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tion of their contents? Would it be they remember, whether they obeya satisfactory to the Mariver merely to whether or not that mighty record of possess a compass on board bis vessel; truth dispels falsehood, and tears away, to have received information as to its sin from their souls. There is no use jy infancy; to admire its titilily, scrutivy as to the effect of their know. or lo discourse sometimes publicly of ledge-as to the conformity of iheit its merits? Meanwhile he is driring views, and sentiments, and habits, viib on, it may be to rocks, to shoals, to the decisions of God The heart inakes sands, or quite away from his course. progress in its. Forage-it is na But how many

an individual lires nearer to God-no nearer to the disIn this precise manner, as to this use positions of Hearen than it was manj of the Scripturas! Duy passes after years ago: day, week after week, month

Tbink again of the Mariner His month, rear astır year, and God inurks eye glances daily upon his compassnot his auxious eye pondering over or once a werk he fixes his look up this chart of lite. Politics, science, on the needle; but he uses tint the poetry, history, it may be lighter pro- helm-lte brings not the tessel into ductions,-these cau arrest his atten. the prescribed course. As well the time and interest his mini; but the might the compass be cast into the Bible which notifies the way marks to depths ef the sea! Now, it is pria eternity,--this excilos no interest. Aud dent that that is not tire one of the yet such a person perhaps expects Scriptires which God demands this God's farvour-expects to reach the is not to possess any anxiety as harbour of endlese peace. ana never the knowledge of God's will. Those even dreams of the probability of in who thus neglect, or thus imperfectly tarvening shipwreck! Mournful and respect the Scriptures ate not amongs inconsistent expectations! Is this to those who “ work out their salvation work out salvation “ with fear and with tear and trembling." Noelo trembling ;" is this in honour the sta

Child, amidst the Aowers at play tules of the Sovereign nf the universe;

While the red light fades away; is this to value the counsels of a hea.

Mother with thine eari est eye, venly parent and benefactor ; is this to hetukru anxiety for the biossinga

Erer following silently;

Father, by the breeze ofere of his great salvation ?

Calld the harvest work to leare; Many, howerer, are to be found who

Pray! ere yet the dark hoars be, are by no means chargeable will this

Lift the heart and hend the leesentire neglect of the Scriptures. Some hare, from infancy, acquired regular Traveller, in the stranger's land; habits of reading the Bible, and pe- Får from thine owu household band. ruse. as a daily or at least as a weekly Mourner, haunted by the tone task, their allotted chapters. Bat they of a roice from this world gone; do this oftentimes without ansiety and ('aptive, in #bose narrow cell withont progress in religious knowledge. Sunshive bath not leave to dwell; The fact of reading is to them more Sailot, on the darkening soajunportant than thre contents which Lift the Treart and bend the knee. they read. They manifast no submis

Warrior, that from batile tots, sion of the heart to God's teaching

Breathest now at set of sun no godly diligence to lar up in the

Woman o'er the lowly slain, Noul his statutes and promises. Eter

Weeping on bis burial plain. nily fastens not upon their thoughts

Ye that triumph, se that sigbar 'thie wonders of redeeming love attratt

Kindred by one holy tie; pot their affections. They read' rith

Heaven's first stær alike ye sebe *Caldness, and languor, and unconcein. There is no solicitude whether they

List tbe heart and bend tise kuce. understand whütber' tbey feel, wherber

- Remana.

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A new and inodorous sort of paint, all their oocupations, and flocking around enlled Kalsomine, the inrention of Miss him from Held and forest, form a cons Fanny l'orbeaux, has been laiely in- gregation, and listen with a delight to troduced to public notice. The mate which we, pampered as we are by the rials of which it is composed, aro at abundance of our mercies, are strang: first soluble in water ; and while in ers, to the liturgy of the Church of this state admit of the design being England read by the lips of its or. effaced, or 4 portion of the colouring dained inimisters. They bring out 10 of a wall or ceiling being removed, if hin their children to be baptized ; and necessary i asubsequent operatim ren. they point, in bitterness of spirit te ders the paint insoluble, by a chemical the grares where they have been comchange of the properties of the ma- pelled to lay their dead without a clerterial, which fixes the colour dara.

gyman to perform the last offices of bly. It is free from any offensive sinell religion, Ånd these are our brethren!

dries in a few hours, is not actor upon flesh of our flesh and bong of our jinjuriously by atmospheric influences, bone-men whose fathers kvelt sidlo and is said to be more durable than by side with ours in the same churches oil paiut, as well as

agreeable and received the Christian sacraments to the eye, and not at all prejurliciwl from the same hands. O! when you

to the hearth ; indeed, a room painted our churches' spires beautifying with it one day, may be inhabilated and ballowing the scenery of Englunil's the next.

Ii inay also be made ap- honies-when you hear the chime of plicable to ease] painting also. We their bells summoning you to particibare seen a little landscape painted pate in their multiplied services-bes. with this material, which combined tow a thought. I implore you, op cur something of the depth and solidity brethren in ( anada; and remember of oil with the transparency of water- that this Society, at ibe huzard of beColour ; and a specimen of broad flow. coming bankrupt, las undertaken to er painting, for a room was shown ris, sare them, is possible, from sinking which resistod tbe rude action of the juto a still lower depth of spiritual Ecrubbing-brush. The effect of the destitution.-- Calunial Guzetle. white as a ground for giking, is extremely clear without being dazzling; by tbe Statistical Sociers, there ap.

From a report elaborately compiled and we can well understand that it possesses the property ascribed to it of pears the following great discrepanoy

in the ratio of mortality at some of " softening and diffusing light.- 4the.

the principal colonies. Taking the a

verage of strengib as 1,000, the pro. The Church IN CANADA. Thiere portionate rute of mortality of Euroare at this momenit districts of from pean troops is, at Sierra Leone 483; one hundred in iwo kundred miles ex Jamaica, 121; Windsgard and Leowaru tent in Canala--not mero forest and Islands, 78; Madras Presidency, 18; waste, but peopled disuicis-peopled by Bermuda3, 28; Mauritius, 27; St Hle. emigrants froin this country, tor by the lena and the lonian Islands, 25 ; Ci. descendants of those who were emigrants braltar, 21; Maita and Canada, 10; there are districts of froni one hun Nora Scotia and New Brunswick, 14, 'dred to two hundred miles in which being the same as in the United King. there is not a single place of worship dom ; the Cape alistrict of thie Cape or a single ordained minister of the of Good Hope, 13; and on the-Eas. gospel. And when one does make his tern frontier but 9. Of narire troops appearonce amongst them-and bles. the proportion is at Sierra Leone and bed be God for still keeping alive the Jamaica, 30; Windward and Leeward spirit-when an ordained clergsman Islands, '40; the Madras Presidency, does coine amongst them, they welcome 16 ; Manritius, 37; and the Eastern him as they would an angel from bea- district of the Cape of Good Hope, .ven: bis presence mnkes a Sabhath. 10; in each of these two latter cases day or a Sabbath-week : they liy aside the proportion exceeding those of Ex




The above relates only to decorate the building, and assist the non-commissioned officers and prirates; Eduras, &c. When the kapa, or the but it is generally supposed that the pillar of dedication, is conveyed to the mortality among officers bears a pear. spot under a white canopy accounpa. ly uniform proportion to that which nied with music, the people have clean prevails among the privates of about water to wash it thoroughly, and the one-third less. On the arerage of all attenilnis rinse it with a preparation the strtions upon which Major Tulloch of milk, sandal and saffron when they hus reported, excepting Sierra Leone, receive advice to stand in order around the proportion was as 12 to 19 per it, laying hands on it, uutil the Eduras 1,000 ; but in the East Indies it would circunambulate them three tiines, and be higher, as officers bare the provjeunee a blessing over them. same opportunities for retiring and re- Immediately afterwards it is con. turning home.-Ibid.

reyed into the builling and placed on

the ground, on the east of it, with a GAMMADU, OR VILLAGE DANCE.-This

little rice, ad offering, and a little ceremony communls follows that of “ Horn Pulling," or “ Breaking of l'o.

dower suspended on it; also a cococoanuts ;" seldom or never consulting ing light. Next the torena, a tempo

anut flower, two cocoanuis, and a burnthe stars to commence it. The Edu. Tas (a name signifying a

rary arch, the most imporiant part of “teacher,"

their serrices is erected and placed in but here given to the priests, either of the demons or gods,) and the sing.

an mpright position, opposite the en.

trance of the building, throwing a vail ers, the drummers, the washers, and

before it to prevent the sitendants from the watiuluwa," with a few oibers, are duly informed of the matter some days whole' assembly vext partakes of the

having a continual view of it. The previous to its performauce, when a

food prepared for thein, when thu druin. general donation of 6 or 8 fanams is collected from each family disposed to

uners report the time by the thundering

sound of the drtins, the attendants as assist in it and parlake of its benefits; this is in order w meet the expenees lighied in all directions, ine singers

semble in The building, turches are of purchasing rire, fish, vegetables, and other ingredients necessary for food.

answer with their voices, and all ibis

colitinues for soine time without inter A temporary building is erected for the

mission, I be laitinera accompanied purpose by the joint exertions of the iduras and the people which building by his fellow Eduras, then, with great

veneration, arrives at the malyabana, as well as every other undertaking, must be completed by the watimuwa,

the tiower couch, in which the haleuba for whose sake the last portion of them

is placed, when he washes and rinses is reserved. The Eduras and many

it with lime juice and saffron water, of the people assemble on the spot

and conveys it walling on white cloth, early on the day appointed to perform spread on the ground for him, mer the ceremony, when they (the Eduras a while canopy, in the Torena, where, especially) partake of the preparation the instant the Halevibe is to be placed of food called Pebatta (rice dedicated)

ou the Torena, an individual standling and each person takes lo himsell the hy looking at it strikes a coconut with part of service encumlent on bim.

a large bill-hook, and cleaves it into The singer, accompanied by the druin.

Next the allention of the altend.

ants so invited to the Torena, the veil mers, cuts the branch of a jack tree for the kap pillar: the kapunas und of which is removed, when they lift up

their clapsed hands above their heads and the pattipiyas erect their respective altars, or flower beds; and the people niche obeisance to it, ofler up their

offerings on the Halembe, und take their respective seals.

Here a second * Wariolura is an individual of an

cucoanut must be broken. inferior caste invited to perform the

? meanest services counected with the The Eduras continue to sing and ceremony, such as grinding the rosin; dance with increasing sigor for iva or making the cups of leaves, dressing a three hours, the dance called Telmi, particular offering for the inferior de while the sick persons and others are mons, supplying tbe vecessuries to the gazing at them, with escited curiosity. Eduras, &c.

Soon after a little refreshment, another

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dance, called Suduhangele, follows, the ceremony of kiri-ettirime, bolling which also terminates in a few hours. of milk; three hearths are formed, Amidst other observances, some of over which three pots with rice and shich are too ridiculous and insigni cocoanut milk are placed until thog ficant to mention, is the performance boil, when they are placed in a row of the twelve modes, Dolospaliye, play. on the ground, there heing & screen ing the riolin, blowing the trumpet, between them and the Eduras, one or tieing a buffalo, an elephant, wash- more of whom pray for a blessing over ing, tieing a man, and other perform the attendants and anoint a little from ances too ridiculous to notice, all which them on their foreheads, by which are mere exhibitions to excite the time it is dawn of day. The cere. laughter of the whole assembly. The mony is now about to be concluded, whole proceeding next halls for some Tbe Pattinihamy for the low party, time, when the Eduras change their and the kapurra for the high, each dress to a most terrible and awful form person for himsell, takes a deer. hori and commence a most striking dance and pulls them, when the persons froin called diwol, when the singers and both parties break cocnavuts, and the drummers perform their respective du party that has gained is conducted under, ties with as much energy

a white canopy, accompanied with shout. as they possibly cap, while the kap- ings, drums, und dancers, through many was more hackwarts and forwards with

of the streets of the village. On their burning torches in their hands, whirling return to the building they enjoy a them round their heads as rapidly as portion of the food prepared, and then lighting, trampling on the sparks of depart, the Eduras, the washers, tha fire, and muttering incantations and drummers, and the warioluwa only con. charms, to the great astonishment and vering with them a pingo of every ar. fear of the assembly. This alsp ter. ticle collected for the ceremony.-Friend, minates in a few hours. Next follows

and power


No. V.

Page 198, stanza XXIX, line 6, for “ mass” read “


stanza XXX, line 8, for "sublunary things" read “every thing around."

No. VI.

Page 219, line 5, for thoughread“ through."

, 220, line 6, for “erest" read “ erat."

n 223, line 2, for for longer" read " longue."

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Range of
Ther: at

Rain tall Prevail.

in of ing inches leir Winds.


Datha.m 3p...m

1, 18 60 8. 1961

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X. 21, 60



W.23 '61

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67 65


hea 2.14 659 704

670 -100 ry. N. Fine day, light shower during night. T. 15 6269 67


Do. Heary and cloudy, day and nigbt. w.16, 62 63 66

High N.E. Do Wea her, .strong breeze, T. 17 63 | 6967 N.E. Fine clear day & night. Strong breeze, ! 68 66

Lightx,e.byn. Fino dry and clear day.' 6967 N.E. Do. Weather, strong breeze. 8.20 62 6966

Avs: N.E. Fine clear day and night. 67 66

N.E. Fine clear day & nizht, light wind. T. 22 60 68 65

N.E. Fine clear day and night, strong breeze, 6866

Hos:N.E.hyn. Fino dry and cloudy day and night. T. 24 62 69 1 67

-,250'Light N.E. Fine A.2. light showers P.M. 1.25 63 68 66

-,100 Do. N.E. Cloudy day and night. Light rain. : 8. 26, 66 69 66

2,-- Do, N.E. Heavy rain day and night. S. 27 63 67 | 65 --,500 Hvy: N. Showery day and night. Strong breeze, M. 28 64

69 67 -,250 Do, N.E. Fine A.m. Showery P.M. and night. T. 29 61 68 66

1,-- vydo. N.E. Fine-A.m. hearg rain P.m, showery night. W.30 61 70 66

-,050 Do.

N.E. Cloudy with light showers, uigbt fine. T. 31 62 68 67

Alry: N.E.byN: Fiue bright & clear dav, strong wind. Jan. 1 3. 1 58 67 61

Fine day strong breeze,
none. N.E.

Do. * Do. Weather, and wind.
S. 3 58 68 65

Light S.E. Fine cloudy day and night. M. 457

69 64 -,050 Do. Var. Fine cloudy day, showery night. T. 678 68 63 2,---vy: N.E. Light shorer Am heavy rain. P.M. W. 656 6662

1,--Do. N. Heavy raiu a.m. fino night.
63 1,-- Do. Var,

Fine A.m. heavy rain P.M. 7. 56 67 | 62 1,050, Do. N.E. . Heavy Weathe, with frequent shawers. 66 68 63

-,500 Do. N.E. Showers during the day and night. S. 166 67 61

monie. N.E. Fine cloudy day and night. MI! 56 67 61

Light X.E. Fine clear day and night. 1. 1266 68 | 6


N.E. Showery day and night. w.13' 66 67

64 1,500 Do. N.E.hyn. Showery day and night. T. 14 58 66

64 2, Light N.E. Do. Weather stron; breeze.


8. 2 59 67


T. 7 57 , 67




W, A.

Nax:' 70 min: 56 Var: 14

4, 350

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