A Complete Commentary, with Etymological, Explanatory, Critical and Classical Notes on Milton's Paradise Lost ..

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proprietor, R. Walker, 1744 - 504 pages

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Page 128 - ... in two flames, the one on one side, and the other on the other side of the axial line.
Page 487 - ... character, and worthy to be remembered with affection and admiration by all the saints of God. At the call of God he left his father's house and his native land, and became a pilgrim in a strange land. Such was his confidence in the promise of God, and such his obedience to the divine commands, that he was called the Father of the Faithful, and the friend of God.
Page 369 - Scaly is a proper Epithet ; but it may be wounded in the Belly. It fwims with the Feet and Fins, which are upon the Tail ; but is very flow in its Pace : becaufe the Feet are fhort. The Tail is near as long as the whole Body. It lays its Eggs in the Sand or Earth, and brings forth its Young every Year. Its Eggs are as big as a Goofe's, and it lays one every Day for fixty Days. It is thought that they live 100 Years, and are generally thirty Foot long.
Page 403 - Lastly, that Prince Madoc was buried in Mexico, appears by the Epitaph on his Monument lately found there. See the Gloucester Journal and Daily Post, &c. March 6, 1740.
Page 394 - Lib. 9. 7. 13. The Wife of Philip, King of Macedon, and Mother of Alexander the Great : She is faid to have conceived him, not of her own Hufband, but of another huge Serpent. Hence, the flattering Greeks perfwaded Alexander, that Jupiter Hamman, in the Form of a Serpent, was his real • Father : Therefore he marched thro' the vaft Defart ofLybia to vifit him, which the cunningPr/j/?
Page 80 - In the Inhumanity of the Worfhip paid him; Moloch, was a hollow Statue of Brafs, with the Head- of an Ox, and the Hands of a Man, with {even Chapels.
Page 98 - Heb. from Laban, i. e. white ; becaufe the Top of it appears white with Snow : Or Frankincenfe ; becaufe it abounds upon it. A very long, large, and high Mountain in Syria, about 200 Miles in Length, from Damafcus to the Mediterranean Sea Weft ward, and the Boundary of Canaan to the North, about 120 Miles from Jerufalem.
Page 82 - AN, (c) as far as the Extent of the River A RN o N ; (d) and not contented with fo near an Approach, he led by Fraud the Heart of...

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