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Thomas Kaydor’s ‘Liberian Democracy: A Critique of Checks and Balances’ is an outstanding account of the governance problem in Liberia. The Legislature and the Judiciary are indeed weak, ineffective, greedy and corrupt. Many of the law makers are inept, semi illiterate and self-interested thereby denying the citizens the fair share of their resources. This makes the Executive more powerful. Qualified Liberians must therefore integrate forces to place experienced, competent and development oriented people in the Legislature. The first branch of government is the seat of political power, change and transformation in Liberia.
The Legislature is skewed towards the interest of the elites and foreign businesses. The poor do not have access to justice in their own country. This is sad and has accurately been captured in this book. It is hoped that the young and emerging lawyers would reverse this travesty of justice in our national history.
Indeed, this book must be incorporated within the required text books in Liberian schools to awaken students to the reality of making sound electoral decisions during national elections in Liberia. All well-meaning Liberians must read this account because it is a compelling consensus that the Legislature is where power sits and that is where Liberia can be transformed and developed from.

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