The Secret History of the Court and Cabinet of St. Cloud: In a Series of Letters from a Resident in Paris to a Nobleman in London, Written During the Months of August, September, and October, 1805

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Brisban and Brannan, 1807 - France - 364 pages

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Page ii - Co. of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit : " Tadeuskund, the Last King of the Lenape. An Historical Tale." In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States...
Page ii - SECRET (the) history of the court and cabinet of St. Cloud : in a series of letters from a gentleman at Paris to a nobleman in London, written during the months of August, September, and October, 1805.
Page 67 - In 1802, Pius VII. decorated him with the Roman purple, and he is now a pillar of the Roman faith, in a fair way of seizing the Roman tiara. If letters from Rome can be depended upon, Cardinal Fesch, in the name of the Emperor of the French, informed His Holiness the Pope that he must either retire to a convent or travel to France, either abdicate his own sovereignty, or inaugurate Napoleon the First a Sovereign of France.
Page 55 - Buonapartes, their favourites, or the mistresses of their favourites ; who has displeased Fouche, or offended some other placeman ; any who have refused to part with their property for the recovery of their liberty, are all precipitated into these artificial abysses — there to be forgotten ; or worse...
Page 328 - I would give my brother, the Emperor of Germany, one further piece of advice. Let him hasten to make peace. This is the crisis when, he must recollect, all States must have an end. The idea of the approaching extinction of the dynasty of Lorraine must impress him with horror.
Page 21 - Duchesse de Fleury, and Marquise de Clermont. They were conversing with M. Mathew de Montmorency, the contractor (a ci-devant lackey) Collot, the ci-devant Due de Fitz-James, and the legislator Martin, a ci-devant porter: several groups in the several apartments were composed of a similar heterogeneous mixture of ci-devant nobles and cidevant valets, of ci-devant Princesses, Marchionesses, Countesses and Baronesses, and of ci-devant chambermaids, mistresses and poissardes. Round a gamblingtable,...
Page 71 - Duke de Choiseul, the then prime minister, indecently enough threw Edelsheim into the Bastille, in order to search or seize his papers ; which, however, were secured elsewhere. . Edelsheim was \ released on the morrow, but obliged to depart the kingdom by the way of Turin, as related, by Frederic II. in his History of the Seven Years War.
Page 117 - Italian grenadiers, riflemen, dragoons, etc., etc., compose all together a not inconsiderable army. Though it frequently happens that the pay of the other troops is in arrears, those appertaining to Bonaparte's household are as regularly paid as his Senators, Counsellors of State, and other public functionaries. All the men are picked, and all the officers as much as possible of birth, or at least of education. In the midst of this voluptuous and seductive capital, they are kept very strict, and...
Page 37 - Duroc, and deliberating on a thousand methods of destroying the insolent islanders ; all equally violent, but all equally impracticable. The next morning, when, as usual, he went to see the manoeuvres of his flotilla, and the embarkation and landing of his troops, he looked so pale, that he almost excited pity. Your...
Page 49 - ... provided everything, even to the utmost extent of her wishes ; and she, on her part, could not but honour those with her company as much as possible, particularly as they required nothing else for their civilities. ' Such was the Empress's expression to her lady in waiting, the handsome Madame Seran, with whom no confidence, no tale, no story, and no scandal expires ; and who was in a great hurry to inform, the same evening, the tea-party at Madame...

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