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Em.-What is the meaning of this ?

Ed - Did you really then coursider your brosher so foolish as to throw away bis friendship upon a sianp ? Did you really imaBide trut your bruther would kncel before any mun, even if he were the pical Mornl ? - In a word, do you not guess that this Mr. Von Hellstern is your sister-in-law ?

Em.-joyfully surprised.) My sister-in-law ? your wife?
Ed.-Yes, yes ;---but do noi scream so-nobody knows it yet.
En.Is ii possible ?
Car.- Now, Miss Von Rückenmark, I remind


of words. I am to look pou you only as my sister.

Em.- (embraces Caroline.) My dear, foguish sister!
Ed.D.d I not say, you would embrace this young man 10-day?
Em.-06 ! 'with all my heart ! (she embraces Curvlinie again.)

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Bomb.-Ha! what is ibat ?
Ëd-Bravo ! he is just come at the right time.

Bomb.—'an I believe my eyes ? capital ! young lady whilst I am coming to hazard my life for your sake. You have alseady Fesigned yourself to your fate. · Em.-With christian resignation.

Bumb.-Ha! ha! ha! That is the organ of of which you boasted so to-day !

Em..--Who can help their organs ?
Bomb.---False, faithless creature !
Em.--.Gently, gently, Mr. Von Bombeck. I am still ready to

be yours.



1* Bomb.---Indeed?

Em.---But only upon the condition that you accustom yourself to see this young man now and then in my arms.,

Car.---Yes, Sir, you must positively accustom yourself to that. )

Bomb.---And why not? There's nothing easier in the world. Ha! ha! ha! So ridicule into the bargain, my young Lady Xou, my young gentleman, do not come off so cheaply? That I must yield here, I thoroaghly comprehend, but that you wust first meet me, you, I bope also comprehend.

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Car:..I am at your service.
Em.-No.! I won't let you: out of my arás.
Car....You see.--I cannol.

Bom'...--Hell and the devil ! Sir, you are not a man of bonos You are a woman.

Car...That is very possible.
Ed.... And therefore she does not fight.
Bomb.– You should wear pins instead of a sword,
Car.-There you are quite right.
Fdi-She will do so 10-morrow too.
Bomb.-The poor girl is deceived in you.
Car.-I almost believe that my sell.

Bomb. As for you, my young lady, I prophecy that the intoxication will soon pass off, and that you will iben find a most insipid entertainment.

Car.-You have hit the mark

Bomb.--Yon bare not deserved it at my hands, but I will frot you from this creature wearing the semblance of a man. Fun.- Ask


brother first whether be wishes to be freed from bim.

Bomb.-Come, come, young gentleman, where is yonr sword ? : Car..--I shall not go out with you and you bave tetracted all your insulis at my feet. Bomb...-At your feet?

Car.--- Yes, yes.--at my feet. Bomb.---Ha! This is too much! What restrains me still (ha tays his hund on his sword.)

Em.-.-Ferdinand, Ferdinand, you will surely not murder my brother's wife?

Bomb.-.-Yunr brother's wise ?
Car.---At last he observes it.

Ed.--- Yes, dear Bombeck, my beloved wife. Our union is still e secret from my father—wby, you can easily guess. Will you still be jealous ?

Bom... Heavens! I wake from a fearful dream.
Em. -Am I still she false, ihe faithless one ?
Bomb..--My Emily?

Ed...Do you observe now that we have all the same interests, and that we must consequently hold together?

Bomb.---Dear Madam --will you forgive me?



Em... What did I say? at my feet
Bomb..--Oh, how willing! (he dreels before Caroline.)

Em.. Here we have it, he kneels before a pretty woman with ibe greatest puleusare

Car.---And I magnanimously raise him up and embrace him ng a sister,

E...--Well, well,,--but too long."
Bomb..--I an enraptured!

Em.--.Not tno much, if I may beg ;--your murderous intentions are very rapidly vanished.

Bomb...- How drcądfully you tortured me ?

Car.---Aud very properly so---lor a happy lover onght never to frast kis own eyes, even if he sawy lís mistress ten times in ihe arms of another.

Bomb.---That opinion is, at least, convenient for the ladies.

Car..--Hush, bush! we must now" speak of more important af, fairs. We allí find ourselves in similair distress, consuquently we must conclude an alliance offensive and defensivo , upon the usual Bondition that neither party makes pence without the other... We may keep it afterwards as we please, 'lor allies remain lailhlul... 10 each other only as long as they stand in need of one another, Nuw.then let us sketch' a plan of operations at once. Our contederage there as we all know is not to obtain Emily's "hand because things are not in the best order outside, whatever ibey may be inside, of his bead ;---Jør the organ of Theosophy has made ils appearance there,

Bomb ---Tbat abominable organ! I'll have it trepanned.

Car.---Congratulate yourself, my dear sister ? An admirer who will have himself trepanded for the love of his mistress is vot' to be found every day, although the operation is often vecessary cuough. The question here, however, turns not only upon thie superabundance of Theosophy, but upon the deficiency of the organ of music also.

Bomb... There the old gentleman is certainly in the rigbt. I have already" lortured myself in vain for more than ball a year in Iarning to sing "Bloom beauteous violet." I can make nothing

af it.

Cor....What have you to do with violets? Here is the Rose which shall bloom for you although you could not sing even

movie " Past 10 o'clock and a clouds wight.". Bomb.- Alas! chal will be difficult isded As lung as the old


genueman had no money to pay bis bond to my; father' with, so leng 'I nourished a hope. Bui now, since Edward bas brouig be the cui ed coin

(nr.–The device has already mede off with the cursed coin, but that will not bring is a whit nearer the mark, for he would rather have his person seized than accept of a son-in-law without QU organ of music.

Bomb.- Alas! then I am lost.

Car.-How happens it that love makes you all so stupid? Don't you know that no man will ever sell his Hobby-horse ? Everything has its price, even Honor and Conscience, if well paid for, excrpe. inz Hubby-horse's. Fortunately, however, they are very willing

Onlu loosen the reins a little that they may prauc about 10 their hearts content and you may guide them where you please. So we wen, my dear ally, will hold the reins with a slack hand.

Bomb. But how and where ?
Cur.--So a woman must, come flly miles to lend a lord of the

one of stratagem!! Is there no charnel house in your Churchyard ?

Bomb..--O yes.


know the Sexton ? Bomb.---O) yes.

Car.--- Well then do you be off to this worthy personage di: rectly, speak the universai larguage with him, that is to say, pub a couple of pieces of guid into luis hawd. Have ball a dużen of, well preserved, skulls consigned over to you.

Pack them in a real box. "Make all sorts of marks asid letters on the box as it is bad come from God knows where; bring it quickly here and leave the

creation an

rest iu Uc.

Bomb..--I begin to see light.

Car..--At last? The old gentleman has been pleased to select my insignificance for his But, as you very correctly remarked, this young lady would be deceived in me, and as I do not belong to ike sex that is priviledged to deceive, so these six skulls shall free you from a blisband whu (his organ of music excepted) would have but liitle to ofler. But I shall not forget mysell in the business. This creature here, whom I have the misfor. tiine to love in spite of all the organs in which he is deficient, sliai be publicly proclaimed as my

brusband. Wish! | ihink I hear the old geritieman! Off with you, coniiderate. Slip throngh the back dvor. Come back as quickly as possible, but don't think of shewing yourself without the empy skulls---Your own head you may leave here (pointing to Emily) in keeping.

Bomb.---Ah. It is long since she has doue wbat, she pleased with that,

Car.---She only avails herself of her innate right. · Em.--- My dearest sister! What blessing it is that you have appeared to suve us. (She embruces l'aroline.)



Riick.---Bravo! | am delighted, Emily, that you have submitted to my will so prettily.

Car ---Ob, no one can withstand me.

Riick.-.-Blll children, you see ine in a most annoying position. Unfortunately all that Goodsheep reported is correct. I bave been w the Golden Fox mysell, and my faithful Katzrahe is really gone off trom thence with post horses.--I have also spoken to old Buna beck, for I thought that the good worthy fellow had perhups carried hin the moriey---but God knows what bas betallen him, for he has really taken the 2000 Louis-d'ors will bim.

Cor.---Did not I tell you that the fellow had been taken op before ?

Riick.---And I tell you it is not true. Katzrahe is the niost honest creature in the world. The riddle will soon be solved and you will see I am right. But just at present I find myself in a state of great embarrassment, for old Borubeck insists upon the payment or upon diy giving my daughter 10 a Theosophiši. That I will never do were I even obliged to wru my back upon house and hunır, : Car.–And that you cannot any longer do, for I bave your word.

. Riick.--- And my hand into the bargain. No one but you shall bc my solicin-law.



Pet....Ha! ha! ba! my comrade is here again, my dear brother. Rück.--Who? Katzrabe ? There, you see.

Pel.-"Ay! ay! my dear brother whence come you," said 1. “Leave me alone" said he. You are welconie" said I. You are ai ass," said he.

Riich.- Where is lie? The honest creature has certainly been to old Bombeck lo redeem the bond.

Pel.-No, he conld not do that even if he wished, for they have hold of him by the throat,

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