixtoen make market, this market being, in all pro- a bungling sort of shuming, formning a bability, further than that of Covent good contrast with the principals. Just Garden,-and, the cat away, the young at the very nick of time three more folks intend (like the mice) to have young ladies arrire, rather over-dressed some play. So Mr. Gildert re-appears, for the inhabitants of a French village and clapping his hands, eight of his (the coryphées), Misses Froun. Lane, and young companions, Messieurs Heath, Hall. They do not take the slightest Suttoo, Conway, Burdett, Jones. North notice of their assembled friends, but over, Hartland, and Simpson appear. immediately begin to dance with their All these are in such an independent backs turned towards them, which is state in happy France, that they are certainly anything but genteel behari. enabled to quit their village toil; and

But what can you expect from the most singular circumstance is, that rustics ? At the conclusion of this, all eight are accidentally attired ex- the old lady returns from market, and actly alike, with pink vests, straw hats, is naturally surprised and angry to find and light blue smalls, with a black the young people kicking their heels stripe down the seam. (Of these youths about, instead of being at lahour. After the first pamed is about sixty years some threatening, and much entreaty, of age, and the latter approaching seven- she forgives the enamoured pair; and ty-three, which renders it the more Mr. Boulanger arrives most opportukind of them to come out and fatigue nely, as the baillie of the village, joins themselves at that time in the morning.) the hands of the youthful couple, who But there appears an escellent reason then danee a matrimonial pas de deur for this complaisance, because eight without a single faux pas, and this sets young female villagers also dressed alike, the whole party off in a pas-generale.(excepting one unfortunate, who has Bentley's Miscellany.







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The weather in the earThermometer

ly part of the mouth Pluvio. Remarks.

being very hot, put a to. 12 o'

lal stop to ail agricul, Oct. 6a.m clock 6r.,

tural operations, the work

being entirely contiued to 1 73 80 71 0

Hot & Dry brisk wind weeding; the only occur. 2 70 82 73 0

Do. Do.

rence worth remarking 3 71 82 170


was the appearance of 4 73 83


Do. Do. legi nofCaterpillars, which 5 172 84 72

0 Do. distant thunder it is supposed were pro6 74 83 70 ( 16 Do, sliglat shower thun. duced by the unusual dry7 71 82 74

Do. Do. ness of the season; they 8 67 81 73 0 1

Do. Do. seemed to have a most 9 71 81 73

0 Hot & dry:cloudy at inte. peculiar penchant for the 10 70 76 73

1 sui.uoou then beav, raiu young coffie, eating the li 73 73 0 60

Fine showers young leaves, and quite. 12 72 76 73 15 Showery & Cloudy speiling the iuxuriant ap13 171 176 73 1

Fine rains

pearance of the Plant for 14 173

Do. Do.

a time; they appeared to 15 71

1 93

Do, .

have been bred on a trea 16 73


Do. Do. called by the natives “Ge. 17 73


Do, Do. duma," the Tains which 18

Hot & dry showr. night again set in about the 19

Do. Do.

midule of the month swept 20


Do. Do. them off, au fare 21


Do. Do. great impulse to the growth 22

Do, Do. of the Cetiee wlich pre23


35 Cloudy&shower at night veuts most luxuriant 24

Do. Do.

appearance; the Pluvioines 25 172 73 73 21

Heavy Rain ter shows a tutti of 20 26 77 74


luches uud 31 Cents of 27 73 75 75 2 2 55

Do, Do. Water, which is a very 70 76 74 5 56 Do. Do. tremen. rain fair average; on the 2812 29 69

Do. Do.

there occureil a tremen. 30 70

77 74 0 52 Hotiluringday raiu niglit dans full of rain, of which 31 170 179 73 0 Varu day; ciulatimer. 4 inches and 41 cents tell

in it lour, a quantily I 174 184 175 20 31 axiinum of Therino. think unprecedented, in sa

short a space of time i 67 75 70 Minimum Do.

the consequeyces may be

imagined, us the streams 171 784 73


instantly strelied into ra. pid torrents sweeping away a number of Paddy fields, and cutting up the roads dreadfully, its full rury seems to have burst over Nadawelletevne, as nothing like the fall otcurred either in Kandy, or at kornegal on the other side, the seed Cotlee nurseries were totally washed away, but no other damage was done to the plantations here beyond the paths being cut up very considerably; the rain seems fairly from the S. W. even so late in the season, and we may, expect heavy weather when llie N. E. Monsvou fairly sets in.

KOBBE GALLA, P. S.-I may remark en passant that the quantity of rain which is mea. sured, is taken in a Plain abuut i wile from the Plantations which run

up the sides of bigb hills, which bills naturallly attract more raiu than the Plain does, and I constantly see rain on and about the hills when my l’iuriometer does not receive a drop, I do not think I am far from correct when I stalo ibat a Pluviometer would receive one third more rain on the Plantation than it does in its present position.






Range of
Ther: at

Rain Fall Prevail

in o1 ing Inches dew Winds.



T. 20 64

9.21 65



hea 8. 17 630 694 660 1,050 ry. S.W.bys. Heavy rain with squalls day and night, S. 1864 70 67 Do. S.W.

Fine & cloudy day, showers during night, n.19 61 | 69 | 67 -,075 Do. S.W.bys. Light showers a.m.-fine night. 7066 Do. Do.

Fine dry day and night, light breeze. 7066

Do. Do. Fine dry and clear day and night. T. 22 64 71 67

Do. Do.

Do. Weather, moderate breeze. 7. 23 64 70 66-,080 Do. S.W. Fine clear day; showers during night. 8. 24 64 70 66 -,070 Do, Do. Do, Weather, light breeze. S. 25 64 7066

Do. Do.

Ꭰ Fine dry day, light showers P.M. M.26 64 68 65 1,-- Do,


Heavy rain, & cloudy day and night T. 27 64 70 68


s.w. Fiue dry and clear, day and night. W.28 64

69' 67 -,800 Do. Var. Heavy rain, with squally night. 1 7.29, 61 70 67

S.W. Fine and cloudy A.m. showery night. 70 67

Do. Do. Rain and cloudy with light wind, 9.31 64 70 67

Do. Do. Fine clear day, light shower P.M.

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P. 30 64

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S. 164 70 68 -,040 Do. W.S.w. Fine xlry day, heary rain during night.
M. 2 64 70, 68 -,250 Do. Var. 1 Do. Weather with strong variable wind.
T. 3 64 69

67 1,- Do, N.N.W. Fine day, beavy rain during night. 4 64 70 68-,200 Do. Do. Do. Weather with strong breeze, 5

64 6967 1,075 Do. North, Heary rain day and night. y. 6 65 70 67-,250 Do. Do. Fine dry day, heavy showers during night. s. 7 64 69

68-,300 Do. N.N.E. Do, Weather with strong breeze. S. 864 7067-,250 Do. Do.

Ꭰ Fine dry day, heavy rain during night, 2. 9 64 69 66-,250 Do. Do. Do. Weather with strong wind. T. 1061 69 67-,750 Do. E. Fine day, heary rain P. M. v. 11 64 6966 1,--. Do, Var. Heavy rain day and night. T. 12 64 68 65 1,


Do. Do. Weather with hard squalls. 67 65 | 1,200 Do. Do. Heavy rain with frequent squalis, 8. 14 61

69 67 -,150 Do. N.N. E. Fine A.m. showery P.M. & night. S. 15 61 68 66.,150 Do. Vur. Do. Weather with strong breeze.

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F. 13 64

Var: So


Max: 71 min ; 63




A. M.

P. M.


show :




State of Weather.

The weatber on this 670 720 682 Showers throughout estate

has been very 17 66 68 68


do, changeable thro ughout 18


Cloudy throughout the month, as the 19 66 70

Light Showers companying table will 20 68 74


netertheless it 21 70 76 70 Fiue throughout has proved rery favorable 22 70 74 70


do. to the young plants which 68

70 Cloudy throughout are putting forth their fo24 70

68 Fine throughout liage in the greatest lur68


do. uriance and thereby ma26 70 74 70

Light Showers king our newly planted 27 68 70

Cldy. p. m. heazy. rain land look rather more likø 28 68 70 68


a Coffee Estate then it 29 66


do. did a few weeks ago. Du30 68

Fine alternately fring the last few days wd 31 68


do. have bad smart breezes

from the N. E. which November.

foretell a coming change 1

68 70 70 Fine throughout in the weather. The grea. 2 68 74


do. ter nunber of the adjoin. 8

68 70 66

68 70 70 cldy.& fine alternate completed the gathering 5 68 72

do. do. do. of their crops : the trees 70 74

Fine throughout appear already to feel 68 70

very heavy rain

the beneficial effects of 8 70

68 do. do. do. the gathering, and many 68

68 Light showers that were previously look: 10 68 70 68

do do do. ing very indifferently from 11 68 70 68

very heavy rain the heavy crops on them 12 68 72 68

do. do. do. are beginning to throw 13

66 70 67 Clondy, shower. ont new wood. Placing

67 70 68 heavy rain throughoutont young plants & cleat15 68 70

do do do. ing weedy ground has been the chief occupation of the 'month, when the weather permitted : the late ter is of especial importance previously to the fine weather setting in. There is po lack of labor up hero, for the coolies are well aware of the good health of the bill.estates : not the least sigu of sickness with us.


67 1



1840—FROM OCTOBER 17TH TO 24th.


The mornings during this week have been fine and bright. Hot in the middle of the day, but cloudy generally in the afternoons, ending the last two days in moderate rains, accompanied with much lightning and thundercom Gentle breezes from the N. E. during every day this week for the first time and calm in the evenings with a moderate quaplity of dew every night. Average of Thermometer730 6 a. m. 79° 2 p. m. 75v 8 p. m.

Operations.-On account of the grownd still remaining soft from the late rains, opening holes and even planting has been going on, but the chief operation has been the most important one of gathering the crop on the Estates in bearing.

FROM October 24TH TO 318t. ". Misty and clouds feather with heavy suturating rains nearly every cvening and night. Wind variable but the days have generally been calm and close Thermometer average 710 6 d. m. 750 2 1. m. 73° 8 p. m.

Operations. -Planting all the week and supplying with plants those parts of the Estates which have failed, &c. Picking Coffee has been the chief occupation as last week.

From OCTOBER 31st íó November 719. Calm fair mornings, but daily heary cont:1. rains mostly coming on towards the afternoon. Wind variable, but it has bien generally calm. Thermometer Average-71° 6 a. m. 760 2 p. m. 72' 8 p. m..

Operations. From the constait rainy weather, getting in the crop is a most arduons work, for after pulping the Coffee and wåshing it in the parchment skin, it requires to be dried by the su as soon after as possible, and during this season it can only be exposed for this purpose in the mornings, the planter is constantly on the look out for the first åppearance of inin coming, in order to get it housed in time, which is not always an easy task when there is any quantity, and sometimes he sees what has cost him some days to get in a fair way for drying, drenched in an instant.

From NoveMBER 7TH TO THE 14TH. Cloudy with sometiines a little sunshine during the day but constant showers, &c. heavy rains occuring erery evening and lasting during the night accompanied with strong winds from the S. W. average of;Thermometer 70. 6. A. m. 73. 2. P. n. 71. 8. P. M.

Operations.—Planting, whenever the weather is fair enough to admit of it, besides other work, but on the estates here all are cbiefly employed picking ihe Coffee as fast as possible, as this constant showery weather brings on the fruit rapidly to what is called a state of dead ripening. Every thing here conti. nues in a very favourable stata-the trees look etcredingly well and are fast getting stripped of their berries; from the fine rains Woccurring during this sea. son of gathering it speaks well for next year's crop, as the trees soon recover from the state of exbaustion caused by their heavy bearing.

Health. In this respect the Estates here continue improving rapidly and We hope soon to be frue from all sickuess.

B. D.

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