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The philosophers say there is no cobbler declares the times want "meud. such thing as colour, yet the times ing,"—that his "bilile awl" is insuficient certainly look black, and everybody looks to support binn, allliough he is the blue. "last" to complain.

The want of money is undoubtedly The watchmakers say their watches univerzal, and the smallest change would “ duu't go," and ther shall be " wound be acceptable.- Bentley's Miscellany. up" if the “spring does not produce “ movement."

Two WONDERFUL CLOCKS.-Two verye Even the undertakers extravrilinary clocks were,

some time complain that their trade is : dead;" since presented by the Eust India Com: and the little ale brewers, that every. thing in their line is " pas, stale, and pans to the Einperor of Cbiva, being unprofitoble." Cabinet-makers are com

entirely manufactured by English artists. pelled

to return their hills to their They were iv the form of chariots, cach a drawers ;" and chair- manufacturers ing kr right hand on a part of the

of which contained a lady seated lean. vow they have not a "leg to stand,on." chariot, weder which was a clock, litulo

Bed-manufactures say these are not larger than a shillin', that struck, re. times for “ leathering their best," anil pealed, and went for eight dare, without that they are obliged to “ bolster up" requiring winding up. A bird was on their business by gelling “lick" when the lady's finger, finely modelled and ever they can.

set with diamonds and rubies, with its The trunk-makers, when others talk wings expanded as if to fly, and which

was made to Juller for a cousiderable of distress, hold up thoir hands and

time ou louching a diamond button. cry, " they never som such a deal," and that they daily see more cuses of the body of this curious bird, in which

vere the wheels that animaled it, was distress than packing-cases !

less than the sixteenth part of an inch, The liule wine merchant declares, In the lady's left band was a golden like the “cabiu boy," that he is "wreck tube with a small round box ou the ed, in sigbt of port!"

top, to wbich was fixed u is really making "ducks and drakes” brella was over the lady's head sup; The poulterer, that pureñasing stock ornament set in diamonds which rent

round in three hours, A double timof bis money, for all his " on the wing.”

ported by a small fured pillar, and

under which was a bell that struck the The rope maker firds “ spinping a hour, though apparently unconnected long yarn" as unprofitable as an auibor's with the clocli; and at the lady's teet writing “ yonderful Tales" without the was a golden dog, before which were prospect of a publisher, and thinks se- two birds, set with precious stones, and riously of making a rope for bimself. apparrully tiving away with the chariot,

which from another secret niotion in The hackney-coachman says that the omnibuses have run away with his ('us.

contrived to run in any direction, whilo toiners, and that his rocation is all at a.

a key appears

W push it forward.

There were also fluwers, ornaments, stand!

and a dying dragon, all set with preAsk the market-gardener “How are cious stones, or formed of them, and tarnips ?" or “How are potatoes?" and the rest was made of gold most curi. he answers that they are " Flul-seryously executed, and presenting a wonMlat."

derful specimen of ingenuity and talent. And thus it is with every calling A New MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.-" The and profession. Some have recourse to inventor of this strange work of art is emigration, and, of course, many jouruey. a plain Cumberlane veoman, from near men become travellers from necessity. Keswick, and the rude materials from




which he contrives to extract the most Trg MATREMATICAL Power LOOM, enchanting baru.vny are poliving more By the introduction of this inremion than a collection of slates or stoves it is expected a powerful stimulus will from the more vufrequented parts of be given to a staple manufacture, riz., the mighty Skiddaw. These are ar

the linen trade, which has for many ranged in such a manner as to enable years been ip a drooping state, owing three persous to beat upon theoi at to the low price of labour in Scotland the same time with small woodeu mal. The mathematical loom is equally aplets ; and this is accomplished witb so plicable to the manufacture of worsted, much dexterity and skill as to disul cotton, and all other fibrous substances, from the rudest possible materials the This is ralled a mathematical loom, most rich and delightful melody of sweet because the quaplity of reft or woof sounds that ear wer heard, or imagi. is determined by calculation of mea. nation can conceive. The effect is surements, thus securing at pleasure perfectly magical, and the listener stands cloth of any fabric or stoutness, and entarnced and wonder struck. Men of perfectly equal throug bout. The pres. undoubted musical science have in. sure upon the warp-tbread can be ra. spected this povel instrument, and have ried to suit the strength of the warp, pireu a most fluttering opinion of the so that the stro

or most deli. work which the inventor bas achieved, cale yard can be woven, and a firm and also of its vast capabilities.- or soft fabric produced without any Whitehaven Heruld.

difficulty. The loom performs the

whole work of weaving, and will pro. GEOGRAPAICAL ALLITERATION.

duce a piece of cloth of the ordinary The Brewers should to Mall-ngo; length without the alteration of any The fools to rocks of Scilly;

of its parts. It has sopen txo boits, The Quakers to the Friendly Isles; or thirty yards, of the heaviest sail. The Fur-riers, all to Chilli.

cluth in 12} bours; and the inren.

tor has stated that he would undertaka The little squalling, bawling habes, That nightly break our rest,

to do that quantity in less time.Should be packed off to Baby lon,

Journal of Cuminuerce. To Lap land or to Brest.


teem with life ---the class of polyps alone Cooks from Spithead should on to Greece; And while the Miser weits

are conjectured by Lawarck to be as

individual insects. Every tropical reef His passage to the Guiuca coast,

is described as Spendthrilts are in the Straits,

bristling ishorale,

budding with sponges, and smarming Spinsters should to the Needles go; with crustacea echimi, apd testacea; Winebibbers to Burgandy;

while almost every tidewashed rock is Gourmands may lunch at Sandwich Isles; carpeted with fuci und studded coral.

W’uys poke their fun at Fun.dy; lines, actiniæ, and mollusca. There Musicians hasten to the Sound,

are innumerable forms in the seas of All Mendicants io Rome ;

the warmer zones which have scarcely

begun to attract the alieution of the And let the race of Hypocrites

naturalists; and there are parasitio At Cant-on find their home.

animals.without number, three or four Lovers should to the Cape Good Hope ; of which are sometimes appropriated To some Cape Horn is pain;

to one genus, as to the Balæna, for Debtors should go to 0. 1. U. (Ohio), example. Even though we concede, Our sailors to the Main;

therefore, that the geograpbical range Bold Bachelors to the United Slates,

of marine species is more extensive Maids to the Isle of Man ;

in geuera) than that of the terrestrial The Gardeners sbould to Bulany go,

(the temperature of the sea being more And Shoeblacks to Japan.

uniform, and the land impediug less

the emigrations of the oceanic than The Quarrelsome in Ire-land

the ocean those of the terrestrial), yet Will find their proper level;

we tbiuk it

probable that tho The Printer, when he sets those lines, aquatic species far exceed in number May post off to the “ Devil."

the inhabitants of the land.-Lyell's -Colonial Magazine. Geology.


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Range of
Ther: at Rain Fall Prevail.

ing PREVAILING WEATHER. Date p.m 6p.m inches dew. Winds.


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m.15 62 704 670 1,500 Hry Variable('loudy & squally with heavy rain.
T. 1665 71

68.-,100 Do. N.E. Cloudy with lighi showers. w.171 66 72 68 ryhy Variable Cloudy with strong breeze. T. 18 63 73 69 Do. Do, Cloudy and fine with do. 7. 19 64 72 | 69 Do. Variable loudy & squally with strong breeze, 3. 20 63 73 i 68

Hvy Do. Cloudy & fine with strong breeze.
S. 21 63 72 68 Do. Do. Do, weather and wind.
M.22 64 ( 72 69


Do. Cloudy with strong breeze. 1. 23 64 73 69 -,500 Do. Do.

Cloudy with showers P.M. w.24 64 72 68 1,750 HIS

Cloudy & heavy. Heavy shower P.M. 1.25 64 70 67

-,150 Do. Variable Fine & cloudy day, sbowery night. 1.26 64 73 70 -1050 vyhy

Do. Cloudy & beavy with light showers P.M. . 8.27 64 74 70

Do. Variable Fine cloudy day & night. Strong breeza 3.28 63 73 70

Do. Cloudy and fine with strong breeze.




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n. 1 63 | 73 | 70

Hry H.E. Fine dry and clear weather.
T. 2 64 73 70

North Do. weather. Strong breeze. #. 3 64 72 69

2,050 Do. Variable Heavy rain day and night. T. 4 65 | 72 70

Do. Do. Fine cloudy day and night. F. 5 64 73 69

Do. Do.

Do. weather. Strong breeze. 8. 6 64 72 69 Do,

S. 7. 64 | 73 | 70 Do. N.E. Fine cloudy day and night.
». 8 64 73 70 2,- Hry Variable Heavy raiu day and night.
T. 964 72 69

Do. Do.

Fine cloudy weather. w.10 64 7068 1,500 Do. Do.

Fine A,M. Heavy rain P.M. T. U 65 70 68

North Fine & cloudy A.M. Fjue nigbt F. 1264 72 70 1,- Do. Variable Fine A.M. Showery P.N. s. 1365 | 73 | 70 | 1,050, Du.



1,- Do.


Do. A.M. Showers P.M. m.15 65 73 68 -,500 Do. Variable Fine A.m, Light shower P.M,

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S. 14 65

Max: 74
Min: 62
Var: 12

Total 13,150

W, A.




Range of
Ther: at Rain Fall | Prevail.

in of ing Date Ha.m3p.1.p.m Inches de Winds.



7. 16654 744 700


N.E. Fine dry and clear weather, w.171 66 7470

Variable Fine clear weather. 1. 18 63 74 70 Do. Do.

Do, weather. 2. 19 65 75 | 70


Do. Fine & clear A. -M. Cloudy P. * 6. 20 66 74


dvy Variable Fine cloudy day and night. 8. 21! 65 73 69

Do. N.E. Fine clear day and night. 1.22 64 | 72 69 -,500 Do. Variable loudy a.m. Showers P.M. 1. 23 64 73 70

-,754 Hry

Do. Heary showers during day, fine night V.21 66 74 70


N.E. Fine clear day and night.
T. 25 64 73 69 Do. Variable Fine clear day, strong breeze.
1. 26 65 1 74

Hry North,


8. 2764 76 71 Do. Du. Fine dry and cloudy day.
S. 28 66 76 72 ,- Do. Variable Cloudy with heavy showers P. M.
M.29 65 74 70

Do. Cloudy and heavy with ligbt showers T. 301 61 73 68

Do. Fine and cloudy a.m. Showery P.m. W.311 67 74 | 70 2,- Do. Variable Heavy raiu and squally,

1,250 Hvy



9.7 67


very T. 1 66 70 68 2,500/Hvy Variable Heary rain and squally. 73 70


North Five cloudy weather. 8. 3 65

Do. N.N.E. Do, weather light breeze, S. 4 65 75 | 70

Do. North Fine cloudy weather. M. 565 76 71

Do. NE. Fine dry cloudy weather. T. 6 65 76 73

Do. Variable Fine drs and cloudy day and night 76 73


North Fine dry day and night. 76 T. 8 66


Do. Variable Fine cloudy day and night. 75 F. 967

Do. 72


Ꭰ Do, weather, strong breeze, 7470

1,025 Do. Variable Fine A.M. Heavy shower P.N. $. 11| 67 | 75 70


North 'Fine & cloudy A.m. Heavy rain. P.M. 21. 12 68 72 69

Do. Variable Fine A.M. Showers P.M. T, 13 68 74 70

North. fine a. M. Light shower P. M. w.14 68 76 71

Do. Variable Five dry and clear day.
T, 15 68 76 70 -,250 Do.N.N.E. Fine A.2. Light shower P.M.


W, A.

8. 1067

-,250 Du.

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1841, 15th March to the 22d.—The dry hot weather of last week has heeni continued with moderate breeze from the N. E. But the atmosphere, instead of heing bright and clear during the day as usual, has had a

very heavy appearance of a bluish colour, especially upon looking towards the bills,

Thermomeler Average.- 736 A.M.- 82 ° 2 P. M.-77 o 8 P. M.
Dew pearly every night more or less.

This week has been the first time the coffee trees as well as all vegeta. ble matter has drooper front the effect, of the dry season, the dew that falls al night however is sufficient to keep up the health of the trees, but all process of germination and growth is stopped for a time.

From 22nd March 10 29th - On the afternoon of the two first days in this week without any previous warning of rain coming, heary showers tell about 4 P. M., on each day accompanied with much thinder and lightning, sivce which the days bave been, if any thing, betier than before, without a cloud in the hearens, with a prerailing dry wind from the N. E. quarter which is very parching in its effects.

The morning moisty—a good quantity of de# every night. Thermometer nearly the same as last week, always above 80 6 in the bid. dle of the day.

The appearance of the Coffee trees has much improved from the two showers of rain which fell in the beginning of the week and á general blog Bom is beginning to shew itself.

From 29th March to April 51h.-Cloudy, hont, close weather every day with wind variable, sometimes from S W.: slight rain

the week, which has been sufficient to bring out a very strong blosso in on the Coffee trees.

Thermometer Average.-73° 6 A. M, 82 ° 2 P. M.-78° 8 P. M.

From April 5th to 12th. The clouds weather of the preceding week com, tinued in morning and evening ; during the day hot sun and

dead calms ; in afternoon breezes springing ap gently froin the S. W. Hot and dlose at night.

Thermometer nearly as last week with the exception of one or two days, when it rose at noon to 86 . No rain all this time. The blossem on the estates on this side, nearly general and lasting two or three days.

From April 121h to 19th. The mornings during this week very fuggy uptil about 8 A. M. in conseqnence of the showers which have faller every erening accompanied by heavy thunder storms and strong winds from the S. W. The atmosphere close and oppressive all day.

Thermometer nearly as last week,

These rains have been very beneficial in setting the fruit coming oppor. tunely after the general blossoming of last week, and otherwise invigorating the trees to meet the demands of the coming crop.

Operations. In the early and dry part of this month weeding, pri ning and handling before the blossom appeared. Erecting buildings, &c. During the last week the new estates have been opening holes, working the ground, &c., seady for the removal of young plants for the coming rainy season.

The Health of all these estates coutinue very good on the whole: the n&tires appearing so suft er less from diseases during ibe dry season than at the commencement of the rains,

twice in

a most

B. D.

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