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SIR WALTER SCOTT AND A BABY.- irritated basal organs.

The attendant Well do I remember seeing the wbose duty it was to watch the kiln greatest genius of our day, suddenly neglected it, the snuff was burnt irre. stopped after dinner, in one of his coverably, and supposed to be spoil. Dlost splendid descriptions of an ed; but was tried accidentally, prointeresting-inagvificently interesting nounced excellent, and christened, scene, by the petulant cry of a little 'Irish blackguurd.' urchin for some orange-chips in the For the value of a blunder in dessert. His father, who, of course, contributing to domestic satisfaction, was master of the house, sharply cor- one ihstance way suffice. rected the child for interrupting; aud, A respectable gentleman of Oxford consequently, made him cry loader so fascinated with

" Robinson tban he had cried before. “Poor bairn,' ('rusoe" that be read it through every said the Immortal, smilingly, it is year, cousidering -very part to be as not his fault.' I never sie a dose of true as boly writintortunately a dear little damp.nosed derlings ed. friend at last told bim that it was ministered after dinner, without thinka little more than a ficuinn, the plain ing of this." - Ibid.

story of the sailis's sbipwreck haring

been thus worked up by Daniel Defót. READINESS OF COUNSEL.-Mr. Justice

6. Your informa ion,' said the gentle. Willis, alarmed at the appearance of twenty-two defended causes the man, 'way be very correct, but I

wish you had withheld it; as in corpaper; to be tried in three days, was

recting my blunder you have deprived Ürgent, on Monday last, that no delay

me of one should take place in calling the listi

of the gres est pleasures and threatened to suike any

of my old age.'

“We cannot refrain from transcrib. out of the paper if the parties did not respond to the first call. Upon the ing the following exquisite blunders case of “ Peck v. Francis" being called,

of painters :Mr. Windeyer started up, and vocife.

. "Tintoret, in a picture which re


“ Israelites gathering rated in a loud loue, “I am ready.” presents

manna in the desert,' has armed the " On which side are you, sir ?" in quired the judge “ Really, your bo

Hebrews willi guns; and a modern nour," was the learued counsel's re.

Neapolitan artist has represented the joinder, “I do not know which side Holy Family, during their journey 1 an 'on; but I know I am reads." barge, as richly ornamented as that

to Egypt,' as passing he Nile in a This announcement occasioned some

of Cleopatra. mirth among the members of the bar,

“ Breugheli, a Dutch painter, in in which the learned judge bore a

picture of the Eastern Magi,' has conspicuous part.-Sydney Herald.

drawn the Indian king in a large white JOAN Reeve MORALISING.—John Smplice, with boots and spurs, and Reeve was accosted in the Kensing. bearing in bis hand, as a present to ton road by an elderly female, with the Holy Child, the model of a Dutch a small bottle of gin in her hand seventy four. “ Pray sir, I beg your pardon, is this “ Lanfranc has thrown churchmon the way to the work house?" John in their robes at the feet of our Sa. gave her a look of clerical dignity, riour, when an infant; and Paul Ve.. and pointing to the boule, gravely runese introduced several Benedictines said, “No, ma’ın; but that is." — Beni. among the guests at the foubt of Cana. "ley's Miscellany.

A painter of the “ ('rucifixion ro. “BLUNDERERS :"_“How much is sci. presented a confessor boldiak out a ence indebted to bluuders! To what a crucifix to she good thief who was else do we owe the telescope, and crucified with our Saviour. some of the most effective improve. “ It is no slight token in favour ments in that inightiest of inrentions, of blunders that they tot unfrequent. the steam-engine? How much bare ly throw bright, though it may be tranblunders coutributod to the luxuries sient, gleams of hilarity on the dult and the wunforts of private life! To routine of daily life. What zest do the former, let the widely-spread vo- they give to conversation! What life taries of Lundy Foot's manufature and animation do they impart to cir. testify, who are indebted to the care.

utterly uninteresting in less blunder of a boy, for one of the their plain propriety of detail ! most gratifying compounds that arer New Monthly,


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Cotton Goods
Machinery and Tools,..
Metais and Metal ware

£ 43214 0 % 0]

3 6

448 5 6 6,3001 O 0.49,17

55,472 120 7,92018 Hits,

1,370 01 631,976, 6 ? 4921

015' 0 2 1,045|17, 0j 1,716


3' 3 1111,21 0 5,018 8 0 16,258 8.0 21 Os 521710 812) 0 661107 1,36118 10 6 2 257 3 0 1,461 810 .4,3397, 7:0,814 7 1,1703W 16,315 0 1 £-21,6916, 196,211 110 7,826 1!11 125,764 13 9

Amount of Duty collected on above, £6,996. 168. 71d.

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Amonit of Duty collected on ahore, £14,794 Is. Cd. of whic $13,926 8s.' 0d. arose from Cinnamon.




Range of

Rain Fall Prevail.
Ther : at

in of ing

'Incbes der Winds. Date 6a, m 3p.m|


B. 1660

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Jan. 3.15 600 690 650 1,050 light N.E. Light shower AM. Cloudy P, M6, and night.

68 66-,050 none N.E. Cloudy A.3. light Shovers P.M. bine nigbita S. 17 60 69 65

Do. N.E. . Fine cloudy day and night. Strong breeso. 2.18 39 69

64 1,600 Do. Variable Light showers A.M. Heary ruin P.. T. 1958 70 65

.N.E. Strong breeze and cloudy, fine night .w.20 59 1 73


Da. S.E. Fine cloudy day, with fresh breezo. 1.21 64 72 68


Do.. fine cloudy day, light wind. F. 22 58 69

64 -,050 light NeCloudy day and nigbt, light showers. B. 23 63 68 65 --,100 D2. Variable iight showers duriuj duy, fine night s. 24 62 | 72 67

-;150 none N.E. Cloudy and Showery day and night * *.25 64 | 67 | 66

2,100 light NE. Fine A.n, beavy rain Px. und night. 1. 26

, 63, 68 65 -,750 Hvy Variable - bowery day and nigul, strun, breezo. W.27 62 65 64 -,500 none N.E.byn. Lighl showers, day aud vight.

light N.E.

Fine and cloudy, day and niglit 7. 29 64 68 60

N.E. Fine and cloudy day and nighi. . 9. 30 6170

67 flight N.E. Fine clear, day and night S. 31/ 62 70 66 -,050 Hvg Fine & cloudy a.m. light showers Pem. Feb. Y. 162 71

Hyy N.E. Fine clear day, and vight light breeze. D. 262 72 67

Do. N.E. Dó. weather. Strong breeze. W. 3 59, 69 65 light N.E.byN. Fine cloudy day, and night strong wind, S. 460.69


Do. N.E. Fine clear day, and night strong breeze. '';. 561 67 64

N.E. Fine cloudy day, and night Do. wind 8.6 58 70 66 Do. W.S.W tine clear day and night, strong breeze. 8.760, 71 67

Do, Do. Do. weather, moderate breeze,
M. 8 63 72 67 Do. South. Cine clear day and night.
T. 962 72

light s.s.w. Do. weather, light breeze, w.10 62 74

Do. Variable Fine clear day & night; strong breeze,p.x. T.11 63 73 70


Du, weather and wind. 1. 1263 74


Fine sudiry day, clear nigbt. s. 13 63 70 68

Fine clouds day, strong breeze. 6.14 63 71 68

Do. Korth. Five cloudy day, moderale wind. M.15 62

67 1,500 Do. Variabio Cloudy and squally with heavy rain.




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Range of

State of the Weather,



70 64

Dec. 6a.m 12 o'GPM

Weeding has beeå 16 | 66 74 64

Fine throughout

the principal occupation 17 59 80 66 Do. Do.

of the Planter during 18 62 78 68

Do. Do.

this month, except ut 19 59 79

66 4. M. Fine P. M. cloudy, estates in hearing, where 20:62 70 1.68


of course the crop is 21


the gule object, WO 22 72 66 Fine throughout.

have had frequent show. 23 60,7864

Do. Do.

ers, sull the hot sun 24 62 ( 72 70 1... Fine P.m cldy, until 5 o'ck, rain, during the way kills ins 25 72 68

A.N fine P.N. cloudy. weeds which are rootrd 26

76 68 A.M. Fige P.M light ruin, up, A few trees only 66 A.M. showery P.M. cloudy. coin menced

pu iting 28 74 68

4.2. cloudy P.m, showery, forth blossom, which is 29: 70-66


as well, seeing ibat the 30 72 | 64 Fino throughout.

present strony winils 31 78 62 Do. Do.

. from the N, E, are far Jan.

from being las orable to 58 80 62 Do.

their settings 2 60 76 64

Do. Do,

Thę prudent planter 3 58 70. 68

Po. Da .

will make the most of 58 76 64


this weather as it is 70 60 Light rain throu-hont, essential 10 set all his 6 66 70 62 A.M, showery P.M. healy rain. felled timber burnt off 58 78 64 Fine thruug bout.

the land before the end 70 ! 68 A.M. hvy. in. P.mi tine uniil 4oçiş ın, of March at which time 9 60 74 | 68

A.M, Fine P. Ne passing obuwers partial showers copp58 ! 76 Five throughout.

mence and enable him 59

Do. 64


to get forward with bis 12 0 | 70

A.M. cloudy p.n showery. Foung plants. It is of 13 64 72 60 Am. Fine P.m. cloudy.

great inportance to 14 66:74 62

A.M. Fine P.m. sbonery. make a beginning early ..15 60 74 66 Fine tbroughout,

in the season.

The Tealtb both of this and the adjoinin: estules continues us usual, perfectly good,



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1841 From January 18th to 25th.-Fine and fair generally with strong breezes from the N. E. io ibe beginning of this week but becoming cloudy and shortery towards the latter part.

From January 25th to 31st.-Cloudy dars with light showers in the eren: ings during the first three dars bar becoming fair thougb cloudy, accutl panied with strong winds froin N. E. Mornings and Evenings rool.

Thermometer Arerage-714 6. A M. 67 - 2. B. $. 78 8. p. M.

Operations.-Ou the Coffee Estates ihese have been confined chiefs to clear. ing ike plautations of weedspruning the old trees that lie te burne the past Fear's crop and topping and handling the younger irres belote the ensuing blossom comes inut, the germ of which is now beginning to make its appear. ance on the trees Tery generally,

From February 1st to sth.-Bright elear skies erery day this week with strong breezes froin the N. E. during the day and a bot sun, though ihe momings and evenings are cool atid pleasant.

Thermometer Average.-720 6. A. N. 78 € 2. P. v. 75 e 8. . N.

From February 9th to the 15th. A continuation of the same bricht unclouded weather as last week with À fair sun which would make the beat un. bearable itere it not tempered by the N. E. monsoon which rises Dearis every dar tiitli ihe Sun and coutinnes until the evening, but during the Night abe atinosphere is calm, allowing a moderale quantity of dew

fall and repienish exhausted fegetation which begins about this period to feel the effects of the dry season froup ihe appearance of many of the trees and plants which look leafless and shrivelled-- The Coffee tree in this instance appears an esceprina, ar it does not as vet feel any bad' effects from the dry weather judying from the brigbl green colour of its leares and general strop: healthy appearance, with an abundant show on its branches, of what trill be a very full blossoming.

Thermomplet arorage.- As last week,

Operations. This dry season with its strong drs vind is the time for clearing and burning the wood off lunds intended to he planted and these would appear to be very considerable in their pumber, about the country, judging from the numerous large fires seen arising every erening at greater or les distances,

This is also * gond tinie for dryill: Cottre fullt previously to putting itinto the “ Pering Mili" Tiinnowing &c. &c.;-aid of drivise preparing it for market.

llealth.—The health of all the Coolies and Laures situated in this side of the courtry appears very good, and the Europeans likewise enjos the same stale of health, there being uo paticular diseases prevalent. B. D.



No. VII.

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No. VI.
Page 243, line 2- For “Algic," read “Aloe.

11- For “weed," read “mud.”
Page 262 Second Extract— Line 2-For commencid," read “ commin'd."
261. line 13- For Arrayed in glory on his cup attend," read “ Ar.

rayed in glory on his (up to attend."
264, note, line |--For "ontebus," read montibus."
264, paragraph 4, line 4-For "nectar'd," reud “nectard."
265, iline" 4 from botom of the page-For "an aron" a" read

"axes arid."
266, line 3- For "as amiss," read “ a cainp."




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