Review: Them: Adventures With Extremists

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It goes without saying that extremism is on everyone's mind nowadays. Whether that's the reason that Jon Ronson's THEM, a British book, has been released in America is an open question. There's little doubt that the new preface addressing September 11th is the kind of socially relevant touchstone that a publisher would never let pass by. But how much does the book itself really have to say about ... Read full review

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Aother great Jon Ronson book

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Jon Ronson writes a wonderfully funny and perfectly sober description of the various lives views and idiosyncrasies of numerous fringe elements of society. From Alex Jones to the KKK to the ADL to an ... Read full review

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An interesting series of vignettes of people who believe really, really weird things and contradictory things about the same topics. His subjects mostly come across as lunatics and liars, though the chapter on Ruby Ridge is more of a tragedy. What seems most obvious is how the same events, viewed through different prisms of perception, come across as completely different for the participants. Alex Jones' frothing rage interprets ambiguous glances as personal slights and threats while Ronson, playing the sane man, sees them as ambiguous glances. The greatest disparity is between the esteem and importance the subjects of the book hold themselves, and how they are viewed by nearly anyone else. It's amusing, and sad. 

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